Torah Portion VAYELECH – Devarim (Deuteronomy) 31-1-30



And in that day you will say, “Give thanks to the YHVH, call on His name. Make known His deeds among the peoples; Make them remember that His name is exalted.” Isaiah 12:4


Shabbat shalom dearly beloved:


This issue is a bit longer because it is a HISTORICAL one! The Eilat Prayer Tower was the home of Kad-Esh MAP Ministries for seven very intense and eventful years. As the Year of Jubilee comes to an end the Tower apartment is changing hands and someone else will continue what we started against all odds! There is no way that we could summarize what happened in the Tower as we lovingly called it between 2009-2016. There is no end to the challenges and the victories. I left a piece of my life and heart there and had it not been that YHVH called Rabbi and I to the Mission of America, we would have “grown old” there for the rest of our days!


It is in the Tower that we taped our now very well -known video Bible School GRM, setting the captives free from Replacement Theology. It is also in the Tower that my precious son, Yuval was restored leading to his salvation and baptism in the Gorgeous Red Sea! Many people from the nations called the Tower “home” and especially Finnish, Norwegian and Estonian sons and daughters in the Faith! When Yah calls us to go forward we must be prompt to obey and not look back but we must REMEMBER his Deeds and give Him Glory!

Remembering also helps us to say goodbye properly and give this very cherished Place of Prayer and Transformation a proper CLOSURE.


Our desire is that the Open Heavens we have left behind through prayer, worship and sacrifice will continue and that prayer, praise and the Spirit of HOLINESS, Love and Truth will keep prevailing and advancing in the Tower after we are gone. All of Eilat, Taxi drivers and our Israeli neighbors knew about the spiritual activities in the Tower as it became a Landmark of Faith and a Beacon of Light in the Holy City of Eilat.


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Eilat was fully protected and no attack ever came!


During the time we, Kaisa and Sofia, were volunteering together at the Eilat Prayer Tower, right before Shabbat it was reported in the news that ISIS was threatening to attack Eilat via Egypt. We rose up, as one, to pray and do spiritual warfare. For a few days we especially declared 2 Kings 19:32-34 over Eilat, as the atmosphere in the city was very constricted.


32 ‘Therefore thus says the Lord concerning the king of Assyria, “He will not come to this city or shoot an arrow there; and he will not come before it with a shield or throw up a siege ramp against it. 33 By the way that he came, by the same he will return, and he shall not come to this city,”’ declares the Lord. 34 ‘For I will defend this city to save it for My own sake and for My servant David’s sake.’” 2 Kings 19:32-34


Then a brother that is an anointed shofar maker and blower, came to visit the Prayer Tower. He did not know anything about the threat beforehand. We were praying and blowing shofars together on the rooftop, and we literally felt how the enemy broke before the power of the Holy Spirit! This brother asked us what was going on, and as we told him about the threat, he was amazed how Yah had sent him and his friend to fight with us.


2That same evening, as we entered into Shabbat, an amazing shalom came upon us. Suddenly as I turned to look at our balcony, there sat a pure white, beautiful shining dove! She looked at me and was not scared of any voices. A testimony and a sign from God to us! The Holy Spirit of Yah had poured upon us (Matthew 3:16). The dove stayed the entire night and did not leave us until morning. Eilat was fully protected and no attack ever came! Praise YHWH!

– Sofia and Kaisa, Finland


I felt like I was back in time with Yeshua


Thank you Kad-Esh MAP Ministries,
I just wanted to write you a letter of gratitude and thanks for all the wonderful memories you gave me while I was at Kad-Esh MAP Ministries Prayer Tower in Eilat.  I came there in May 2014 to volunteer. What I received far outweighed anything I gave. I was so blessed.  I had met Bishop Dominiquae Bierman through their website online. 


When I arrived in Eilat, it was very close to the Feast of Passover.  We shared a wonderful Feast at the Prayer Tower with Bishop, her Team and son Yuval, and other friends from around the world.  It was so awesome to be right there, looking out from the window overlooking the Red Sea; the same Red Sea Moses crossed over during the very 1st Passover. 


