Torah Portion B’REISHEET – Genesis 1:1-6:8




“Love thinks no evil” 1 Corinthians 13:5 NKJV

Shabbat shalom dearly beloved:

Lately I have been noticing how many relationships in life go sour because of False Assumptions; Countless of strife and broken relationships happen because of False Assumptions among them strained relationships between parents and children, husband and wives, pastors and their flocks and simply friends. Without this wicked attitude of the heart and mind it would be easy to have loving and harmonious relationships all around. It is mandatory that we repent of and get rid of False Assumptions in our lives if we are to walk like Yeshua!

What is an ASSUMPTION?

  The act of taking for granted: assumption of a false theory.

  Something taken for granted or accepted as true without proof; a supposition: a valid assumption.

  Presumption; arrogance.

If I were to sum it all up I would say that a False Assumption is THINKING EVIL of someone else with no proof. People that judge another because of False Assumptions are always sure that they are right. False assumptions + pride+ arrogance + judgment go together hand in hand. False Assumptions happen when we hold grudges against someone in our past and we begin to judge others according to our past experience.

For example:

2I had a team member that was angry with his mom because he believed that his mom was very possessive when he was growing up. He could not get married for many years and he was very angry. He demanded that I find him a wife and was very forceful about it. Later on I found out that he thought that I will not ever release him to get married because he was angry with his mom for being possessive. He ASSUMED that I would also be possessive (As I am a Bishop, a Pastor and a mother figure). All of his relationship with me was based on FALSE ASSUMPTIONS. He judged me as IF I am his mother and of course that caused a wedge in the relationship. His only hope was to truly repent and forgive his mother and then humble his heart to form a relationship with me and with all other women with no FALSE ASSUMPTIONS!

His grudge against his mother had been ruling his life and destroying all his relationships!

Another example from my own marriage:

3When Rabbi and I got married it was very hard to get through to him. I would just talk and he would not listen and would resist me all the way. Finally we arrived to the conclusion that he had a grudge against his mom that rejected him when he was born and spent all of her life “griping” and criticizing him. He ASSUMED that every time I talked it was out of rejection and criticism and he AUTOMATICALLY would be totally deaf to what I said, he would listen to absolutely nothing! It was so frustrating! Until finally we realized that what was clogging his ears were FALSE ASSUMPTIONS about me because of his hurt and grudge towards his mother! After he forgave his mother he started listening and our relationship improved!

There are many more examples, as for instance when a woman marries a man and develops instant hostility against him at the first sign of what she would detect as “abuse”. That woman had a man molest her when she was little and anything that can resemble that (though it may not be) is interpreted as “abuse” and her husband does not stand  a chance of intimacy with her because of the FALSE ASSUMPTION based on a grudge that does not permit his wife to trust him.

4In other situations some women in ministry are persecuted under the False Assumption that all women with strong character are “JEZEBELS”. One of my team members suffered that kind of persecution because she was anointed and prophetic, very able and capable, so she was labeled a “Jezebel”!

This of course devastated her life and for a while affected her walk until Yah healed her! This is an all too common FALSE ASSUMPTION in the Church that is causing unjust behavior towards many great women! I always tell people to be VERY CAREFUL when they use the term “Jezebel” as Jezebel was a terrible idolater and a witch and how serious it is to call Women of God “Jezebels”! This is really grieving the Holy Spirit! In the Middle Ages there were some women prophets in a French town and they were all burnt at the stake labeled “witches”! False Assumptions can be DEADLY!

The Jewish People have been victims of False Assumptions. Hitler based his entire anti Semitic theology on that. He built on an ancient grudge to most Christians had and still have; “The Jews Killed Christ” and so the Jews are evil and they are to blame for all the evil in society. I still remember a story that my mother told me. She had just hired a maid from a poor family in Chile. This young woman came to our home and began to stare at my mom’s face and head intently. After staring as if searching for something she could not find she asked the most amazing question: “Where are your horns?”  “My horns?” Asked my astonished mom. Yes, said the young maid, we have been taught (in the church) that Jews are demonic so they must have horns like the devil!

In the book of 1 Corinthians 13:5 it says that “(Love) thinks no evil” (NKJV) in other translations such as The Amplified Bible it says: (Love) takes no account of the evil done to it [it pays no attention to a suffered wrong].

In the Strong’s Concordance the word “thinks” is interpreted as follows, Strong’s 3049 LOGIZOMAI

– take into account, weigh, meditate on.

– to suppose, deem, judge.

– to determine, purpose, decide.

In other words: Love does not meditate on anything evil about other people, does not judge others, does not purpose or decide evil about them.

Love does not create an evil mental picture about others, does not nurse a grudge and does not project from unhealed past traumas and experiences into present and future relationships.

False Assumptions are harmful because they are based on evil thinking and evil thinking is opposite to LOVE and YAH (God) is LOVE.

5I have experienced persecution from some pastors that have ASSUMED that because I teach on the Jewish Roots of the Faith I put people “under the Law”. They have biases in their heart against anything Jewish because Replacement Theology has done a “good job” in causing hostility towards the Torah and the Jewish People. Also there are some Messianic groups that have fallen into the “spirit of religion” rather than the anointing.

So, because of that anything labeled “Messianic” raises some “flags” with many, many pastors in the Church. That is of course an outcome of DEADLY FALSE ASSUMPTIONS! Since there are many, many more non-Messianic congregations and ministries that have fallen under the spirit of religion also and they are not criticized as much!, The False Assumptions against all that is Jewish is the legacy of many Church Fathers like Constantine, Augustine, John Chrysostom and even Martin Luther. They left a legacy of False Assumptions towards the Jews and everything Jewish that is bringing death to the Church to this day!

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I still remember a congregation in Mexico. I had preached in many places and there was a tremendous outpouring of the Holy Spirit! People flocked after us from church to church and many came because the radio advertised the miracles that were happening. Finally on Friday night I was scheduled to preach in another town nearby. Since I was exhausted from a weeklong of non- stop preaching and this was Shabbat eve (Friday night) I reclined on the pulpit and said: Shabbat Shalom! Then I proceeded to explain about Shabbat, and I told them that I will not work, but rather the Holy Spirit will minister miracles as I simply “rest” in the pulpit.  There was such an outbreak of miracles that night! The following night, many people had come from neighboring towns because they had heard about the miracles.

6As we were preparing to enter the hall, the assistant pastor conveyed a message to us from the pastor: “Do not preach about anything Jewish, only on Jesus Christ and nothing else!”  As he was saying that to us, the lights went off in the church building, the music died off (no electricity) and a spirit of mourning set in as if an unseen hand had stop all the light from coming into that congregation! What a False Assumption! As if “Jesus Christ” is not Jewish, but that is exactly what Replacement Theology has done, it has divorced The Messiah from his own identity as a Jew and from His People and His Torah!

Beloved, False Assumptions are harmful and even deathly. We have all fallen into them at one time or another; some have even done it in the name of the “Holy Spirit” or “prophetic discernment”. This is the opposite of LOVE who thinks no evil and believes all things! Love bears up under anything and everything that comes, is ever ready to believe the best of every person, its hopes are fadeless under all circumstances, and it endures everything [without weakening]. 1 Corinthians 13:7 AMP

May we be ready to believe the BEST (not the worst) of every person in the days to come and nurture loving relationships all around us!

“Love never fails” 1 Corinthians 13:8

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