My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.  He will not let your foot slip – he who watches over you will not slumber;  indeed, he who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.   The LORD watches over you – the LORD is your shade at your right hand;   the sun will not harm you by day, nor the moon by night.   The LORD will keep you from all harm – he will watch over your life;  the LORD will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore. Psalms 121:2-8


I want take this time to thank Dr. Bishop Dominiquae, for her dedication to the work of Adonai, that she has a Mandate and vision given by Elohim to bring the church back to Hebrews Foundation of Faith. It’s very refreshing, powerful insight of God’s word with Books and CD teaching that has brought revolution in our lives. Coming to understand the  Eternal gospel has challenged us not to hear only, but to preach the truth do what He instructs us to do to bring about deliverance and healing in the land. The body of the Messiah really needs to hear the Eternal Gospel with the Fear of God, and this powerful insight and truth to bring in restoration back in the church. Bishop and Rabbi we are with you both in prayers and in given so you both can keep on preaching and teaching the nations.

Love and Shalom…
Pastor Charles George – Papua New Guinea

I want to tell you out of my gratefulness what returning to the Jewish roots of the faith has done in my life and marriage.

I have been married with my husband for almost 38 years. About 5 years ago we were in a situation that I did not see any other possibility than taking divorce. Because we had been in a congregation of the Word of Faith we had received teaching on Ephesians chapter 5 where it says that husbands ought to love their wives just like the Messiah loves the church, thus I waited my husband to love me but I did not pay much attention to the continuation of that passage: and wife ought to respect her husband. We had connection only in erotic sense but I did not experience any nonsexual intimacy and I grew bitter and disappointments filled my heart. My husband has always been faithful to me, not drinking any alcohol and very honest man, good father to our children even though he has been somehow living through me. I instead already in the beginning of our marriage cheated him and my attitude towards him was very unsatisfied and I kept seeking faults from him. I waited him to change. I suffered because of my behavior, and on outside had to show that all is well, nobody could have guessed how hard it was for me to accept him, but I could not change myself even though I repented many times. They were praying for marriages in the church but no change was seen and my husband has not attended to a congregation for 10 years.

Years ago I had a dream where we were in front of our house with my husband. The House looked very good on the outside and was standing straight but when we went in it was completely empty. No firm floor and the foundations broken but still there were foundation stones enough to keep it standing. We decided in the dream that we have to begin to repair together and restore the foundations. Later I understood that it described our marriage. The Holy Spirit reminded me of that passage I had heard before: Wife ought to respect her husband, and I begin to pray Father to help me to respect my husband because I did not know how to do it.

Over 2 months ago, when November turned into December 2014, Ruach reminded me about of the warfare prayer against amalek and I seeked out the booklet I received from the conference in Jerusalem. We prayed every morning for Israel and I began to pray according to that prayer declaration. At the same time the Holy Spirit reveled to me all my evilness: how I had been treating my husband and how many ways I had hurt him, having no real love towards him. Yah gave my deep conviction of sin and I had to ask for his forgiveness. Yah gave me amazing new love towards him, my husband, the love I had never before experienced. Now Yah has brought so much friendship-love and emotional warmness to our relationship, that we have rejoice and have fun together. I have great respect towards him now as well. This is a great miracle that only Yah can do in our life; the miracle I could never have expected and I give Him all the glory.

To you beloved Bishop and Rabbi I am grateful from the bottom of my heart, you brought the teaching, The Word of truth and the anointing of YHVH, and through all that I have received from you I have gained so much good fruit in our life, healing and restoration.

Much blessings to you and your husband Rabbi Baruch,

Sini, Finland



I am 82-year-old Saara from Finland. I have been a believer in the Messiah of Israel for 66 years, even though I called Him Jesus for 63 years; since I did not know better.

My religious Lutheran life continued for 30 years. I was preaching and teaching, but I did not know much about the Bible. Emotions ruled my life.

In the Year 1979 Holy Spirit came into my life, even though as a good Lutheran I resisted Him with all my might. My life changed from a night to a day. I got a relationship with the Holy Spirit. I became charismatic; gifts of the Spirit were active. There was joy, but still not much the Word of God.

Then the Faith –movement came to Finland. I was resisting that too in the beginning. They emphasized the authority of the believer and reading out loud the Word. Meetings changed and then I jumped into it with my whole being.