3That was also the time of the appearing of the First Blood Moons. We could not see it in Eilat physically, but spiritually there was much felt as Bishop led the Seder and we had such a wonderful celebration, singing and remembering the awesome event of Moses passing through the Red Sea and our Savior Yeshua giving us His life as our once and all, Passover Lamb.  We all took turns reading, and Bishop spoke the Seder at times in three different languages, in Spanish, Hebrew and English, because all those Nationalities were represented. I will always remember this special Passover as I continue to celebrate this Feast year after year.

On Fridays, Bishop, the Team, and I would celebrate the Shabbat.  This was always a joyful time as we sang our Shabbat Songs and took the Kiddush and broke the Challah bread and drank wine together.  One of the Team would always read Proverbs 31 over his wife. (One night she was wearing purple as he read Proverbs 31:22: “Her clothing is fine linen and purple, 18. her lamp does not go out by night, 26. She opens her mouth with wisdom, And on her tongue is the law of kindness, 20. She extends her hand to the poor, Yes she reaches out her hands to the needy, and she is that Proverbs 31 woman. That lady certainly worked hard!)


We always had a wonderful Shabbat meal together, and this is where Bishop and Team became more than friends to me; they became part of my family.  Bishop would always share in conversations with us, one on one, awesome revelations of the things Yeshua had taught her. I learned so much sitting at that table as we talked and shared with one another.  Then we would walk with Bishop on the way home, at times she continued her teaching all the way to our doorstep.  I felt like I was back in time with Yeshua as He lived here on earth and we were His disciples, experiencing the richness of teaching and oneness with each other. Sometimes it was something simple, she would be just talking a simple conversation, but I got such deep revelation from it.  I kept telling them how I would miss those Shabbats the most when I would return home, and I do. 

Then on Saturdays Bishop would teach live on the Web.  I loved the way Bishop would worship, and then she would release a power packed two hour Prophetic message. When they cut the camera off, all I could say is WOW!! That was powerful! I wanted a copy of every message. 


I was at the Prayer Tower for only 6 weeks, but have so many rich memories.  One of the most special memories is when Bishop shared her Shabbat message during the time of Remembrance of the Shoa Survivors. She spoke about the Mikvah of the Bride; how the Jewish bride goes under the water seven times before the Wedding. I had never heard this before. 


In my prayer time, just few weeks before, I had felt that the Lord spoke to my heart wanting me to do what Neman did when Elisha told him to go 7 times under the waters of the Jordan River. I said: “Yes LORD, I need and I want to be made whole and complete.”


So now when Bishop preached about this, I knew she was speaking to me.


Afterwards Bishop told me that she would take me down to the Red Sea, and we would go through a Mikvah.  As I began to prepare for this, she also took me through a very special time of prayer and deliverance from many things in my past, which I needed to let go of and be healed from. 


The LORD also began to speak to my heart about being grafted in with Ruth. I felt so strong that this was part of what Mikvah was about:  Dying to the old man and being reborn into a new Jewish family.


The day before my Mikvah I had read about Neman and his experience of going under waters 7 times, and then as I had turned to the Bible it immediately had fallen open to the Story of RUTH!! This was confirmation of my thoughts, given already earlier. 


As I read the story of Ruth, I realized something very amazing.  She came to Israel during the time of the Barley Harvest.  The day of my Mikvah was during the Barley Harvest.  Wow, such a gift from God. 

4As Bishop led us into the water, I proclaimed to her that her God is my God, and her people will be my people.  A few of the Team members were on the side of the bank along with a whole host of Jewish people. Several years ago I had been baptized in the Jordan River, but this was a completely new and different experience. I truly felt grafted into the Jewish people for the first time.  As I went under water seven times, as Bishop counted, I did come up whole, new and complete. I felt like the LORD brought me up and out as a bride ready and equipped to meet Yeshua.


Part of my experience at the Prayer Tower was attending daily Prayer Watches. Sometimes we would have prayer at the Midnight watch, and another time at 4 am in the morning.  Very powerful!!


I remember one night we prayed for Elohim, YAHVEH, to uproot any evil out of the land; to uproot anything that did not belong there.  We prayed for the Eilat government, Police officers, Government in Israel and Church leadership.  The next day a very strong storm came up, and another lady and I were out on the balcony watching this storm.  We could see very dark circular black cloud over Egypt and Saudi Arabia, and we could also see Jordan from this one spot.  A very strong sand storm arose between Jordan and us. 


