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Rootless, Ruthless, Caring America

AB American and Israeli flags
Torah Portion SHELACH – Bamidbar (Numbers) 13:1-15:41

See to it that no one falls short of the grace of God; and see to it that no bitter root springs up and causes trouble, and by it many be defiled. Hebrews 12:15 TLV

Shabbat shalom dearly beloved!

Though this letter is about America (now the USA), it is a pertinent message to ALL those whose background is some sort of Christianity and to ALL nations that have been termed “Christian Nations”. These span all the way from the Northern hemisphere (from Finland, Norway and all Scandinavia) through England, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Germany and Europe to the Caribbean — and the Southern hemisphere with South America and including Australia, New Zealand, PNG and the Pacific Islands — and of course countries like India, Philippines and Russia.

This letter is a Prophetic Word to America and to ALL Christian Nations.

Upon my return to America from Israel on June 18th 2019, a sentence was whispered in my spiritual ears by the Spirit of Adonai,

Rootless, Ruthless, Caring America

What makes a person “Rootless“? Cutting off all ties with who you were created to be as a human being. This includes your ethnicity and your ancestors.

Some people divorce from their ethnic roots because of shame — others separate because of fear or hatred, and others because of ignorance. The whole Church was cut off from its original Jewish Roots when Christianity became a state religion during the time of Constantine. This is how Western Christianity was created. America was founded as a Western Christian country by people that cut themselves off their European roots by choice. Others peoples were cut from their African Roots by forced slavery and forced conversions — Jews also forsook their roots due to fear of more anti-Semitism and discrimination in this new American world.

Thus we have a Contradictory American Character: Ruthless and Caring at the same time.

I have been wondering about the true nature of America for years. Why is it that in this country full of comforts, I feel so uncomfortable — like some unpredictable evil is lurking in darkness. I have been sent to America as an Israeli Jewish Apostle, but why? What must be done and how do I fulfill the purpose of me being here?

I read a brilliant book about America on my recent flight from Israel to the USA: The Lies They Tell by Tuvia Tenenboim.

Rootless, Ruthless, Caring America

Tuvia is a mix between a New Yorker American, a German Jew and an Israeli citizen. He works for the German newspaper “Der Zeit”.

His 6 months’ research into the heart of America (throughout many cities) uncovered a nation full of dark secrets, of hidden and ignored hatred, and of division — covered under a blanket of silence, hypocrisy and pretense.

He states that some believe that the American Character is Germanic in nature. Many Germans settled in America both before and after the Second World War and helped define the white character of this country. Our early history included many White Anglo Saxon Protestants (WASP) — and Saxony is an Eastern German state.

However, this author found a surprising reality in his research: previous Germanic American neighborhoods have today been replaced with violent and poor black neighborhoods. Some residents are living in the abandoned mansions, taking possession after the uprising of the 1960’s with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream”.

Violent clashes and looting by the enraged and embittered black population, discriminated against for centuries, sent millions of mostly German Americans on a “white Exodus” – one we never heard about.

The White Americans (mostly of Germanic origin) abandoned their mansions and cities, like in Detroit, Chicago, and others. Cities with ethnic names such as Germantown and Heidelberg are now extremely violent black neighborhoods were blacks are killing blacks every day. No one talks about it, no one cares. Former President Obama – even with his black heritage — did nothing to remedy it. On the contrary, it actually became worse during his time in office for 8 years.

Rootless, Ruthless, Caring America

Tuvia, a skillful and brilliant journalist, also uncovered a masked and latent hatred of Jews. There is Antisemitism under the guise of “political correctness” among the Quakers and many other very nice and moral people. Rootless Jews were uncovered as well, those that do nothing to remedy the ills of their American society — yet care so much about the poor Palestinians across the ocean, forming biased and unsupported opinions against “colonial Israel”.

He found out that the supposed “Freedom and Liberty for All” slogan is empty and has America shrowded in SILENCE.

Christian America especially values the price of silence — hiding secrets that no one wants to confront, like Henry Ford being a virulent Nazi collaborator. The show must go on, though the earth is shaking under a Rootless foundation of Christianity: it’s a vessel full of holes sailing under the flag of Humanism. The ship is sinking, but the band still plays the old tune of “Freedom and Liberty for All” — and encourages the pursuit of happiness.

But we are being awakened, as frequent violent acts of random shooting continue to happen suddenly, leaving the nation in shock after shock. And these violent acts do not originate only with Islamic terrorists but with many white and even “Christian” Americans as the culprit. How can this be? Notice there is a dichotomy in the character of America:

The Flip Side of the American Character is CARING.