The Word opened all the time more and more all the time. I read teaching from Kenneth Hagen. I was able to preach and to serve without getting tired. Diseases left in the name of Jesus. Childless couples got children. I was walking in the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit and sharing it to others too. I also travelled much to Russia and many other countries like Africa, India and Israel.

The importance of Israel became clear to me immediately when Holy Spirit came. In the year 1980 The Holy Spirit called me through a vision to Israel. I was serving in Israel as a volunteer for three years. I was a good Christian Zionist.

Afterwards I led tens of groups to Israel. The Lord urged me to leave my work as a teacher and serve Him, promising to provide for me. Since that I have lived by faith and He has kept His promise.

Everywhere I went I also taught about the Old Testament prophesies concerning Israel. I loved Israel and prayed for the peace of Jerusalem.

I also received a supernatural ability to speak Estonian language from the Holy Spirit and I began to ask for the same gift for speaking Hebrew as well.

I have now landed into Israel 93 times with bigger and smaller groups. A Few years ago I was in Eilat, which was not my favorite place in Israel. I heard The Holy Spirit saying: ” I am going to do such things in this city that they will be known elsewhere too.” I answered: ”Lord, why do you speak to me about Eilat, this is not my city, Jerusalem is the one.” I did not know that during that same October YHWH commanded Bishop Dominiquae to move to Eilat.

During my next trip to Israel I met her and I heard from my friend that Bishop Dominiquae was coming to preach to in a Conference in Finland.

I went to listen to her, but I thought that she was teaching weird things; including that we should begin to use a Hebrew name Yeshua about Jesus. ”Oh no, It seems that she is taking me under the Law”, I thought. The Replacement Theology, that was a big part of my life without me acknowledging it, was raising its head. I did not stay in the Conference for the second day; I had something more ”important”.

However, my friend Riitta was so enthusiastic about Bishop’s teaching that she paid for me a trip to Israel, to a Bible School on Wheels Sukkot Tour next year. Oh, how my mind went crazy. As I was resisting YHWH’s anointed servant, I opened myself to a spirit of lies and I was sick both physically and spiritually. In order to break free, the spirit of lies and sleepiness had to be driven out of me.

Now my life has been like turned upside down. I have repented and humbled myself from my pride. I thought I knew much about Israel, but I really knew almost nothing. Now I have received the Hebrew roots of the faith and I want to learn more in GRM Bible School, so that I am able to keep standing when huge storms are hitting the nations.

I want Finland to become a Sheep nation and I teach Holy Scriptures in the power of the Ruach HaKodesh wherever I go.

Toda, toda raba my beloved mentor Bishop Dominiquae, that you took me from Rome to Jerusalem! I want to bless your work with all the possible ways!

– Apostle Saara


I am a 37-years old mother of a big family. I found faith in Yeshua in the year 2003, or actually He found me. I was aware of the God of Israel and crucified “Jesus”, but I could never have never guessed how big a change it would bring when I really asked for forgiveness and repented from sin, giving my life into His hands.

I had not read much Bible earlier, until Holy Spirit began to do her work in me. I could not eat foods containing blood anymore and pork caused me joint pain. YHVH also put love for Israel into my heart.

Later on when we moved to another place to live, I received a the baptism in the Holy Spirit and began to hear Lord’s voice more clearly. I had taken the word much for the tickling of my ears to say, without really understanding the Holy Scriptures. Thus I used to read much Psalms.

After getting filled with the Holy Spirit I often heard the word Yeshua coming out of my lips as I prayed in tongues. Some way I immediately understood who He was. Then one morning as I woke up, I heard the Holy Spirit speaking clearly in my heart, like as if I would have had a third ear in my stomach! He spoke: “I open the doors of the House of Jacob to you.” At the time I did not yet understand what it meant.

In about 2009 God began to teach me in different ways about doing real repentance. I also began to pray much for Israel.

Before my trip to Israel at the year in 2010, I was in a big Christian meeting and as we left driving from there I raised my legs to the window screen of the car and suddenly heard a thud coming from the bottom of my sneakers. There was a badge caught in my shoe and it was a grafted in –symbol (menorah, star and fish)! Again The Lord spoke me about Israel.

The trip to Israel was remarkable and I was constantly so full of Holy Spirit that it was hard to keep standing. We read much the Word of God and learned a lot during that group travel. We got an additional week in Israel because of the ash cloud from Iceland, and so we got to see the lovely independence celebrations of Israel!

Now I knew I had found my home country once and for all; the country God had spoken already so much about.