Later on that day we received a Report, that Israel was going to give the part of the Land of the Upper Room to the Pope.  God was clear when He gave this land to Israel: It was for them to inherit.  He does not want it to be taken away or given away either; only Elohim has this authority.  The next day as we got the newspaper we read how the storm had caused trees to be uprooted in Eilat.  That was a physical sign for what was happening in the spiritual. 


I also had many precious and fun memories of our time together with the Team. Two particular ladies’ in the Team were two of the most dedicated and sold out people I had met, doing great things for the Kingdom work.  Bishop’s son Yuval, who was also staying there at the time, was always answering my questions about my Hebrew language and praying over our Kiddush on Shabbat meals.  Another male Team member took Yuval and I to the Coral Reefs to go snorkeling with the tropical fish. We had so much fun that day. 


This man reminded me so much of my own brother.  He was always sharing his stories of his life and the ministry.  He loved YAH and he enjoyed working for Bishop and Rabbi.  He said many times how he and his wife were so blessed to be a part of the Kad-Esh MAP Ministries. When I was leaving Eilat, he and other Team member stayed with me until the bus came, and then helped me to load all my luggage on the bus, and we said our goodbyes. It was only a few weeks later that this amazing man went to be with YAHVEH. He will always carry a special place in my heart. 


The Team, along with myself, enjoys working for this ministry, because we see the lives and Nations being transformed for Yeshua and Yahveh during these last days.
Thank You to all those who live and work at Kad-Esh MAP Ministries.
Many Blessings and Shalom to You, Till We Meet Again,
With Much Love,

Mona. Alabama, USA


The time at the Tower changed me.


My name is Yuval Frank, I am the son of Archbishop Dominiquae and Rabbi Baruch Bierman. I spent nearly 2.5 years straight in the Prayer Tower in Eilat.


I arrived at the Prayer Tower because I had to and not because I wanted to. I needed a place to stay, and other options were not fitting me. When I got to the Tower, at first, I was an atheist, humanistic and carrying a very “heavy bag” full of every kind of sin you can imagine (including three terrible suicide attempts and ensuing hospitalizations).


5When I got to the tower, I was told that I would have to become part of the Tower. I would have to attend the prayers and complete my mother’s (Archbishop Dominiquae) GRM (Global Revival MAP) Bible School. I didn’t like it, but I did it anyway and completed it. Funny enough, even though I didn’t want to do it, or have any passion towards the subject, I excelled in it and received only good grades. I believe that through GRM YaH and Yeshua began speaking to me and penetrating into me, but I still didn’t feel anything.


The time at the Tower changed me. I don’t know if it was the prayers, the GRM, the actual place full of the Holy Spirit, I can’t put my finger on it, but it transformed me. I became calmer, friendlier, more modest, and humble. I didn’t know what Yah was preparing for me, but something stared to happen.


My mother noticed that I was at a point where I need to make an informed decision. Faith – yes or no. YaH – yes or no. Yeshua – yes or no. Holy Spirit – yes or no. She asked me if I want to go through a baptism in Yeshua. I didn’t want to say yes, but for some reason, in less than an hour after she asked me, an answer erupted from within me – YES! 


I still didn’t exactly know what I was doing. I was still blind and didn’t feel the Holy Spirit, but I decided to make this dramatic step and jump into the deep waters, and so I did. Ever since then, I’ve been filled with the Holy Spirit. I’m happier, more determined and all in all, a better person. I now live with my sister, and after years of quarreling, we love and enjoy each other’s company. My sister says she has never seen me like I am today. So something must have happened!


I would like to thank my mother, Archbishop Dominiquae and my father Rabbi Baruch Bierman, for offering and allowing me to stay in the Prayer Tower. I am who I am today thanks to my time in the Tower and I thank YaH for placing me there.

Yuval, Israel


We received answers to prayer from all around the world.


Long time ago in Finland, during a prayer meeting, Apostle Saara (at that time known as Vappu) told us about a word she had received from God in Eilat, on the balcony of her friend’s house. She did not know about whom the word was, but Yah had told her, a place dedicated to prayer and worship will be established in Eilat.” Something was moved inside of me as I heard this, and I thought, “I want to go there.”


