Erratic Life Patterns

Erratic Life Patterns

Erratic Life Patterns
Torah Portion BO – Shemot (Exodus) 10:1-13:16

ATG – Addicts Turning To God, #11

When a country is in rebellion, it has many rulers, but a man of discernment and knowledge maintains order. Proverbs 28:2

Shabbat Shalom, dearly beloved!

It is time for the 11th part of a special series of Shabbat Letters based on my book ATG – Addicts Turning to God. These insights that the Lord gave me on treating addicts can save you from much frustration and can change the lives of many addicts as they turn to God.

Erratic Life Patterns

ATGs have a life where almost everything is out of order. Therefore, they have lost the ability to discern what is right or wrong in nearly every area of life. They have to be completely retrained, and that is a process. Most of them will have erratic sleeping and eating patterns. They might not like to sleep at all and eat very disorderly and the wrong foods. Many of them have spent days drugged and kept going without sleep. Their bodies are extremely abused; but somehow, because of denial, they think they are doing quite well. The truth is that they are probably exhausted and depleted of many vitamins and minerals.

Erratic Sleeping Patterns

It is important to set boundaries on their sleep – no matter how old or young they are. They need secure and firm boundaries and regulations. Make sure that lights are out at the same time every night. They will try to “play” and argue with you and bypass this instruction. They might even use spiritual things such as, “I want to read the Bible or pray.” Do not allow your boundaries to be bent. If they can’t sleep, pray God’s Peace over them by laying on of the hands and bind every spirit that may be at work. I have found that, by far, the best is when I lay my hands on them and pray softly in tongues in a ‘worshipful manner.’ My focus is not on the ATG’s problem but on worshipping God. It is OK to play very soft, anointed worship music. It will take quite some time until an ATG develops healthy sleep patterns, but do not give up.

Erratic Life Patterns

Erratic Eating Patterns

Most of ATGs have very bad eating patterns, especially when they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. They might not eat for a day or even more. And then, when they wake up from the stupor, they want to devour everything they can find. Many of them have been in this vicious circle for years. Now that they have turned to God and stopped the drugs or alcohol, they find themselves depleted.

Make sure that ATGs have regular, wholesome meals. You must feed them natural, healthy foods such as whole-wheat bread, fruits, vegetables, lentils, brown rice, whole-wheat pasta, fish, raw nuts, raisins. Do not let them drink caffeinated drinks of any kind – no coffee, tea, sodas, or cocoa. Caffeine is an addictive substance. Rather, give them herbal teas, sweetened with honey or raw sugar. Chamomile tea works beautifully, as does mint tea. You can buy them in bulk. Teach them to drink water! Most of them do not even know how to drink water.

Important: Wean them from sugars of all kinds. White sugar, and every food that has white sugar, robs vitamins and minerals. It is addictive and causes emotional roller coasters. The process of refining white sugar is very similar to the one used for heroin. Teach them to eat fruit, naturally dried raisins, honey in measure, and some blackstrap molasses.

Erratic Life Patterns

Vitamins & minerals

I suggest that you feed ATGs constantly with vitamins, which balance the Central Nervous System and also nourish the body. I suggest you give them:

Vitamin C – 1000-2000 Mg a day

Vitamin B Complex – 100 Mg a day

Chromium GTF – 2 tablets a day

Calcium with Magnesium — 1000/500 Mg a day

Let them eat, but please set boundaries for quantities. Once they start eating, they might eat as bulimic people do. If they have had two large helpings of something, it’s good to say, enough. Designate the quantity of whole wheat bread that they can eat. Teach them to eat slowly. Make sure there is plenty, but, as in everything, you need to set clear boundaries. Do not allow them in the kitchen any time they desire. Have a fruit and vegetable plate on the table between meals.

To be continued…

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