I have received and keep receiving songs from the Bible and only later on have I understood that they are also about Israel, like my song “For Zion’s sake I cannot keep silent” or “Make a pathway” which are both from the Book of Isaiah, chapter 62.

We began to sing Hebrew songs also with my praise band Shofar, as those songs were simply brought in front of me! In the year 2011 one of my friends became a believer and we were having a home meeting at her place. I saw some book on the table, and it had in its cover the same grafted in-symbol in its cover that I had found caught in my shoe a year before my trip to Israel! The book was The Healing Power of the Roots by Bishop Dominiquae Bierman! I did not know what the book would contain, but I felt an urgent need to read that very book! Thus I bought one for myself and began to read it bit by bit in home. I was so excited! God had gradually spoken to me about the same things during the years, but now I gained more understanding what it was all about!

We had a little prayer team of women, and we had been praying that we could go deeper in the truth in the will of God. We were also praying much for Israel. God had begun to speak also about the same things to the other women in that group than as He had spoken to me, including the Shabbat and the holy diet.

In the late winter 2013 God spoke to me that now it was the time to give up Christmas and all idols related to it. I had only one free day on that week and that was Shabbat. As that day was passing by I just couldn’t get started getting rid of all Christmas decorations and things, even though I had decided to do it at that very day. I just kept on thinking how lovely the Christmas is. Then my mother called me a couple of times and urged me to start destructing those things, as she herself had also got rid of some icons and things I had urged her to destroy. Then it started: cleansing from my biggest idol, that had probably been more important to me than Yeshua himself! What a joy and freedom busted out!

I had also bought Bishop Dominiquae Bierman’s book Grafted in, and I was slowly going through it. A new season began in our family. I talked to our children about not having a Christmas anymore, and they were wondering what happens to the presents? I promised that we can start to celebrate Hanukkah, and so we did at in 2013, for the first time as a family. My husband was satisfied as well, since he did not have to go through that hassle and stress what always used to be part of Christmas. We had also begun to celebrate the Shabbat little by little and I began to notice what blessings it brought in.

Israel is in my heart and prayers every day. Last year I had an opportunity to be there celebrating Sukkot. Now I am studying GRM Bible School and after each lesson I am so refreshed, HalleluYah! Praise to Messiah Yeshua for this Ministry!

-Margit K.

It was year 1998 when I discovered the YHWH of Israel and His son Yeshua HaMashiach after a two years time of softening of my heart to the Gospel and the Messiah! But before this, I was really going fast and more deeply into the occult. As a child, I believed in G-d and even prayed an evening prayer. My mom wasn’t a believer but was open to ”Jesus” and to God, she even taught me to pray in the evening. She always had love for Israel & Jewish people and spoke kindly about it. For example when the Eurovision song contest came on TV, she was always hooraying for Israel for some reason! When I was about 14 years old, I felt a calling from YHVH, I heard about the Gospel and Yeshua then (at that time I knew him by the name Jesus) but I didn’t know how to make Him my Saviour then or how to follow Him. At that time my grandmother Helga told me that when she was hospitalized for her kidney problem, she was once very suddenly visited by the Messiah Yeshua in the hospital room! She told me how He looked at her kindly in His white clothing and had a shepherd’s rod in His other hand. I was really excited and wanted to know everything about the encounter!

Sadly, years went by and soon I found myself in the world, the nightlife, guys and alcohol and interested in other spiritual things, new age etc. It was fun for a time, but I became frustrated! I needed something but I didn’t find it. I was fearful and suffered from anxiety and had panic attacks and was hooked on some tranquilizers in order to manage the ordinary days in my life. I needed SHALOM inside of me and shrink had no answers to give to me, except medication.

When I was 25, I was finishing my studies of tourism in northern Finland, Lapland, aiming to be a tourist guide or working between travelling. I was very stressed at the time. I had a believer as my roommate, who may have prayed for me I think. When I went to a practical training period of my school to another town for a while, my co-worker was a believer too! I actually bumped into believers everywhere I went! Many of these things happened to me during ONE summer. Then, one afternoon, I suddenly surrendered in front of Him, my Saviour Yeshua, all alone on my knees in my living room. ”Please, come into my life”, I prayed. A strange and lovely PEACE, SHALOM, came into my heart, something I had never experienced before. I FELT LIKE I HAD COME HOME! HALLELUYAH!