Americans deeply care for each other — for the poor, for injustice, for world affairs – and they are willing to sacrifice their lives to fight regimes that threaten freedom and liberty. This caring nation has also developed the most advanced health care system for its population, where Seniors are honored with special discounts to help them in their old age. That is the flip side of this nation: loving and Caring.

Rootless, Ruthless, Caring America

The Germanic Character of America – Rootless, Ruthless, Caring America

Many Germans immigrated to America, both before and after the Second World War and the Nazi horrors. So, in order to understand the Germanic American character, we need to have insight into the Christian German character.

The Germans (during the Nazi regime) sent the Jews to their death, handing them a bar of soap and a towel, under a guise of care. It relocated them via death trains under the lie of giving them a better life. Many marched to their forced labor camps to the tune of a band that played uplifting music.

The outer image of order and morality was kept, hiding the most hideous death machine Satan has ever designed. Churches in Poland also went on singing their hymns on Sundays, while cattle trains full of screaming Jews on their way to their extermination passed by. Some just sang a little louder and closed their windows, so as not to smell the burning flesh of Jews coming out of the chimneys – as the death camp was literally located next door!

Those same Germans and cooperating Poles that murdered Jewish babies and pregnant mothers during the day would then go home — to make love to their wives, to tuck their children into bed and to put in classical music to create a peaceful, cultured atmosphere. Many of the children of those Germans that worked for the Nazi regime immigrated to America and became American. Many Germans that became American prior to the era of Nazi regime where ashamed of their German roots (after the truth of the Shoa was revealed).

Rootless, Ruthless, Caring America

Many of the Poles were also ashamed. Thus this current Germanic Character of America.

They cut off their ethnic German roots, infested with Nazism, and became Rootless Christian Americans — without outward German Roots and without the Jewish Roots of the Faith (that Western Christianity had totally rejected ions ago, from the pre-Constantine era).

We must consider yet another aspect from history: the Rootless English Americans brought in the slave trade to the South, creating a Ruthless system of black slavery. They were even known to quote Scriptures from the Torah (that Western Christianity had rejected previously) in order to validate the slave trade!

They created Rootless Black Americans, called by the politically correct term “African Americans”. Rootlessness causes Ruthlessness and now we see the fruit where blacks are killing blacks every day — and no one talks about it or seems to care.

Rootless American Christianity is Ruthless and yet deeply Caring, full of Christian love. This same love founded Philadelphia, the “City of Brotherly Love”, where the Constitution was signed – our Freedom and Liberty national foundational document. This same “Christian love” sent the Jewish Conversos to the fires of the Inquisition and to the ovens of Auschwitz in the name of Jesus Christ: the Inquisition, under the auspices of Catholic Christianity, and the Shoa by the hand of Protestant Christianity, mainly Lutherans (named after German Martin Luther). Today, according to Tuvia’s book, many of those loving Quakers that founded Philadelphia are pro-Palestinian and oppose the Zionist State.

Rootless Christianity, divorced of its Jewish Roots, had formed the American Ruthless and deeply Caring Character. America started as a Christian nation and even today it is defined as a Christian nation.

Tuvia visited with pro-Israel evangelicals through Christians United for Israel (CUFI), which actively lobbied for pro-Israel policies during the Obama administration. But as much as they mean well, they are lacking the “bite” to change America from within. Even well-meaning and pro-Israel Christianity cannot do it! Unfortunately self hatred and antisemitism is lurking in the darkness of the American society and hate crimes continue, in spite of the change of administration.

President Donald Trump has taken commendable steps to honor Israel and to activate the Key of the Blessing for America. The pro-Israel evangelicals have been instrumental in bringing this change. But Christianity cannot change the heart of Rootless, Ruthless, Caring America. Christianity creates this conflicting Character — as it is not the original Gospel preached by the Jewish Apostles 2000 years ago.

Christianity is a religious system with many divisions.

This is spiritual Schizophrenia at its best, and Schizophrenic people are unpredictable. Danger is lurking in the darkness of the heart of a Rootless nation and the only way to control it is to keep it medicated with drugs, alcohol and entertainment. And, of course, we must be saturated with as much Mammon as possible — for the pursuit of happiness.

