Do you know any Anti-Semites

Do you know any Anti-Semites?

21 Days of Praying and Fasting Against Anti-Semitism

Do you know any Anti-Semites
Torah Torah Portion MATTOT/MASSEI – Bamidbar (Numbers) 30:2–36:13
delivering you from your people and from the Gentiles—to whom I am sending you to open their eyes, so that they may turn from darkness to light and from the power of Satan to God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins and a place among those who are sanctified by faith in me. Acts 26:17-18 ESV

Shabbat shalom, dearly beloved!

On April 9th, 1990 – on Passover eve – my husband and I were sent by the Holy Spirit from Jerusalem to the Nations: first to Hawaii in the USA, then from there to Dallas to study at Christ for the Nations (CFNI). We continued from Dallas to Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, and from Florida to Hong Kong and China, and then on to a total of 50 plus nations and to hundreds of cities.

We have ministered to many thousands of people and have been privileged to be used as vessels of truth and revival. We have been received by ordinary people and by government officials as well. We have also been persecuted by religious authorities, very much like Shaul-Paul the Apostle – except it was not so much from religious Jews, but rather from Gentiles. We discovered that not everyone loves truth and that many prefer darkness to light, as long as it is convenient. We noticed that most people are religious, but not many are covenanted believers. Many people attended church or some religious congregation, but most did not walk with Yeshua in their daily lives.

“holding to an outward form of godliness but denying its power. Avoid these people!” 2 Timothy 3:5 TLV

During our studies at CFNI in Dallas, we discovered that most of the students were hungry for a Move of God. Prominent and anointed speakers frequented the pulpit and inspired us to expand our faith and to reach out to the lost with signs, wonders and miracles following. One day we were in the main auditorium watching a movie about the powerful revival that had been going on in China since the 80’s. My spirit was tremendously stirred up, and I ran to the prayer room off the stage, where I sobbed and wept uncontrollably. Waves of Holy Spirit’s grief were washing through my intense intercession.

Meanwhile, many students in the auditorium began to cry out for revival, being stirred in their hearts by what they were seeing. As cries were going throughout all the auditorium, the spirit of prophesy came intensely upon me and I shouted,

“Revival is HERE, but you do not want it!”

Then I quickly ran and kept on interceding and sobbing in the prayer room.

Do you know any Anti-Semites

Little did I know then what my prophetic statement and cry really meant. It took me years to understand that the End Time Awakening and Revival is all about the Jews, all about Israel and the Jewish Roots of the Faith! It is about Yeshua as a Jewish Messiah and the restoration of His Jewish Identity, together with the original besora (gospel) that was brought to the Nations by the Jewish Apostle Paul.

“You worship what you do not know; we worship what we know, for salvation is from the Jews.” John 4:22 TLV

One day I had an open vision and I saw Shaul-Paul jumping up and down with great joy telling me, “Go! And recover my gospel!”

Little did I know that, since Paul brought the gospel from Jerusalem to the Nations, wicked wolves had come among the flock and had deceived many to believe deceptive doctrinal lies. These lies would cause the murder of millions of Jews because of violent anti-Semitism and cause death to many more millions of Christians because of deception. These doctrines also espoused the supremacy of Christians over Jews, the Church over the synagogue.

“True enough. They were broken off because of unbelief, and you stand by faith. Do not be arrogant, but fear— for if God did not spare the natural branches, neither will He spare you.” Romans 11:20-21 TLV

Do you know any Anti-Semites

Statues of two women were then put in many of the ancient church buildings: Church Triumphant versus Vanquished Synagogues. Preachers encouraged the people to be hostile and hateful of all Jews and everything Jewish. The blood libel of “the Jews killed Christ” and “the Jews killed God” was repeated again and again from many pulpits. This unleashed an untold evil! Jews were persecuted, humiliated, spoiled, massacred and expelled from most every country in Europe. Despising the Jews and everything Jewish was not only acceptable but often encouraged by the clergy.

“Notice then the kindness and severity of God: severity toward those who fell; but God’s kindness toward you, if you continue in His kindness; otherwise you too will be cut off!” Romans 11:22 TLV

Do you know any Anti-Semites

It is easy to debunk the myth that has caused the extermination of millions of Jews, culminating with Hitler and the Nazi Shoa (Holocaust). Consider the facts: the Jews at the time of Yeshua were under the Roman Empire and had no authority to crucify or execute anyone. Though there was a Jewish mob incited and bribed by the apostate high priest, Caiphas, to call for Yeshua’s execution, thousands of Jews were following and believing in Him. The Roman soldiers crucified Him, plucked His beard, mocked Him, spat upon Him and put a crown of painful thorns on His head. Unfortunately no preacher has ever told their flock this: the Romans killed Christ and they deserve to die. Ultimately Yeshua said no one can take His life. He died willingly for both Jew and Gentile to conquer satan, sin and death, for all who would put their trust in Him.