Soon after that I found myself in a group of newborn believers, we prayed, worshipped and studied the Torah and the Holy Scriptures. I started to heal physically and mentally. We began soon to speak in tongues. I started having visions. Many times, when I spoke in tongues, I said ”Yeshua” instead of Jesus, and I loved that name. Then soon I ended up buying a tape – I knew neither the music nor the artist –they were Barry and Batya Segal! Oh, their music was something! Loved it so much, it was different from the other worshipping music! I kept on playing it for a long time. Some years went by, I met my husband, who YHWH led to my home one evening! God has humor! All the years I was looking for the ”man of my life” in the bars and clubs, and then He led my coming future husband to my home door. 🙂 We got 3 wonderful children. But then the group of believers started spreading all over Finland so I didn’t have the communion anymore. Also we also moved to another city. I no longer had a communion anymore and didn’t really find a place that I’d consider my home church.

Some years later, there was a hard time in my life concerning the work I was doing. I was very EXHAUSTED and I was LOOONGING for YHWH to help me at that time DESPERATELY! I became very thirsty! Suddenly YHWH led me to a group of wonderful sisters in my current hometown. We became very close and we had a lovely teacher, Outi, who taught us once a week. Then I met Saara! What a mighty older woman of FAITH! Once she had some new books with her; I had to get the book of Bishop Dominiquae Bierman: ”Sheep Nations”! I opened it, and my eyes got instantly caught on teachings about food etc. I HAD TO GET THAT BOOK! This was really exciting!! Then I had to quickly get the other books as well! In the midst of studying these WONDERFUL books, full of the knowledge I never had heard before, YHWH led me and some girls from our prayer team to travel to ISRAEL, for the first time!! It was in Israel, where my eyes opened for the Torah and the Original Hebrew roots of the Holy Scriptures. In the Land, I also got to know that I have forefathers -my biological roots- in Israel! Bishop Dominiquae looked at me then and said to me that I may be Jewish and later Ruach HaKodesh whispered it to me at the Kotel too. I’m Jewish from my mom’s side!!

This teaching and knowledge has blown me away, it all makes sense now!! I’m beginning to understand the Scriptures that I didn’t understand before. There was a time just before ”going to the original roots of the Gospel” when my eyes felt like burning every time I was in prayer! He opened my eyes and gave me spiritual sight! HalleluYah! At this time, by His Grace, I’m studying at the GRM Bible School, which just opens my eyes even more and more! I am so grateful for Bishop Dominiquae Bierman and Rabbi Baruch Bierman for bringing the Original Gospel for us into the nations! I bless You Bishop and Rabbi in the name of Yeshua HaMashiach to be courageous and keep on doing the excellent Work You are doing for the One and the Only One, the YHWH of Israel! Lots of love and gratefulness,

T, Finland

Shalom beloveth,

Its my hope and prayer that you are fine and  doing well in the Lord our God. My family and church greets you with a holy kiss.

Its Sunday afternoon and we have had a wonderful church service here in Mundika (Busia) Kenya, East Africa.

The Spirit of the Lord was very evident in our midist, where we shared Word of God about REPENT AND RETURN TO THE LORD GOD OF ISRAEL. Even before I had finished this teaching, the whole church was in tears,with everyone bowing and/or lying on the dusty church floor, crying in true repentance.

This was there after accompanied with mirracles,signs and wonders…Glory be to Him the One and Only Lord our God.

It was a wonderful time in the Lord’s house.

Blessed be the holy land of Israel,blessed be the holy city of Jerusalem and blessed be the Lord God of Israel.

Amen and amen.

Apostel in Kenya

Hello Bishop.

Many blessings to you and all all those who are at Kad-Esh send them my love.

We are currently planning a community Passover Seder for our community. We have about 40 people signed up so far we are planning and catoring room for about 50 or so. The Beth-EL sister City is still moving forward Praise YAH. We have the flags back where they took the pictures of the Alabama and United States with Israel’s flags were taken outside the Knesset. The Holy Spirit is doing something in Alabama. I believe when you came there was a fire unleashed in Alabama.

As i read this weeks Torah portion i began to see the revelation of soo many details with Yeshua’s sacrifice. It stirred my spirit. Thats why its so important for the church to read their Torah. This made me realize how hard. the Jewish people had to work physically to keep the sacrifice and Feast. It makes me appreciate The Father Elohim and Yeshua. I thought how Every Year they watched from heaven the as the sacrifices were offered up, how The The Father would look over to Yeshua and think one day that lamb would be Yeshua, Who laid down His life and became our Passover Lamb Wow. How much Yeshua and The Father,  LOVES.  us!!.

