Thank you to all our beloved partners! We managed to donate above $11.000 to the Widows and Orphans of the IDF organization.

During our Sukkot Tour and Bible School on Wheels this year 2014 we visited their Youth Camp, interacted with the orphans in song and dance and of course lots of hugging. They were so touched about your generous offering and about the Presence of loving believers from 10 different nations.

You can keep on giving to this worthy cause through our website via paypal or other options. We hope to bring them a nice offering again next year. There was not a dry eye in the group when one of the representatives told us the story of some of the orphans and the price Israelis pay for defending the Land of Covenant.

We are fulfilling the mandate of Isaiah 40:1
Comfort, yes comfort My People.

Love and Prayers from Zion
Bishop Dominiquae Bierman

Do not quench the Spirit’s Fire. 1 Thessalonians 5:19

Photos from the event