“For this reason the Father loves Me, because I lay down My life, so that I may take it up again. No one takes it away from Me, but I lay it down on My own. I have the authority to lay it down, and I have the authority to take it up again. This command I received from My Father.” John 10:17-18 TLV

This is the nature of a lie. Hitler was heard saying “Tell a lie – make it big enough, then repeat it again and again and everyone will believe it”.

“You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks lies he is just being himself—for he is a liar and the father of lies.” John 8:44 TLV

Anti-Semitism as a term was coined in the 19th century. This is when hating the Jews began to be recognized as a social ill for the first time since the birth of Christianity as a state religion (in the 4th century in Eastern Rome).

Here is the definition of anti-Semitism in the Merriam Webster Dictionary:

hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious, ethnic, or racial group

Today anti-Semitism has taken the twist of anti-Zionism, opposing politically the prophesied return of the Jewish People back to their Land. Deceptive and lying statements such as “baby killers”, “Zionism=racism”, “Zionism=Nazism” are all too prevalent in today’s American society, as well as in many other countries around the world!

Religious persecution and hostility against the Jews came out of the Christian church (since the 4th century until the 20th century), culminating in the Nazi Shoa. This is when Hitler expelled the Jews of Germany saying, “Jews get out, you Christ killers”, spoken while lifting a cross on the streets of Berlin, much like the Spanish Inquisition had done 500 years earlier. But since the establishing of the State of Israel another variant of this same deathly, social “virus” has been spread; this is bringing false allegations and false political rhetoric in the name of “the Palestinian Cause”.

“God, do not keep silent. Do not hold Your peace, O God. Do not be still. For look, Your enemies make an uproar. Those who hate You lift up their head. They make a shrewd plot against Your people, conspiring against Your treasured ones. “Come,” they say, “let’s wipe them out as a nation! Let Israel’s name be remembered no more!”” Psalms 83:2-5 TLV

Do you know any Anti-Semites

In the video below I prove that the alleged “Palestinian Cause” is Hitler’s Child. It is a monstrous plan concocted by the Muslim Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, who visited Hitler in Berlin in 1941. This wicked and cruel Muslim leader asked this monster of a man, Hitler, to help him train an army that will annihilate the Jews in the Land of their ancestors – thus implementing the Final Solution from within. Hitler complied gladly and the PLO was born. The Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) would now fight politically, socially and with acts of terror to wipe Israel off the map, or so they thought. Out of the PLO came the Fatah, Hezbollah, Hamas, Al Qaida, The Muslim Brotherhood and all the different terror factions. Their common purpose is to get rid of the Jews and of the State of Israel altogether. To that effect they train babies and children of preschool age to hate Jews, to handle guns and to murder Jews, thus becoming a “shaheed” or martyr when they grow up.

They use children to throw stones and handle knives to smash the skulls of Israelis and to murder them. They ram cars and heavy machines against unsuspected civilians in bus stops. They send up colorful balloons full of explosives so Jewish children will grab them and they will explode, causing terrible physical destruction. All this in the name of “Free Palestine”. Then they call the Jews “baby killers”! Those Arabs who espouse the Palestinian Cause and all of their followers from among America, Europe, South America, Africa, Asia and all nations) are actually siding with Hitler’s plan for the final solution and extermination of the Jews.

They are working with the same principle as Hitler: “Tell a Big Lie, repeat it and everyone will believe it!”

Whether you are a Jew, a Muslim, a Christian, an atheist, a Buddhist, a Hindu, young or old, male or female: if you are supporting the Palestinian Cause, you are siding with Hitler and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. By being anti-Zionist and against the state of Israel, YOU are an official anti-Semite.

This is an urgent call of repentance to billions of deceived people on this planet!

Come out of this lie, as the plague from the Almighty had come out to judge and destroy all of those who hate His Jewish People and His Jewish Messiah-Yeshua.

“For YHVH is enraged at all the nations, and furious at all their armies. He will utterly destroy them. He will give them over to slaughter. For YHVH has a day of vengeance, a year of recompense for the hostility against Zion.” Isaiah 34:2, 8

Warn others before it’s too late! Read my latest book on the subject, THE IDENTITY THEFT, and pass it on to others: see

“My desire is to bless those who bless you, but whoever curses you I will curse, and in you all the families of the earth will be blessed.” Genesis 12:3 TLV

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Archbishop Dominiquae and Rabbi Baruch Bierman

Watch: Hitler’s Child

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