I dont know if i shared the awesome blessing of how YAH, blessed us with letting our land rest. Ferrell was in the rehab after his surgery,and we were going through the mail. We received a check for double what we received every year for our land rent. The Miracle was we had No idea this was coming we thought it might be a fake check. So i called the insurance company and the confirmed it was true. We had been paying a insurance policy for about 20 years and we got a dividend check from it!! I immediatly told Ferrell this was almost exactly double for our rent.This was from deciding to rest our land even greater he agreed and even though he doesnt always understand things about our Hebraic Biblical Roots he obeyed and honored YAH with me and he  knew it was because we obeyed YAH.!!!  This came at a time we needed it most as Ferrell was down and since his retirement lost almost 70 percent of his income.  This was the Miracle of the Coin in the Fishes mouth. We used it to pay our Taxes. Just like Peter. Wow YAH is right on time. I PRAISE HIM for taking care of us All the time.

I Miss yall Greatly. Please Pray that Debra’s husband will release her to come to Israel this fall if it is YAH’S timing for us to be there. She will be asking him soon. We hope to be coming with some or all of our Mayors who will meet with our Beth-El Sister City.

I love You All. I cherish my Torah portion from Kad-Esh. Bless Yall from all of us in Alabama. Shalom and L’hitraot.


Rejoice with me about the miracle of Baby Elias in Argentina. He is the grandson of one of my Sephardic disciples here in Israel-Sarah Cecilia. She called me when I was in the US with Rabbi. She was weeping and anguished as her grandson had been born deaf. I told her not to get anguished but to trust Yah. Rabbi and I prayed rebuking the spirit of deafness and entreating Yah for a miracle. Our staff in the Eilat Prayer Tower prayed. Sarah Cecilia was trying to call me for days to let me know that 10 days later after his birth and diagnosis of deafness the doctors did another test an NO TRACES OF DEAFNESSS!!! HaleluYah!!! The parents of Elías are both Medical Doctors and they attest to this miracle. Now we pray that Elias grows to fulfill the Call of Yah upon his life!

Bishop Dominiquae

Shalom, Shalom to you all.

I am writing to testify the goodness of Adonai and to say TODA TODA to YAH for the truth of TORAH coming to my nation through you as vessels of honour. My families lives has never been the same. We have renounced every replacement theology, and have observe shabbat. Truly, we’ve never felt the true shalom until when we shifted and TODA to you both a great blessing.

Pastor Elly Tamanabae. Papua New Guinea.

I began to bless Israel by giving my tithes and that’s what I’ve been doing for a long time now. I start my mornings with the prayer for Israel and blessing Yerushalayim and all the nations. The love for Israel has grown deeper and deeper all the time.

God has shown me a practical way to serve the companies and the businesses in my hometown Jämsä; a way to help them prosper and flourish and have new entrepreneurs in the empty business spaces. I arranged a lottery where the companies had the chance to bless Israel by distributing things they sell and they participated with great enthusiasm. I sold 100 lottery tickets; every ticket was a winning ticket and it was a success. At the same time I had the chance to tell about the True situation in Israel; as the media isn’t doing it Truthfully, and so many of them now know the importance to bless Israel. At the Muslim-pizza restaurant the staff also wanted to bless Israel!

Eija Lempinen, Finland

“I seek to love Israel like Ruth did. I acknowledge that Israel is the mother of the nations, and I love to honor and respect her. I have visited in Israel few times now and also at the time of Operation Solid Rock in Gaza.

During that visit I received a great opportunity to help by going to Soroka Hospital in Beersheva, where most of the wounded soldiers are brought in from the war in Gaza. A friend and I went along with two other people from an organization that helps terror victims. We simply wanted to go there to show our support, to bless and to pray for healing and comfort. It was great privilege to be there.

Just recently I received a message of a miracle!  Last Shabbat a soldier that we had been praying for had woken up from being in a coma for long time! We had met his mother at the hospital and had encouraged her and told we would keep praying for her son.  Yeshua HaMassiah said that I am the resurrection and life. Every time we pray in His name the outcome is resurrection and life!”

Hadassah, Finland

“I have stopped celebrating pagan feasts like Christmas and Easter and keeping Sunday as a holy day. Now I keep the biblical feasts given by YHWH. Getting crafted into the cultivated Olive tree has brought healing to my soul. Fear, shyness and panic disorder that began 20 years ago are now gone and instead I have real joy and boldness in my life. Keeping Shabbat has been a real blessing and has brought healing too.

