It’s all about the tree #2

It is clear from the Holy Scriptures that the Savior, the Messiah, is Jewish from the Tribe of Judah, from the House of David born in Israel. It is also clear that His name means SALVATION, that He is Divine yet born in the flesh as a Jew and that His time of birth does not match the traditional time of Christmas on December 25th.

December 24th, 2015|Christmas|

It’s all about the tree

It is not a secret that Christmas is pagan, that it is not Messiah’s date of birth, that the traditions are pagan so why are those who consider themselves believers and disciples of Messiah still celebrating it? And why are they still putting Christmas trees in their home and churches?

December 17th, 2015|Christmas|

The Wisdom of Spiritual Warfare – 1

As we prepare to enter the Feast of Trumpets, New Moon celebration of the Seventh Biblical Month (Eve of 4th to eve of 5th of September), YHVH has put in my heart an urgent message about Spiritual Warfare!

May 12th, 2014|Wisdom|

Document from the Council of Nicea

When the question relative to the sacred festival of Easter arose, it was universally thought that it would be convenient that all should keep the feast on one day; for what could be more beautiful and more desirable than to see this festival, through which we receive the hope of immortality, celebrated by all with one accord and in the same manner?

May 4th, 2014|Replacement Theology|

Replacement Theology

"So why is it so important to minister the Jewish Roots to the Church?" I asked the Lord. "It is a matter of life and death," He replied. "The Church is like a beautiful Rose cut off from her garden. She has been in a vase with water for two days but on the third day, if she is not planted back, she will die."

May 4th, 2014|Replacement Theology|

MAP Revolution Explained

The MAP REVOLUTION is a Messianic Apostolic Prophetic End Time Move of the Spirit. It is here in order to fulfill Acts 3:21 and bring about the Restoration of ALL things prior to the Second Coming of Messiah Y'shua and His return to Jerusalem, Israel.

May 4th, 2014|MAP Revolution|