Answered Prayer

Answered Prayer

Answered Prayer
Torah Portion VA’ETCHANAN – Devarim (Deutoronomy) 3:23-7:11

You did not choose Me but I chose you, and appointed you that you would go and bear fruit, and that your fruit would remain, so that whatever you ask of the Father in My name He may give to you. John 15:16 NASB

Shabbat shalom, beloved,

We all want our prayers to be answered and we become frustrated when they are not. In this letter, I give you seven guidelines to learn how to pray, so that we can get results. There is nothing more important in these times of hardship, plagues and judgment. His word speaks for itself.


“If I shut up the sky so that there is no rain, or if I command the locust to devour the land, or if I send pestilence among my people; if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves, pray, seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. Now my eyes will be open and my ears attentive to prayer that is made in this place. 2 Chronicles 7:13-15 WEB

Put yourself in a position of humility, prayer, seeking and Teshuva (repentance, returning to His ways, to His commandments to be restored).


“Because he has loved Me, therefore I will deliver him; I will set him securely on high, because he has known My name. “He will call upon Me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble; I will rescue him and honor him. “With a long life I will satisfy him and let him see My salvation.” Psalms 91:14-16 NASB

Use the real name, which is Yeshua, and it means salvation and healing.

Answered Prayer


Obey His instructions and pray His Word with FAITH!

If you remain in Me, and My words (includes His Torah) remain in you, you will ask whatever you desire, and it will be done for you.
John 15:7 WEB


The Almighty will be your treasure, and precious silver to you. For then you will delight yourself in the Almighty and will lift up your face to God. You will make your prayer to him, and he will hear you. You will pay your vows. You will also decree a thing, and it will be established to you. Light will shine on your ways. When they cast down, you will say, ‘be lifted up.’ He will save the humble person. Job 22:25-29 WEB

Decide and decree His Word with confidence when He is your treasure and your EVERYTHING. Let go of your money and possessions and become a cheerful giver and you will have conviction and power to decree His Word.

Answered Prayer


“Also the foreigners who join themselves to Yahweh to serve him, and to love Yahweh’s name, to be his servants, everyone who keeps the Sabbath from profaning it, and holds fast my covenant, I will bring these to my holy mountain, and make them joyful in my house of prayer. Their burnt offerings and their sacrifices will be accepted on my altar; for my house will be called a house of prayer for all peoples.” Isaiah 56:6-7 WEB

When you keep the Shabbat, your prayers and financial sacrifices for your pastors, for His kingdom and especially for Israel, will be accepted on His Altar – like those of Cornelius when he prayed and gave gifts to the Jewish people. (Acts 10)

Answered Prayer


“You are My friends if you do what I command you. No longer do I call you slaves, for the slave does not know what his master is doing; but I have called you friends, for all things that I have heard from My Father I have made known to you.” John 15:14-15 NASB

When we befriend Yeshua through obedience, we no longer pray adrift; we know how to pray according to His will and get favorable results.


“Most certainly I tell you, whatever things you bind on earth will have been bound in heaven, and whatever things you release on earth will have been released in heaven. Again, assuredly I tell you, that if two of you will agree on earth concerning anything that they will ask, it will be done for them by My Father who is in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in My name, there I am in the middle of them.” Matthew 18:18-20 WEB

Once we are spiritually positioned (by following the other six guidelines), we will have the authority to forbid and bind the works of the devil and to release the power and anointing of His kingdom.

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Archbishop Dominiquae and Rabbi Baruch Bierman

Archbishop Dominiquae and Rabbi Baruch Bierman

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