Israel has much meaning in my life. As I have been blessing Israel and prayed shalom over the Land, I have also experienced much restoration, success and healing in my own family and in the life of my children. I love Israel because it is the Land of Yeshua, and Jerusalem is our mother. Israel is the head of the nations and the apple of God’s eye. Promise that God gave to Abraham, that he would have a descendant, and the Land would be given to Him and His descendants for forever, is still in effect. God has promised to gather His people, every one of them from their dwelling places, and bring them home to Israel.

I am so grateful to YHWH that He has led me to this path, letting me find a way into real life and knowledge of Yeshua. ”

Sinikka. Finland

“I Pray every day, according to the Scriptures, Shalom to Jerusalem. I proclaim everywhere the “secret of Israel”, singing Hebrew songs and teaching others to do so too.

I have become extremely blessed with blessing from Zion. It can be seen also in a fact that I buy all my clothes from Israel and that way I also want to support and love Israel with my finances that the Lord has provided.

I experience the Blessing of Zion also in my family. I have a husband, three daughters, 7 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren. I say like Caleb: I am now 82 years old, but my strength is like strength of 45 years old. Give me people whom I can preach the eternal Gospel made in Zion!”

Saara, Finland

Naples, FloridaV. has been completely set free from sin in her life including drugs, alcohol and bitterness – the prodigal son has returned! She drove Bishop and Rabi to Miami and was sober on the road first time in 3 years! Yahveh is also bringing about restoration to her family.

“I’m so blessed and thankful to Yahweh for using you to speak to me and bring me back home. I can never thank Him enough for saving me from the life I was living and from the darkness that surrounded me.

All I used to see was darkness everywhere, and I was always depressed and never smiling. Now I see the light brighter than ever and I find myself smiling all the time for no reason! I know that Yahweh is going to continue to restore our family and I can’t wait to see what He has in store for us, individually and as a family!” V, Florida

Two ladies were miraculously healed – one from arthritis and is now free of pain, and the other did not even believe in miracles but has had a healing from spine and neck problems! Yahveh is also working through the media – F gave testimony saying that she repented and got saved through Bishops teachings through her channel on youtube!! At the meetings, many were baptized in the Ruach, praying in tongues including the pastors son.

Key of AbrahamSay that the Key of Abraham is opening doors with blessings in their lives.  The prayer Bishop made for the house they wanted to buy back on January 18 2013, became effective on April 29 2013, they are already living in their new house. YHVH gave their son and his friend a vision of opening a mechanic shop and it has now come into fruition and even own it. Some brothers and sisters from Pastors R and M’s congregation are studying now at the Biblical School and they truly believe in this key. They truly believe that loving and blessing Israel brings huge blessings and that it is the time to turn our eyes to the people of Elohim.

MiamiSome Pastors have welcomed the message through Bishop and Rabbi and have opened the doors for GRM in their congregation!

Many healings have happened including a man who was healed from acute stomach pain and a lady who was healed from depression and death!

Testimonies from previous visits have also been coming forth. A has been free from epileptic seizures for more than a year. Another girl gave testimony that Bishop prophesied over 3 years ago that she will never be sick again and she never has been since then!

Many people in Miami have repented from Replacement Theology and want the MAP impartation into their lives.

Some have already signed up for GRM and some will even be coming to this year’s Sukkot Tour!

There was a lot of team growth as more pastors joined the movement and will be planting GRM. A lady with crutches and incurable muscle atrophy disease was instantly healed after she forgave her ex husband. A masseuse at the airport was even saved on Bishop and Rabbi’s way out!

An entire family was baptized, reconciled to each other and filled with the Spirit. People were rescued from “religious traps” of Talmud and kabala and a GRM bible school has been planted. The TV programs Bishop appeared on were very successful and want her back – an atheist and free mason were mightily touched by her words and prayers. A new GRM bible school has been planted along with plans for a Prayer Tower.

