Jewels in the Rough

Jewels in the Rough

Jewels in the Rough
Torah Portion LECH LECHA – B’reisheet (Genesis) 12:1-17:27

ATG – Addicts Turning To God, Part 2

They shall be Mine,” says the Lord of hosts, “On the day that I make them My jewels. Malachi 3:17a NKJV

Shabbat Shalom, dearly beloved!

It is time for the Second Part of a special series of Shabbat Letters based on my book ATG – Addicts Turning to God. These insights the Lord gave me on treating addicts can save you from much frustration and can change the lives of many addicts as they turn to God.

My Story continues (written in 2001)

For many years, I cried out to God about the mentally ill and begged Him for a gift of miracles to heal them. In 1998, while Israel was celebrating its Jubilee, I was flying to a Christian Jubilee conference in honor of Israel being held in Orlando, Florida. Onboard that El Al plane, I ended a 21-day fast for the release of the gift of miracles for the mentally ill. Upon my arrival in Florida, I met my husband Baruch, whom I hadn’t seen for three months (as he was still coaching his son, Marc, and seeking God for himself).

My husband and I prepared a booth with my CDs, tapes, and books at the conference. People were excited – the praises, the banners, and the pageantry were impressive. And then I received an alarming phone message: “Call Israel – your daughter has been confined to a mental hospital with suicidal depression.” I was numb, too shocked to react. Hadn’t I just finished a 21-day fast for the release of the gift of miracles for the mentally ill? And now, my daughter like her late father? No, I could not accept that.

The pageantry and singing went on, but my heart was frozen. I took the first plane back home. For 15 months, I coached my daughter through the most horrendous death trap ever invented but the devil. I was warned not to “missionize people” by the doctors who had been warned that I was a “dangerous missionary.” After my daughter had been released from the hospital, her psychiatrist said, “Thank God that we have your Mother. What would we have done without her?”

During this time, my daughter was so depressed that no drugs worked on her. Yet, she kept receiving more and more of them. Her drugs were changed at least four times. Finally, before giving up on her altogether, they wanted to try electroshock therapy as a last-chance possibility, to which I rose up and said categorically, “NO!”

Many people all over the world were praying. I knew that God was going to move. I could even see some positive aspects of all this. Our mother-daughter relationship, after years of estrangement, was being completely restored. Also, her bottled up anger and grief for the many deaths in her family (especially her father’s) was being released. Finally, the drugs started to work, and, after 15 months of treatment, she was released! She was still under medication and supervision, but she could go to school again. At her farewell party, the head psychiatrist of the youth ward said, “Adi, we almost gave up on you – you were one of our worst cases…”

God answers prayers in the strangest of ways. I asked for a gift of miracles, and He gave me a gift of perseverance and compassion. But true compassion is always the precursor of God’s miracles.

Jewels in the Rough

And Yeshua went forth and saw a great multitude, and was moved with compassion toward them, and He healed their sick.” Matthew 14:14

When I was pastoring in Tel-Aviv, God gave me the worst area of the city in which to minister. It is in the slums of Tel-Aviv, where you will find all the illegal workers, the prostitution houses, and the drug addicts. During the first few months of my pastorate, we rented a house to be a shelter for the homeless. At least 30 addicts passed through our hands in that shelter. While ministering to them, I learned many things. At that time, God also sent me a very special “jewel” named Claudia. She was a young woman, who was a Christian in the past but had fallen prey to both drug addiction and trafficking. She had become pagan. I took this “jewel in the rough” home. And, as of today, I have worked with her for almost ten months. At the same time, Claudia was in total bondage to Satan. I also had my daughter recovering from her 15-month ordeal.

Both of them have taught me many things. I have had times of tremendous victory and times of horrendous frustration – and even depression. At times I have exercised much Godly wisdom; at other times, I have been totally “in the flesh.” I have made many mistakes and have learned so many lessons from them. I have felt like I was chosen to be a “guinea pig” for a heavenly experiment.

It seems that God is saying that now I have passed the test – that is why I am writing this manual. I am writing it so that you will have it easier. When I reread the pages of this manual, I thought, “I wish that someone would have given me a manual like this. It would have saved me from much frustration.” But this is the way of pioneers: they seem to open the way, so it is much easier for the ones coming after them.

Above all, I give thanks to my God and Father, to my Bridegroom and Lover of my soul, Yeshua HaMachiach, and His Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit). With all that I have gone through, if it were not for Him, I would be mentally ill or an addict and in total defeat myself. But by the Power of His Grace that mightily dwells in me, I am a victorious overcomer, a miracle of God, and am far more equipped to impart this wisdom acquired to see victory in marriage, family, and ministry to countless others.

The story of my life is not yet finished; there are many testimonies pending and miracles in the making. But somehow, God is in a hurry to get this manual out! To Him be ALL the Glory!

To be continued…

Your Israeli Mentors and Friends

Archbishop Dominiquae and Rabbi Baruch Bierman

Archbishop Dominiquae and Rabbi Baruch Bierman

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