Justice or Judgment #5 – Innocent Blood

Torah Portion MIKETZ – Beresheet (Genesis) 41:1-44:17

End of Hanukkah, The Feast of Dedication

Justice, justice you must pursue, so that you may live and possess the land that Adonai your God is giving you. Deuteronomy 16:20 TLV

Shabbat Shalom, dearly beloveds!

This is a continuation from Justice or Judgment #4 where I expounded about the injustice of Sexual Immorality. Today we will continue the injustice of Innocent Blood.

What incurs the judgment of YHVH in both individuals and nations?
In one word it’s INJUSTICE.

INJUSTICE defined from the Merriam Webster Dictionary:

INJUSTICE, INJURY, WRONG, and GRIEVANCE mean “an act that inflicts undeserved hurt.”

  1. INJUSTICE applies to any act that involves unfairness to another or violation of one’s rights.
  2. The injustices suffered by the lower classes INJURY applies, in law, specifically to an injustice for which one may sue to obtain compensation.
  3. Libel constitutes a legal injury WRONG, and also applies in law to any act punishable according to the criminal code; it may apply more generally to any flagrant injustice.
  4. Determined to right society’s wrongs, GRIEVANCE applies to a circumstance or condition that constitutes an injustice to the sufferer and gives just ground for complaint.

We will review together in this series of Shabbat Letters the most grievous sins of injustice in the eyes of YHVH:

  2. LYING


The one who sheds human blood, by a human will his blood be shed, for in God’s image He made humanity. Genesis 9:6 TLV

Shedding human blood without a cause is so serious that the only way to atone for it or to purge it is with blood. According to Yah’s absolute laws, if someone kills an innocent person for any reason, he or she have to pay with their lives. It is blood for blood.

“But your eyes and your heart are only on your unjust gain, and on shedding innocent blood, and committing extortion and fraud.” Jeremiah 22:17 TLV

There is a direct connection between love of money, extortion, fraud and murder which is shedding innocent blood. That is why one of the most lucrative businesses is abortions, which is the murder of innocent babies. That is also the reason why it is becoming clearer and clearer that extermination of populations, like in communist China, is all about the lust for wealth and power. Most abortions and exterminations are connected with the financial condition of nations. Hitler used the financial troubles of Germany in order to manipulate the masses: 1) to exterminate the Jews as they “control the wealth” and 2) to exterminate all the weak and handicapped in the society because they do not contribute to the work force, but rather tax the workforce.

Six things Adonai hates, yes, seven are abominations to Him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, Proverbs 6:16,17 TLV

YHVH hates the shedding of innocent blood and He must judge. This means that a great curse has penetrated the earth and many people are going to die because of it. This is one of the reasons why plagues happen. It is part of the curse for shedding innocent blood. It is blood for blood. The blood of many innocent victims is crying from the ground.

Then innocent blood will not be shed within your land that Adonai your God is giving you as an inheritance, and there would be blood upon you. Deuteronomy 19:10 TLV

In order to remove the curse of the land because of shedding innocent blood, the sin needs to be purged. The only way to purge is through blood punishment. Murdering innocent people (be it aborted babies or Jews or abused women or martyred believers) deserves the death penalty. Terrible disasters can happen such as earthquakes, volcanic explosions, more wars, terror attacks, plagues, famines and more. All these are an outcome of opening the door to the curse due to murder of the innocents.

Your eye should not pity him, but you must purge the innocent blood from Israel, so that it may go well with you. Deuteronomy 19:13 TLV

This was well known even by the pagans, that shedding innocent blood incurred the wrath of God, to the point that Pontius Pilate did not want to be charged with the innocent blood of the Messiah Yeshua, the King of the Jews. After futile attempts to set him free in front of a hired crowd that cried “crucify Him, crucify Him”, he washed his hands in innocence.