For two years Yahweh is teaching us Torah by direct revelation through His Ruach or by His Scholars. What I have learned through the teaching of Bishop Dominiqaue Bierman was confirming what Yah already started to reveal, plus she gave me a fresh and unique Jewishness approach of the Scripture. Who can teach the Bible better than a Jewish apostle? In her I found the perfect balance between the Torah and the Ruach. I consider myself blessed to be a disciple of her. My students will be the first beneficiary vessels of the heavenly treasures that I have been blessed with. Praise Yah for the enormous grace He gave me to be part of the remnant of the End Time. I pray, that under His leadership, to be a wise and an obedient vessel He can use for such a time like this. C, Chicago

FinlandI felt in my heart I must know who I am and whose are my ancestors… We ordered DNA test kit from Familytreedna; Texas USA… It showed that I have inheritance of Judah. I have DNA cousins from Middle-East and Sephardi-Jew. I was so touched for that data I knelt on my knees and cried for my mother who went to the Lord since ten years, she never known her inheritance. We wanted to know my husband´s mum-line too and test showed my husband´s inheritance by mum-line My DNA is Judah too… I dug in my Bible reading Torah and prophets and New Testament too. I became empty from opinions of people and grown firmer to Word and so I feel freedom in my mind.

We start as family to celebrate Sabbath and blessed greatly. We don´t eat anymore pork or other foods which God has forbidden. We started to organize Roots of Israel seminars in our town Keuruu and neighborhood. Many of them take part of seminars wanted to take test of DNA. Most of them found their roots of Israeli on that way. There is more than 300 hundred mother-line of Judah in different places of Finland. We are lot of people in Finland whose have inheritance of Israeli tribes. When we had known our roots, we felt a need to return Israel. However we were told that it is impossible. I believe that in God’s time it will be possible. Our return is in His hand. He gave us knowledge of our roots and He is powerful to bring us to Israel in His time….Your report of European travel told us about atmosphere of Helsinki Finland. Hearts were open, many healed and so many confess name of Yeshua instead of Jesus. What is that? Why they did that? Because many of them are descendants of Judah in genetically and also descendants of Ephraim and other tribes of Israel. A, Finland

Nigeria“Your coming to Gboko was for me and my family, My 10 months baby was not eating at all and even stopped sucking breast by himself, i gave him drugs but to no avail. He lost a lot of weight but the moment prophet Alex prayed 4 him he started eat and eating well. And greatest of it, you lad me to Y’SHUA the Jewish Messiah, I’m repented and restored to the fear of YAH inY’shus name. Am ready to learn more about my creator. SHALOM’. – O, Gboko

Shalom Bishop Bierman and the Team of intercessors.
Praise and glory to our Yah, who answer prayers. Today, I am very grateful for your prayers for my niece P, who was sick in UkraineThe Lord released her from Ukraine and she has arrived well in Namibia, yesterday evening. –
Pastor H, Namibia

Australia“A, son of well -known ministers in Australia, was in serious automobile accident and not found 5 hours after the accident with broken back and in excruciating pain.

We thank you all for your support and prayers. A has gone home to be cared for by his wife. He mainly needs to rest for the bones to heal then possibly go to have an assessment for rehab in a couple of week’ s time. We are believing the outcome for A will be much more mobility and health than prior to the accident. A GREAT BIG THANK YOU for your ongoing faith filled prayers. He has received some very encouraging words and really appreciates your care for him.” T and D, Australia

In September last year D and I had the privilege to travel to Israel for the Sukkot Tour. Satan definitely wasn’t happy about that. He doesn’t want anyone to fall in love with Israel the Promised Land and you see a beauty and a peace in the land that you don’t see anywhere else. You can actually see how much Yah loves and wants to bless Israel. I definitely came home a different person T, Australia

M wrote through one of our web pages: ” Recently i read three of Dr Bishop Dominiquae’s books…i was so blessed. Please us by linking us to a Jewish Rabbi who can come to Papua New Guinea and teach us about Observing and Remembering the Weekly Shabbats n the Seven Biblical Feasts n to use Original Names of the Bible…eg…not Jesus the greek god but Yahsuah …Pls confirm….Shalom always!”
M, Papua New Guinea

Dominiquae: it was such an honor meeting you and listening to your messages. You are so full of energy and good vibe that is contagious to the people that listen to you. I thank you also for the blessings and the prayer you said upon us. Thus said by a hopeless atheist that felt touched by your presence and your words. I was pleased by today’s show and I hope you come back soon to Cancun, you are always welcome to our program. WELCOME FRIEND! It was so good (to have) Dominiquae (on) the TV program. Today’s audience was very high, and even when she did not plan it, she “stole the show” like we said in Mexico (se robo el show). Thank you!!! A, Cancun

Shalom beloved at Kad-Esh MAP.

