In the Peruvian Congress hosted by Congressman and former Minister of Agriculture Mr. Jose Leon Rivera who loves and admires Israel. He testified of how much Israel blesses Peru which enhances the message of serious warning that I brought.

I spoke for over one and a half hours and exposed the truth about Islam and how it has infiltrated Peru. I warned that if Peru does not repent from an anti Biblical and pro Palestinian policy the very Palestinians they are hosting will become a weapon of judgment against Peru. I brough statistics and facts from the Islamization of Europe and the infiltration of Islam in the USA. The many new mosques all over Latin America and the Islamic agenda of death to infidels Christians and Jews alike.

There was a serious warning and wake up call! Many people were touched and committed to take action. Some ladies that work at the Congress will start a Prayer Meeting for Israel and repentance for Peru inside of the Congress. Our ministry here will back them up and participate. Another lady recorded the whole thing and took it to a major christian radio to broadcast.

Many pastors were present and their eyes were opened. Being Shabbat we did not sell books but gave them away to the pastors. There is much more that could follow but this is it for now. I feel Mission Accomplishes and a Jonah type message has been given. I may be on radio tomorrow. Thank you for your prayera and pray that this wake up call can be heard far and wide.

Shabbat shalom
Bishop Dominiquae