We praise The God of Israel who has shown His mercy in these last elections by opening a Door of Hope to America. We have stood in the gap (as Israeli Jews and Americans) for the USA during the Acts of Repentance at the KEY Eastern Gates of St Augustine, Florida, Williamsburg, Virginia, New York City, and Orlando, Florida from Labor Day Weekend 2015 (September 5th) until Labor Day of 2016 (September 5th) and we believe that YHVH has heard and has responded favorably! To Him be all the Glory!

On the 4th of July 2016 we did The Act of Repentance in New York at the steps of Federal Hall with a Team of Americans of all ages from 7 to 70 years old representing all the generations in the nation! Archbishop Dominiquae stood and prophesied that this 4th of July was a time of RE-BIRTHING for America! She declared that from the steps of Federal Hall, where America was dedicated as a nation at the time of the First Congress! We believe that this RE-BIRTHING is taking place right now as we keep on praying, praising, repenting and standing in the gap.

However, we cannot sleep on the laurels of this great victory! Truly the Work of Repentance for the Great Promised Awakening has only begun! Please consider the Vision below and respond accordingly to team up with us to be a catalyst all over the USA for the ONE MORE TIME that the Holy Spirit promised Archbishop Dominiquae Bierman in 2009 while preaching in Georgia:

The Samson Prophecyarchbishop-and-rabbi-praying

(As given to Archbishop Dominiquae Bierman while preaching in Georgia in 2009)

America, America you are like a Blind Samson.
You have lost your Vision due to immorality and sleeping with the Philistines, the enemies of Israel,
my Chosen People.
But when you are desperate enough
and at the end of yourself,
you will cry out ONE MORE TIME,
and I will strengthen you ONE MORE TIME,
and I will give you a REVIVAL ONE MORE TIME.
And it will be a costly Revival.


The wellbeing of America is tied up with the wellbeing of all the nations of the world that have been in alliance with her. The condition of the USA does not only affect the Americans, it also affects everyone else!
When the Twin Towers fell, it affected the finances of the entire world. Many are prophesying doom and gloom over America and have spoken of her as a “sinking Titanic”, but how many are willing to lay down their lives to rescue her from the watery grave? Or, at the very least, to save as many as possible as she is going down?
It is easy to point fingers, but what about LOVE?

It is that Awesome LOVE that compels us to answer the Divine Call to help America REPENT and cry out ONE MORE TIME!

Adonai, I have heard of your fame; I stand in awe of your deeds, YHVH. Repeat them in our day, in our time make them known; in wrath remember mercy. Habakkuk 3:1

This LAST Promised Revival in the USA will IMPACT the world and many other nations! I knew that we were
to be connected with this Last Days’ Awakening back in 1990 when were studying at the Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas. I was crying in agony and prophesying 25 years ago: America, REVIVAL is here,
but you do not want it!

You see beloved, this Last Days’ REVIVAL is different than all the others. YHVH doesn’t do the same thing twice! This is a REVIVAL that is not coming out of Azuza, or any other place but ZION. It is a REVIVAL and an AWAKENING to the original Gospel Made in Zion as handed to the Jewish Apostles 2000 years ago!
It is a RESTORATION of the 21st Century like the 1st Century! It is a MAP REVOLUTION – A Messianic Apostolic Prophetic Revolution – and it is here to stay until Yeshua comes for us.

This Last Days’ Revival is not to go back to the Reformation, or to any of the former Christian Movements.
THIS Revival is to go back to the Apostolic Jewish Movement that brought about the biggest salvation of souls
the world had ever seen.

Archbishop Dominiquae Bierman

Host Usnew-usa-b-and-r-pic

Archbishop Dominiquae and Rabbi Baruch Bierman and the Awake USA Team are open for invitations to any areas of the USA that wants to HOST AN AWAKE USA EVENT. Because this message is so crucial, Archishop Dominiquae and Rabbi Baruch Bierman will travel to your city, to your church, to your synagogue! Stand in the gap for your nation and be a catalyst for transformation.
Choose one of the Awake USA Event options and request desired dates.

1. THE REVIVAL OF THE 3rd DAY Conference
Restoring The Jewish Roots of the Gospel and all the Glory lost due to Replacement Theology

Conference of Inner Healing and Deliverance

– Experience the Healing power of the Jewish Roots of Our faith
– The Word of God is the highest authority as the textbook on the human mind.
Learn how to apply it for the healing of the mind!

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