When Pilate saw he was accomplishing nothing, but instead a riot was starting, he took some water and washed his hands in front of the crowd. “I am innocent of this blood,” he said. “You see to it yourselves!” Matthew 27:24 TLV

The Apostate High Priest Caiaphas had hired a mob that was aggressively shouting to crucify Yeshua, our Jewish Messiah. Yeshua was being followed by many thousands of Jews and Israelites that were not among that mob, but the High Priest that was not of the Priestly Line had caused a riot and forced Pilate to crucify him. Later on, this would birth the blood libel that “the Jews killed Christ, so they deserve to die”. Many Christians have hated Jews because of this and have murdered millions of Jews in the name of Jesus Christ, shedding more innocent blood that is crying from the ground. Yeshua said that no one can take His life, but that He laid down His life so He could atone with His Royal Blood for all our sins (of both Jews and Gentiles) including the sin of shedding innocent blood.

“For this reason the Father loves Me, because I lay down My life, so that I may take it up again. No one takes it away from Me, but I lay it down on My own. I have the authority to lay it down, and I have the authority to take it up again. This command I received from My Father.” John 10:17-18 TLV


They shed innocent blood— the blood of their sons and their daughters, sacrificed to the idols of Canaan. So the land was desecrated with blood. Psalm 106:38 TLV

The Land of Israel, of the USA, in China and of many nations is now desecrated with the innocent blood of our murdered children. A fetus in the womb is a living human baby; abortions are the worst kind of murder of helpless, innocent victims. Most of the abortions happen because of selfishness and greed and because of sexual immorality and promiscuity. People have sex for pleasure and then become murderers of their own offspring. They want the pleasure of sex without the responsibility. The Creator gave us the pleasure of love making as a package deal within marriage for intimacy and procreation. This hedonistic generation wants to enjoy life without any responsibility that would encroach in their “freedom” and comforts, so they become shameless murderers. The land of the whole world is desecrated with blood of aborted babies. YHVH must judge.

Grant atonement for Your people Israel whom You have redeemed, Adonai, and do not put innocent blood on Your people Israel.’ Then atonement will be granted to them for the blood. Deuteronomy 21:8 TLV

Atonement for innocent blood is only Blood!

Moreover, Manasseh shed so much innocent blood until he filled Jerusalem with blood from one end to another—in addition to his sin which he made Judah sin, in doing what was evil in Adonai’s eyes. 2 Kings 21:16 TLV

We are like in the days of wicked king Manasseh from Judah: the land is filled with the innocent blood of aborted babies from one end to another. Babies are aborted in some parts of the USA even when they are full term!

Their feet run after evil. They rush to shed innocent blood. Their thoughts are thoughts of iniquity. Violence and ruin are on their highways. They do not know the path of peace, and there is no justice in their tracks. They have made their paths crooked. Whoever walks in them will not experience shalom. Isaiah 59:7-8 TLV

People are angry about the globalists’ take over, communist China takeover, the Chinese corona virus, the closure of businesses, walking around in masks, the fear of plagues and of early deaths. But the truth is that this is an outcome of injustice, of sin and especially of the murder of the innocents. The lands of many nations are desecrated and the whole earth deserves to be judged, unless there is a true heartfelt brokenness, repentance and restitution – doing that which is right.

So you will purge the guilt of innocent blood from your midst, when you do what is right in Adonai’s sight. Deuteronomy 21:9 TLV

However, many people say, “I am a poor victim of the globalists or of COVID-19 – I am innocent, I do not deserve this curse”. Yet among them are many that have murdered their own babies through abortions, or have been accomplices to such despicable acts, or have been silent instead of warning others against them. Repentance starts from humility and awareness of our wretched, wicked, unjust and perverted condition. Then we can seek for Mercy from a Holy God that we have defied in our wicked, selfish, self-centered and self-reliant ways.