It is such a big pleasure to us to say hi to you and to share with you that one of our sisters from our congregation had a terrible accident; the doctors gave her 3 days to live even if they proceed with a surgery. We started a very intense intercession prayer and our Pastor Ruth took the Israeli Anointing Oil and anointed the walls of the room of the hospital, during the intercession prayer Yah showed to us that our sister will live and cursed the witchcraft that tried to kill our sister. Today our sister is healed and praising Yah.”

Blessings from SION PIEDRA VIVA’ – A, Chile

At Back to Roots seminar in Finland when Bishop just put us to repeat the name Yeshua again and again, demons started to manifest. Some people got very angry and got out of room, and I fell down to floor and found it very hard to repeat name Yeshua. And some people got instantly healed as Bishop declared the Name Yeshua over them! I had never seen such glory, never! H, Finland

I have always been very scared of evangelizing because I used to do it sometimes in a forcing and very manipulative way. And I thought it is surely better to stay quiet because it caused such pressure in me and in listener as well! Then I began to learn about Hebrew Roots. I did not see many people at the time, but one day I knew that I have to meet one woman who was at mental hospital same time than me six years ago. I had not met her since that, but kept some contact. When we sat on café, I first tried to have normal chat with her, but suddenly Ruah HaKodesh  (Holy Spirit) just took me and I found myself prophesying her that very soon Finland is going to shake and Yeshua comes back, and it is a last time to get to know Yeshua and come to the Father! I spoke much things and cried, and looked at her eyes all the time very directly (not usual to me) and as I went on, she started to cry and could not say anything. I prayed for her and left Bishop’s book Cancer of religion to her. That was first time ever I saw the power of the name Yeshua manifested in this kind of situation! There was Ruah  ( Holy Spirit) present in such a way I had never experienced. All my Christian friends seemed to oppose so much Yeshua that I had wondered is it ever possible to share Him to others. But this woman, who is not believer at all, experienced that power. H, Finland

GRMRepenting from Replacement Theology and coming under Bishop Dominiquae’s teaching has certainly changed my life. I find total freedom in who I am. I know Yah loves me and only wants the best for me as every Father wants for His children. Israel has a soft spot in my heart just as one has for their mother. I am grateful to have learnt about the Key of Abraham, as I know that as Yah promised to Abraham that he and all his descendants will be Blessed. I am so humbled to be a part of that blessing and fully understand that the Key of Abraham opens and closes the blessings of Yah on the nations. T, Australia

I want to learn more about Yah’s ways myself and how to walk in them practically to be aligned with Him and His plans for Israel in every way that I can. Prayer for Israel, Jerusalem and after this teaching especially the Temple Mount is becoming more and more important to me now. I need to learn more how to cooperate with the Ruach haKodesh in how to praise and declare His delivering words over Israel and the nations. Also, since great judgements are coming to the nations that come against Israel – the question for me is what can I do to help the nation where I come from (Estonia) and all the nations the Lord puts in my heart to get the warning and to begin to see those truths, too! …Also I want to seek more earnestly ways to start to bless Israel even more than what I have been doing and help to make the way for the Jews from all nations to return home! D, Estonia

As I was reading ‘The Healing Power of the Roots” Yah OPENED my eyes to ‘SEE’ His truth as written in the book by Bishop. Everything I read, just make complete sense to me and I knew it is the truth. I gave the book to my husband and children and He opened their eyes also to His truth. Praise Yah. M, South Africa

I am personally in this process of finding the Torah now. My life can be surely described as rubble before I was given book about Torah. I tried to get healed and get rid of demons for so long time, but never was able to STAY free because I was slave of lies. And I did not know where to find the truth. I knew Yeshua was the Truth, but I did not understand what this truth consisted. It was more like a holy word to me without concrete continent. Now I start to understand that the inside is The Holy Scriptures, all his instructions TO STAY FREE the foundation where I become able to stand and defeat the enemy. I am desperately hungry to find the truth. As I started to find The lost Book like Josiah, to listen to it, I begin to understand that there was much in my life I needed to really repent. And in that process I still am, asking Ruach HaKodesh to show me everything in my life that has come there not through Him and what is contradictory to His commandments. H, Finland

Daniel clung to his identity as a Jew that serve YHWH and keep Torah as he had been taught all his life before he was brought to Babylon. That is how I want to learn to live now: Love YHWH and keep His Word and cling to my identity as a Messianic believer who “keeps window open to Jerusalem” in order to bless Israel like Ruth and Daniel, whatever that means in practice. H, Finland