A Message to Millennials

A Message to Millennials On Existentialism, Suicide, and Survival

A Message to Millennials
Torah Portion VAYAKHEL – Shemot (Exodus) 35:1-38:20

Yet God chose the foolish things of the world so He might put to shame the wise; and God chose the weak things of the world so He might put to shame the strong; 1 Cor. 1:27

Shabbat Shalom, beloved!

We live in an existential, humanistic, and selfish generation, taught to bring an individual’s meaning to his or her own life regardless of a Creator or of having to answer to a Higher Power with an absolute set of moral standards.

An individual in the quest to bring meaning and happiness to their life will meet the absurd emptiness when “life happens.” Then, failure to find such meaning will lead to hopelessness and eventually to suicide.

An individual occupied with his own life apart from the Creator will ultimately have to confront the idea that everything is meaningless unless we individually manage to give meaning to it. And what if we don’t?

Such a life lived apart from the Creator of Life ultimately leads to suicide, if not in one’s own generation, then in the next. No accountability to Someone Higher but only to oneself makes suicide a viable option and ultimately one’s personal rightful choice if so decided.

They leave a message behind their suicide, “I killed myself, and that is none of your business. I could not find the comfort of my happiness, so I decided to end it all for me.”

A Message to Millennials

No accountability to the Creator of Life leads to a loveless, selfish life, that is so self-absorbed that it forgets that no man is an island unto oneself, and what they do affects others and even many generations.

The healthy fear of God that would deter a person from crime and suicide is non-existent, and the free will is exercised to an absurdity without restrains leading the civilization of this world to chaos, confusion, sexual disorientation, senseless violence, and suicide.

Schools raised Millennials with existentialism-humanism-Darwinism; thus, in this generation from 1981 until now, the percentage of suicide is the highest. The survival of the species, or the “Darwinism spirit” makes its natural, (or rather perverted) selection between the strong ones that will not commit suicide and the weak ones that will commit suicide when realizing that their lives are meaningless without the elusive comfort of personal happiness or because of physical and emotional discomfort.

“I am not happy or comfortable; therefore, I kill myself,” becomes the justification.

A Message to Millennials

Interestingly enough, the Bible says that God has chosen the foolish and weak things of this world to confound all those that think they are wise philosophers (1 Corinthians 1:27) and Yeshua (Jesus), the Jewish Messiah and Savior said that He came for those who know they are sick and in need of a physician. (Mark 2:17)

The sickness of Adam and all mankind is the sin of existentialism and humanism, present at the beginning when Adam in the male and female gender, both listened to the snake and decided to put their meaning to their life by breaking the one rule of the Creator which was:

Let Me be the interpreter of Truth rather than the Snake playing with your mind to know good and evil through your own senses. (Genesis 3)

The breakdown in this real relationship of love and accountability between Creation and Creator has birthed the Existentialist-Humanistic-Darwinistic viewpoint that man is in the center; therefore, man is his own Creator and the creator of his happiness.

Among those Millennials born into this Existential, humanistic spirit of this age, there are weak ones and strong ones.

The weak ones, if humble enough, will turn to the Creator and His Manual of Instruction, and His Son and Savior Yeshua (Jesus) to save him or her from meaninglessness, hopelessness, and self-destruction. These will survive and revive for eternity. They will have a real existence. (John 3:16,17)

The weak ones but prideful and utterly selfish ones will kill themselves or others to end their misery. They will leave destroyed families and loved ones behind to cope with the shock and the unmeasurable pain that such an unnatural act brings.

Then they will encounter an eternity of endless misery separated from the Creator of Love and Life. For though they did not believe in Him, He still exists. His name is YHVH, the One Who Is. (Exodus 3:15)

The strong existentialists will not need the Creator, His content, or His remedy for life and will end their lives full of whatever meaning they found, and then they will meet the Creator whom they rejected and will have to give an account to Him. They will not be able to convince Him that He doesn’t exist and will end for eternity in the same place of untold misery as the weak and prideful ones above.

A Message to Millennials

The humble and weak ones that need a physician and are humble enough to turn to the One who wrote the Life Manual known as the Bible, the One who sent His Jewish Son to be the Way, the Truth, and the Life will then receive His forgiveness. They will receive meaning and content to their lives and will lead purposeful lives on earth and then for all eternity in the Presence of the Creator of Love, Life, and Human Existence.

In that sense, Darwin’s theory is dispelled and debunked: The only ones that will survive will be the weak and humble ones, not the strong ones.

Go and Tell

God blesses those who are humble, for they will inherit the whole earth. Matthew 5:5 NLT

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