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Shalom this year 2015 was different the Word Torah in spirit was intensive and deeper revelation was imparted the all nations represented, our Papua New Guinea were filled, challenged and ready for GRM studies. Guess what my highlight was? The JERUSALEM MARCH, it was different, there was a deep connection I saw tears in the eyes of Jewish families, I personally ran out to kiss 3 elderly Jewish widows. Also I have never seen Bishop Dominiquae danced before she was so excited and happily danced with her own Iraeli youths this is a sign of REVIVAL in the land of Israel.

Love Pastor Mollie George

The bible school of wheels had taught and provided me insight to the true Gospel from Zion, the Hebrew Roots of faith and it was amazing to learn the historic sites that Abraham, Isaac, Yacob and the children of Israel walked including the Kings, the prophets and Yeshua. It was emotional to visit the Shoa memorial site to learn how the 6 million Jews were exterminated. The book of Ruth reminded me to love the God of Israel and it’s people and it is a blessing to walk, touch, feel, eat in the Land. To Him, He gets all the Glory, Amen. Genesis 12.3.
Was an awesome experience, to have attended this bible school and walk through all the biblical sites.
As the Group Co-ordinator for the Papua New Guinea team of 22, it was truely a joy for us to attend GRM Bible School on Wheels. The revelations and clarity of the Torah was of higher level and great encouragement to each one of us. We are now equip to declare the original gospel and for Zion sake we will not keep silent.

Shalom. Lauyang Ealedona


This tour is awesome in the presence of Yahveh, both spiritual and physical. learn new insight of Yah’s word and indepth of new revelation and knowledge of God’s word. And the sites that we visit, bible came alive, with awesome encounter with God’s presence…. Dead Sea experience floating….. Wow..were in the world can you float in the sea????… Year of yuval encounter with God of Israel.. What an experience come from the nations and be part of this tour, your life will never be the same again.. You will move into new dimension in Yah’s presence.

Ps Charlie George