Life of Restitution

Life of Restitution


United Nations For Israel (UNIFY) July 2019 Report

Life of Restitution
Torah Portion BALAK – Bamidbar (Numbers) 22:2-25:9

In that day many nations will join themselves to Adonai and they will be My people and I will dwell among you’. Then you will know that Adonai-Tzava’ot has sent me to you. Zech. 2:15 TLV

Shalom beloved friends and members of the United Nations For Israel!

It’s our desire that you are prospering in every way and enjoying good health, even as your soul prospers (3 John 1:2) – experiencing victory as the Key of Abraham has been turned on your behalf! Membership in this unique, Yah-given mission is such a privilege and an honor. UNIFY is a prophetic voice of the ashes of Auschwitz, which cry out for vengeance, but instead we cry for “Holy Vengeance”. Every drop of Jewish blood shed is represented in each of us, who bring forth fruit for repentance in the nations! As we move forward, touching one person at a time with His heart for reconciliation to Truth, we will see Sheep Nations come forth, for His glory.

Our generation is being called to live a “Life of Restitution” out of gratefulness, which will bring the fulfillment of the vision of UNIFY with this mandate:

Reeducate the nations about the Gospel made in Zion and the importance of standing with Israel against all odds”.

Please stay connected to all current UNIFY happenings by participation in the uplifting monthly UNIFY online conferences for members. These meetings should not be missed: SO MUCH encouraging news and insights are shared by Archbishop Dominiquae. These meetings also birth creative strategies. We can only share a fraction of information here – so watch your email closely for notice of each upcoming call. (Become a member to attend:

We are celebrating one year of occupying our strategic base of operations in Israel: the beautiful UNIFY Embassy in Mevasaret Zion on the western hills of Jerusalem (official opening date was September 2018). This place has borne good fruit for His Kingdom; powerful testimonies confirm we are a “sign & wonder” to Israel, proclaiming that Yeshua is their Messiah. Recently some neighbors (who were in the Shoa, skeptical that Yah even exists) came to visit last month and stayed for hours, hearing the testimony of Archbishop, and left saying they “felt His love there”.

Last month two outstanding deliverance sessions occurred at the Embassy, both involving victory over the deception of homosexuality. One Orthodox Jew in this lifestyle repented as his eyes were opened, then he accepted Yeshua – his testimony was that he finally “felt clean”! He knew he needed to be free, but did not know how until spending time with our leadership at this anointed ministry headquarters. Another sexually deceived man, a German Lutheran, also got clean in the same week!

How important it is that we are present in The Land – for us to be like a Ruth to Naomi (Israel)! But it is not without its challenges: 1) proper staffing with managers/volunteers for smooth daily operations and 2) maintaining an adequate financial flow, in order to function in a way honorable to Him. It is vital that EVERYONE reading this report seek His perfect will for what part we each should fulfill regarding the UNIFY Embassy (Contact us at with any questions you may have). We extend special thanks to our current Manager Eicha Lohmus and to all our past and present volunteers.

Important reminder: the 70 Righteous of the Nations are members who faithfully commit to supporting operations with $100 per month or more. We have fallen short of the required 70 (only have 30 to date) – please know that without this level of monthly support we cannot continue. As you know, this place is a lighthouse in the natural (the flags can be seen for miles). It’s also a shining beacon in the spirit – storms are coming and we do not want souls to be shipwrecked. It must be kept lit for eyes to see! (Join the 70 Righteous:

Life of Restitution

Isaiah 62:6, 7 NASB – “On your walls, O Jerusalem, I have set watchmen; all day and all night, they will never keep silent. You who remind Adonai, take no rest for yourselves and give Him no rest until He establishes and makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth.

Reports from the Nations – to stir our hearts.

Restitution Mission to Germany

Prophets Sanna & Mikael Enroos, Sweden

The mission involved visiting 5 locations in Germany including Buchenwald concentration camp (near Weimar), Nuremberg (a true stronghold of Nazism, site of rallies and propaganda events from 1933 to 1938) and Worms (site of Europe’s oldest Jewish cemetery). We canceled anti-Semitic Nuremberg Laws in the Spirit. At the old Synagogue of Worms I received this word of Yahveh: “This is a holy ground! You will restore the Jewish inheritance in this place by your visit!”

This trip dealt with bloodshed at many different levels in history. It was an outstanding, “taking back from the devil” trip, ordained by the Ruach HaKodesh in every single detail. The spirit of witchcraft is broken over the whole nation! As a former Lutheran my mandate was to confess every sin that was done in the name of Luther against the Jews in Germany. We give glory and honor to the Father, who is absolutely wonderful!