Moreover on your skirts is found the blood of the innocent poor—you did not find them breaking in. Yet in spite of all these things, you say, ‘I am innocent—surely His anger is turned away from me?’ See, I will pass judgment on you, since you say: ‘I haven’t sinned!’ Jeremiah 2:34,35 TLV

There will be no mercy without acknowledgment of sin and injustice, followed by true Teshuva, Repentance and returning to His ways – then finally making restitution for the sins committed. Only One Blood will be able to purge us and our land from shedding innocent blood – and this is the Blood of the only sinless human, the Jewish Messiah Yeshua, that gave His life to free us from the guilt of murder. But this is not a light matter or a cheap and religious thing. It requires whole-hearted repentance and change of our ways, spending a life of service to bring life to others!

No, if you truly mend your ways and your deeds—if you are doing justice between a man and his neighbor, not oppressing the sojourner, orphan and widow nor shedding innocent blood in this place, nor going after other gods to your own ruin— then I will let you dwell in this place, in the land that I gave to your fathers forever and ever. Jeremiah 7:5-7 TLV

The guilt of Jewish blood

Then He said, “What have you done? The voice of your brother’s blood is crying out to Me from the ground. Genesis 4:10 TLV

In many nations there is the blood of many Jews murdered by the religious system of Christianity. Most of the persecutions, humiliations and murders of Jews were in the name of Jesus Christ and especially during Easter and Christmas. This is a historical fact that is well documented, and it culminated in the Nazi Shoa (Holocaust) that left six million Jews exterminated in horrendous death camps. The Messiah is Jewish and so were the Apostles that came out of Jerusalem to the world. And yet so many Christians have hated and murdered Jews, including Martin Luther that advised on how to humiliate and get rid of them. Hitler followed his advice, and his Final Solution came into being following the writings of the Great Reformer in his hideous, hateful and disgusting book On the Jews and their Lies.

Egypt will become a desolation and Edom a desert wasteland, because of the violence against the children of Judah, because they shed innocent blood in their land. Joel 4:19 TLV

The above Scripture talks about the judgment that has befallen Egypt and Edom (Jordan today) because of murdering Jews. The same happens to every nation where innocent Jewish blood has been spilt.

So now, cursed are you from the ground which opened its mouth to receive your brother’s blood from your hand. Genesis 4:11 TLV

The way nations treat the Jews can bring the curse or the blessing. There is a serious judgment on all the nations and people that have been anti-Semitic and hostile towards Israel and the Jewish People, causing pain and death to the Jewish People.

Draw near, O nations, to hear, and listen, O peoples! Let the earth hear, and all it contains, the world, and all its offspring! For Adonai is enraged at all the nations, and furious at all their armies. He will utterly destroy them. He will give them over to slaughter. So their slain will be thrown out, and the stench of their corpses will rise, and the hills will be drenched with their blood. For Adonai has a day of vengeance, a year of recompense for the hostility against Zion. Isaiah 34:1-3,8 TLV

The blood of millions of Jews is crying from the ground throughout much of Europe and even the Americas because of the Spanish Inquisition. YHVH must judge.

Go, my people, enter your rooms, and shut your doors behind you. Hide for a little while, until the wrath is past. For behold, Adonai is coming out from His place to punish inhabitants of the earth for iniquity. The earth will disclose her bloodshed, no longer covering up her slain. Isaiah 26:20-21

This is the time when all the innocent blood of the slain will be uncovered. We are perhaps in the last historical seconds of mercy before the wrath of God is poured out on the earth. We must repent quickly and even stand in the gap for the sins of our ancestors, governments and nations. The sin of innocent bloodshed, including from anti-Semitism and abortions as well as many others, has reached the nostrils of the Almighty.

If I shut up heaven that there is no rain, or if I command the locust to devour the land, or if I send pestilence (plagues!) among My people, when My people, over whom My Name is called, humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their evil ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:13-14 TLV

Your Israeli mentors and friends,

Archbishop Dominiquae and Rabbi Baruch Bierman

“For Zion’s sake, I will not keep silent” Isaiah 62:1

Archbishop Dominiquae and Rabbi Baruch Bierman

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