Little Betrayals

Torah Portion NOACH– Beresheet (Genesis) 6:9-11:32

Catch the foxes for us— the little foxes that ruin the vineyards, for our vineyards are in blossom. Song of Songs 2:15 TLV

Shabbat shalom, dearly beloved!

The little foxes are very astute animals and they look cute; however, they can cause great loss. They normally destroy a vineyard when it is in bloom. It is when things are succeeding, when prophetic fulfillment is happening, when things are starting to bear fruit in your life that those lustful little foxes show up to destroy. These represent all kinds of attitudes that if left unchecked they can destroy your walk with Yah, your vineyard. It can be attitudes of arrogance, pride, frustration, fear, unbelief, laziness, bitterness and the like, and they can cause you go into sin and miss the mark. They can also cause you to break your word, promises and vows and to take them lightly. Little foxes also manifest when commitments are broken because of convenience and even when you tend to be unpunctual and disrespect your appointments, duties and responsibilities. This makes you unreliable.


A traitor is

  1. One who betrays another’s trust or is false to an obligation or duty.
  2. One who commits treason.

In Hebrew the word is BOGED and the root word is BEGED which means garment. We could say that a traitor is one who changes his garment and becomes “another person”, a hypocrite, one who disguises himself/herself. However, most people practice “little treasons” without thinking anything about it. When we are not true to our word it causes much pain. Yah cannot trust you, your team members cannot trust you, your spouse or children cannot trust you and all that because you break your word little by little. When you promise your child to take him for an outing at a certain time and you do not come on time, he/she feels betrayed, rejected and even abandoned. Unpunctuality and taking you commitments lightly cause a lot of pain and put a strain on all relationships.

Like a broken tooth or a lame foot is confidence in the unfaithful (boged-betrayer) in time of trouble. Proverbs 25:19 TLV

Yeshua is looking for faithful, committed, staunchly devoted people that like Ruth will walk in covenant with Him, with His Mission, Vision and His People Israel without betrayal. Those that keep their word “even if it ruins them” (Psalm 15), those will be His friends and will inherit the blessing that Ruth inherited when she refused to forsake Naomi. Ruth, a poor accursed widow from Moab became the most prominent woman in Beth Lechem of Judah. Though all Moabites were cursed for ten generations for not helping Israel in the desert, (Deuteronomy 23:3) Ruth became grafted into Naomi’s Jewish family, thus she became the grandmother of King David and the great, great, great grandmother of Yeshua the Messiah. She committed herself to Naomi and Naomi’s God (YHVH) without reservations; she “burnt all the bridges” and went all out. This grabbed the attention of a relative of Naomi, a wealthy landowner by the name of Boaz who noticed her devout and TRUSTWORTHY character and marries her, redeeming her from her poverty and national curse.

So she (Naomi) left the place where she was, along with her two daughters-in-law, and they started out on the road to return to the land of Judah. So Naomi said to her two daughters-in-law, “Go, return each of you to your mother’s house. May ADONAI show you the same kindness that you have shown to the dead and to me. May ADONAI grant that you find rest, each of you in the house of her own husband.” Then she kissed them and they wept loudly. “No!” they said to her, “we will return with you to your people.” Now Naomi said, “Go back, my daughters! Why should you go with me? Do I have more sons in my womb who could become your husbands? Go home, my daughters! I am too old to have a husband. Even if I were to say that there was hope for me and I could get married tonight, and then bore sons, would you wait for them to grow up? Would you therefore hold off getting married? No, my daughters, it is more bitter for me than for you—for the hand of ADONAI has gone out against me!” Again they broke into loud weeping. Then Orpah kissed her mother-in-law goodbye. But Ruth clung to her. She said, “Look, your sister-in-law is going back to her people and her gods. Return, along with your sister-in-law!” Ruth replied, “Do not plead with me to abandon you, to turn back from following you. For where you go, I will go, and where you stay, I will stay. Your people will be my people, and your God my God. Where you die, I will die, and there I will be buried. May ADONAI deal with me, and worse, if anything but death comes between me and you!” When she saw that Ruth was determined to go with her, she no longer spoke to Ruth about it. Ruth 1:7-18 TLV

Orpah means “the betrayer” while Ruth means “the devout friend”. Both lived up to their name. They both had promised to remain with the mother in law, Naomi and to escort her to her land but only one kept the promise. Ruth that stood behind her words made history for all eternity, while Orpha who broke her vow disappeared from history, absorbed back into her accursed people and idolatrous family. However, notice that Orpah kissed and was very emotional while Ruth remained, she simply stayed without any visible signs of “love” besides the only one that counts, commitment and faithfulness that caused her to keep her word.


We are called to walk like Ruth, the great, great grandmother of Yeshua, the Messiah and simply keep our word, pay our vows, be punctual, pay our tithes and offerings, keep on obeying Yah through all circumstances and all weather, stay pure, lead by example. We will never be more spiritual than our promptness and commitment to keep our promises. This is what Yeshua said,

But I tell you, do not swear at all—not by heaven, for it is the throne of God; or by the earth, for it is the footstool of His feet; or by Jerusalem, for it is the city of the Great King. And do not swear by your head, for you cannot make a single hair white or black. But let your word ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes’ and your ‘No,’ ‘No’—anything more than this is from the evil one. Matthew 5:34-37 TLV

Do not be quick with your mouth nor hasty in your heart to utter a word in God’s presence. For God is in heaven, and you are on the earth— therefore, let your words be few. As a dream comes with excessive burdens so a fool’s voice with too many words. When you swear a vow to God, don’t delay in fulfilling it. For He takes no delight in fools. Pay what you vow! It is better for you not to vow than to vow and not pay. Don’t let your mouth lead your flesh to sin, and don’t say before the messenger, “It was a mistake!” Why should God be angry at your voice and destroy the work of your hands? Many dreams and many words are meaningless. Therefore, fear God!
Ecclesiastes 5:1-6 TLV

One who is faithful in the smallest matters is also faithful in much, and the one unjust in the smallest matters will likewise be unjust in much. So then, if you cannot be trusted with unjust wealth, who will trust you with true wealth? Now if you have not been trustworthy with what belongs to another, who will give you anything of your own? Luke 16:10-12 TLV

Pay attention to the little foxes, to the “little broken promises”, they can destroy your walk with Yeshua, your family, ministry and work relationships and all friendship.

A little hametz (leaven) works its way through the whole batch of dough! Galatians 5:9 TLV


Be quick to repent if you broke your word; do not give excuses and make restitution when you hurt someone by not keeping your word to them. Take your word seriously and do not be rash to promise what you are not committed to fulfill. We must be people of covenant and promise, for our Master is a Man of His Word, and He is the very word of His Father in Heaven made flesh. We are called to imitate our Messiah who was completely trustworthy to His Father though He sweated drops of blood in the Garden of Gethsemane. He never pulled back from His duty and He never betrayed the trust that YHVH deposited in His Son. May he look down from His Holy Heavens and find you and I faithful for Him to empower us to bring His Kingdom down to Earth as it is in Heaven.

The eyes of the Lord (YHVH) go around looking in all the earth for people who are faithful to him so that he can make them strong. 2 Chronicles 16:9a ERV

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