Join us in prayer and worship for the revival of Eilat and all of Israel in the Living Tower!

Since 2009, the Kad-Esh MAP Eilat Prayer Tower has become a place for prophetic intercession, worship and supernatural encounter. The Living Tower is strategically located, overlooking the Red Sea and the whole of Eilat. It is a gateway between heaven and earth, where you are invited to come and stand in the gap for Eilat, the Negev, Israel and all the nations. It is also a place of impartation where those who visit get strengthened, equipped and anointed for service. To come and join us in prayer and worship for Israel and the nations, email [email protected].

Gate Keeping in the Negev

Bishop Dominiquae and Rabbi Baruch Bierman are founders of the Prayer Tower situated in Eilat, which is the South Gate of the Land and spiritual realm of Israel. The first of many prayer towers, this is a place of prayer and breakthrough in bringing the Sephardic Jews back to their homeland in the Negev.

The Lord has revealed to Bishop Dominiquae that other prayer towers also need to be established at strategic points to pray and declare that the Negev will be settled! However, in order for this to come to pass, finances must be received and prayer and worship warriors called into place.

The vision is also to establish these towers in Ashkelon – the North Gate; Jerusalem – the Capital of Israel and the Eastern Gate; and Beersheva – the capital of the Negev and the home of Abraham. From these places, all spiritual ‘co-ordinates’ will be covered with praise and prayer to complete the breakthroughs in Yeshua’s Name!

To help establish these towers and change the future of the Negev forever, we invite you to partner with us financially and in prayer.

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The legacy of Obed Edom

See Obed Edom. The keeper of  the Ark and then the Gatekeeper of the South Gate. His family came from Edom across Eilat. Probably a convert into the Levitical tribe though he himself was from Gat. A worship leader as well as Gatekeeper. He also was the keeper of all the Storehouses of Treasure. All of his generations were blessed because of him and had strength for the work. 62 men! 1 Chronicles 26:4-8

We have the South Gate of Israel in Eilat in the Land of Edom. We have the Gate of Obed Edom, The Gate of Blessing. Pray for our Gate to have Gatekeepers in the same spirit of Obed Edom. We are “changing the guard” in the Eilat Prayer Tower and need to keep the Legacy of Obed Edom.

See article below from CBN

Who is Obed-Edom? Why be like him? His choices and his life led to blessings for himself and his family. Let us, together, learn who Obed-Edom was and about his life.

Obed-Edom is first mentioned in the Bible, just after the death of Uzzah for touching the Ark of God. This happened during King David’s first attempt to move the Ark to Jerusalem. The Ark of God was placed in the home of Obed-Edom. He must have been a man of faith to allow something in his home; just after God had killed someone for touching it (this broke one of the commands of the Lord concerning the Ark). The ark of God remained with Obed-Edom for three months, and the Lord blessed his household and everything he owned.

When it came time to move the Ark to Jerusalem, (this time correctly) Obed-Edom had a choice. He could have stayed where he was and lived off of his past relationship with God or move with the Ark of God, staying in God’s presence and in relationship with God.

Obed-Edom had a desire for the Lord and moved with God. His desire for the Lord caused him to do whatever it took to be close to the Lord. He became a gatekeeper, a musician, and a doorkeeper for the Ark. Due to Obed-Edom’s desire and love for the Lord and his faithfulness, God begins again to bless him and promote him.

Obed-Edom becomes a worship leader and is mentioned along with Aspah the Chief Musician. Obed-Edom and his 68 associates minister regularly before the Lord in worship. Yet, he still continues to keep the gates.

Obed-Edom is not only blessed in ministry and relationship with the Lord, his family is also blessed. God gives him eight sons, his poor wife raising a football team. His sons and grandsons also worshiped the Lord and were blessed by the Lord. They were all leaders, capable men, with strength to do the work.

There were 62 men in all. Obed-Edom along with his other duties was put in charge of the Southgate and his sons were keepers of the storehouse.

Obed-Edom by his faith, attitude, and actions created a legacy of faith, and relationship with the Lord. The Lord was faithful back to Obed-Edom establishing a legacy of generational blessings.

Obed-Edom had to pack up and physically move to stay in the presence of God. His desire for a relationship with God established a relationship not only for himself but also for his children and grandchildren. This relationship also established generational blessings from God for his family.
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During the Bible School on Wheels Sukkot Tour of Israel we are in Neve Ilan Kibbutz hotel. The place where the Ark of the Covenant rested in the house of Obed Edom! We used to live in that area before Yah moved us to Eilat. We carry his legacy both in our tours and in the Eilat Prayer Tower. The Keepers of the Ark of His Presence and of the South Gate of Israel. Eilat.