Years passed. Little by little we began to hear what Kad-Esh MAP Ministries was doing and began listening to the teachings of Bishop Dominiquae Bierman. The teachings were so powerful and strong that it took time to digest, but I knew, that there was truth in it: the very truth I had been seeking for years in the midst of all religious confusion. Then I attended a Bible School on Wheels and met Bishop Dominiquae.


Later on, one of the team members who had been volunteering in Eilat at Kad-Esh MAP Ministries, was staying in my home in Finland, and I got to know her. She returned to Eilat and her volunteer position.


6Time went by and then came a day when I received an email from her from Israel: Would I be willing to come and serve in the Eilat Prayer Tower? I read it again. Can this be possible!!!” My Spirit moved inside of me, and tears began flowing from my eyes. I walked away from my computer, and after a few meters, dropped on my knees. I knew this was a true question for me.


Yah was in everything. I was able to get time off from my regular job. I gave away my home and all my things were packed for storage or sold.


September 2, 2014, I was sitting in an airplane on my way to Israel, the land of my Father.


Everything there was new and my English was weak, but bit-by-bit, as the days passed, things began settling step by step. Days were filled with praying, studying, cleaning, cooking, driving, grocery shopping and praising, and once in a while, swimming and getting to know Eilat.


7I got to know wonderful people who were in the same spirit and shared the same vision and mission. I had my rough moments as well, especially when I was unable to express myself in English in a way I would have wanted, and so better participate in conversation. I was taking steps of faith in many areas of my life all the time during my stay at the Tower. It was a training period for me.


I served in the Prayer Tower for about 7 months, visiting Finland in-between. The best moments were when we prayed and worshipped together with people from different nations, one in the spirit. We received answers to prayer from all around the world.


Archbishop and Rabbi, and all of you, who were in the Tower, I want to thank the Holy One of Israel for all of you. May He bless you overflowing with all good things for helping me.


I want to mention especially Yuval. Thanks to Yah that I was able to get to know you and thank you for all the help you gave, all our conversations and funny moments. It is so great to see what the Holy Spirit did and is still doing in you. Praise Yah!


Eilat became like another home for me. I had my best moments on the roof of the Prayer Tower during the daybreaks, in the cool of the evenings, and during Night Prayer Watches, praying and praising towards Jerusalem, Egypt, Saudi-Arabia and Jordan.


A particularly special time for me was when the evenings turned cooler. In Genesis 3:8 it says that YaH was walking in the paradise in the cool of the evening. Years ago this verse had been especially on my mind, and those moments were very special for me.

Time in the Prayer Tower was a very important time of growth in my faith. Our Father is willing to fulfill the desires of our hearts.


Psalm 21:2: You have given him his heart’s desire, And You have not withheld the request of his lips.


For years my heart’s desire had been to live in Israel at least 3 months, and now I got to be there about 7 months. I had desired for the truth, and I have received answers. I desired to fly upon Eretz Israel, and that happened when I flew from Eilat to Jerusalem to participate in Bible School on Wheels Conference. YaH had shown me that I would be dancing with Him in Jerusalem, and that was the moment. HaleluYah!!! We have such a big Father, who wants to fulfill even the smallest requests of His child, like my request to drive a car in Israel some day; which also was fulfilled when I was driving there, both shorter and longer trips.

Glory to the Holy One of Israel for everything!


Psalm 13:5-6
But I have trusted in Your lovingkindness; My heart shall rejoice in Your salvation.6 I will sing to the Lord, Because He has dealt bountifully with me.

Terhi, Finland


 There is no end to the testimonies as there is no end to the quantity of people that came and went from the Tower! These here are only few but extremely meaningful. I can only say that The God of Israel had found a resting place in Eilat between the years of 2009-2016 and this was The Eilat Prayer Tower. His Resting Place! Above all I pray that each one of us will be His Resting Place forever!


Shalom to the Eilat Prayer Tower and to all the Precious Sons and Daughters of The Most High that graced us with their presence and faithful service! Rabbi and I have a love debt forever towards each one of you and we carry you in our hearts wherever we go!





9Your Israeli Mentors and Friends

Archbishop Dominiquae and Rabbi Baruch Bierman


For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent. Isaiah 62:1