Life of Restitution

Running for UNIFY

Delegate Eicha Lohmus, Estonia

Spring Run on May 18, 2019 in Tallinn (capital of Estonia)

This was truly a prophetic run of “sevens”: on the 7th day, 7 kilometers and my Jewish companion, Shlomit, being 70 years old! We participated in this run for women only, with the vision and mission of UNIFY, under its flag and wearing T-shirts in Estonian.

Since Shlomit was not a runner but rather a walker, we happened to be the last ones amongst 20,000 participants. The Bible says that “the last ones become first ones”. We received special attention because all organizers were waiting for us before they were allowed to leave their positions along the trail. At every junction we approached with shofar blasts and people responded happily. Organizers even called out the name United Nations For Israel while encouraging us to keep going!

There was one Jewish young man in the medical aid team. After hearing a shofar blow he greeted us with “shabbat shalom” and we introduced UNIFY to him with a business card and flyer. Shlomit stayed for many minutes to talk to young people who were volunteering on the run. When we approached the finish line, waving our UNIFY flag, the judges saw it from afar — they wished welcome and success to Israel through loudspeaker (thinking we are Israelis)! Interestingly, this same evening an Estonian singer was in final competition of Eurovision in Tel Aviv.

At the finish we felt a kiss from heaven, by our Elohim of Israel, and heard the whisper of the Holy Spirit: “well done my faithful mevaseret’s”.

Life of Restitution

Update from the United States of America

Lion of Judah Bible Center continues weekly Shabbat gatherings in St. Augustine, FL including “Live at 5” (5 p.m. ET in USA) by Archbishop Dominiquae, which broadcasts on FB Live. Be sure to join them! (For more information:

Meeting with Israeli Ambassador

Delegate Hanne Hansen, Norway

The new Israeli Ambassador to Norway, Alon Roth, visited our City of Trondheim. He is a man with much wisdom and knowledge about Israel. I had an opportunity to talk to him, informing him about UNIFY. He received our brochure and my business card, and expressed his appreciation for our work.

This meeting was in connection with a meeting for a Christian party in Norway (Partiet De Kristne: The Party of The Christians). This party is a firm friend of Israel and of Biblical politics, with a strong, knowledgeable leader. I also was able to inform him about UNIFY and gave him a brochure too. Virginija (another Norwegian UNIFY member) then talked to him about Africa, because he also has an organization actively involved in bringing connections between Israel and African countries. He obviously appreciated our work!

Life of Restitution

Attending March of Life

Delegate for Finland, Pastor Terhi Laine

Finnish UNIFY Team was attending the third March of Life held in Finland – this time in its capital, Helsinki. It is always anointed to walk through the streets holding UNIFY flags on high, singing Hebrew songs and blowing shofars! We are more than privileged to attend marches to honor Israel and the Jewish people. Many good conversations happen every time we go!

Shavuot Tour with groups from Peru, Ecuador and Mexico

UNIFY Delegates, Pastor Sonia Gotelli (Peru), Pastor Cesar Silva (Mexico) and Pastor Marcelo Corral (Ecuador), together with his wife Pastor Magali, brought beautiful groups from their countries to our recent Spanish Shavuot tour in Israel. The tour was very anointed and blessed, and we were celebrating our first GRM graduation in the UNIFY embassy! We had 12 beautiful graduates from Sephardic Jewish origins, now returning to their lost Jewish Roots!

Delegate Sonia Gotelli also shared with us how Yah has been faithful to connect her to the Jewish community in Lima, Peru, who are also willing to support UNIFY! Trust is being built between these precious peoples.

Life of Restitution

Please include these concerns in your prayers for UNIFY:

  • UNIFY Bread – for wisdom required to successfully market and distribute. (
  • Membership from all nations to increase
  • One Blood Race 2020 – St. Augustine (details forthcoming)
  • National Delegates: continue organizing weekly Prayer Conference Calls with your nation’s UNIFY members
  • UNIFY Embassy staffing and maintenance – may this base of operations truly impact Israel with His perfect love.
  • Sukkot Tour 2019 – Uniting Nations for Israel: Ruth and Naomi. May Yah grant perfect health and financial blessings to abound for all participants!

Thank you for remaining faithful to the UNIFY vision! Please take time in His presence to create a Personal Action Plan, outlining how YOU can continue moving forward, right where you live. Every connection we make is important, as we see Sheep Nations forming “one person at a time.”

Your fellow laborer in the harvest,

Rev. Debra Barnes

For Archbishop Dr. Dominiquae Bierman
Founder and President United Nations for Israel

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Celebrate the history of the United Nations for Israel, as recalled by UNIFY President and Founder Archbishop Dominiquae Bierman, in this continuation of the dedication of the UNIFY Embassy upon the scenic hills of Jerusalem (Sept. 2018). Experience this truly historic moment as Delegates and members join as one in fulfilment of Zech. 2:11 – “Many nations will join themselves to the Lord in that day and will become My people.”

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