Rootless, Ruthless, Caring America

Lady Liberty is now the proud Mother of millions of Rootless children that do not have the identity from their Fatherland. Black, White and Jewish are divorced from their land of origin: void of who they are and who they were created to be. This explains the many American Jews that are pro-Palestinian and anti-Zionist. This explains why blacks kill blacks. And why the small remnant of American Indians remaining (after their genocide) have sweet revenge, seeing their Casinos keeping many Americans of all ages fully addicted to gambling.

Rootless people are orphans and they hate who they are. Then they try to create a new Rootless American identity, divorced from their original ancestry. This leads to self hatred, inner frustration and deep seated anger. Reconciling with our ethnic roots in the context of reconciliation with the God of Israel and His Jewish Messiah Yeshua is mandatory to bring healing.

Do not boast against the branches. But if you do boast, it is not you who support the root but the root supports you. Romans 11:18 TLV

Passive Smoking is FUMING

Tuvia noticed the prohibition against public smoking everywhere, but also realized an entire nation is fuming with repressed anger that bursts out in Ruthless acts of violence.

Rootless America has been created by Rootless Christianity: A religious system called Christianity that has been divorced from its Jewish Roots and Foundations since the 4th century.

The Founding Fathers of America rebelled against Great Britain, rejecting its hypocritical religious and unjust Political system. They sought to establish a country that allowed Christians to belong to any denomination they desired without imposition from any ruling church. It sought to keep the government out of the Church; freedom of worship originally meant the freedom to be any kind of Christian you wanted to be. Then the Jews came, which were not Christian.

Jews had trouble getting jobs in America in earlier days. They had to change their family names into Christian names in order to be accepted. Some places had signs stating “Jews and Niggers are not welcome”. Ruthless Christian antisemitism, like in the fatherlands in Europe, continued in young America.

On the flip side, Caring America opened its Gates to the masses of Jewish refugees escaping pogroms in Europe.

Before writing my book The Healing Power of the Roots, the Almighty gave me a Prophetic Word. My question to Him was, “Why is it so important to preach about the Jewish Roots of the Gospel to the Church?”

His answer was:

“The Church has been like a beautiful Rose, cut off from her Garden for 2 days and preserved in a vase with Living Water. But, on the 3rd Day, if she is not replanted back, she will surely die”. This is the hour in which we live.

Rootless, Ruthless, Caring America

One day is like 1,000 years to Adonai: so we are now on the 3rd Day, the 3rd Millennium.

The Rose (Church) has been in the vase with water for 2 days or two thousand years. But now in the third millennium the vase, which is the predictable Christian church structure, is broken.

There are more unchurched people than churched in the USA. The vase is broken: the water has spilled, the Rose is drying — and if it is not replanted back into its own garden (grafted into the Olive Tree, according to Romans 11) she will surely die. Then evil will surely take over America, with nothing to restrain it.

Do not boast against the branches. But if you do boast, it is not you who support the root but the root supports you. Romans 11:18 TLV

I am here to replant the Rose back — and it’s a matter of life and death to millions.

However, we know a new piece of cloth cannot be used to patch old wine skins. The wine skin of American Christians must become new before New Wine can be poured in. Repentance from Replacement Theology Christianity is the only way to have Yah’s children in this vast nation become a New Wine skin. The vase (Western Christian Church structure) cannot and should not be repaired: it’s full of cracks and full of holes. We can clearly see The Rose is dying.

The New Wine Skin is a fully grafted-in Body of Messiah that becomes like Ruth to Naomi concerning Israel. Not because Israel is perfect; far from it. But this holy union must occur because it is the only way to change the predicament of this Rootless, Ruthless, Caring nation.

Ruth remained a Moabite and yet joined herself to Israel and the God of Israel. She built the House of Jesse, the House of David, and ultimately the House of Messiah. She is called Ruth the Moabite even in the Book of Matthew; she is never called “Ruth the Israelite”, because she did not reject her roots. She did wisely reject her idols and choose to live a life of restitution for the sins committed by her Moabite People against Israel.

When the new Body of Messiah becomes like Ruth, it will overturn the Rootlessness that leads to Ruthlessness — for a Ruth-like people do not seek to Replace Israel or Judaism with Western Christianity! They seek to join themselves to the God of Israel and His People (through the Blood of the Jewish Messiah Yeshua) and yet remain who they were born to be.

Rootless, Ruthless, Caring America

With Western Christianity and its counterpart called Humanism out of the way, the American Body of believers (reconciled with its diversity of ethnicities) will be fully grafted into Israel’s Olive Tree. We will be drinking of the same Root, Torah, Gospel, Shabbat and Feasts — and then become a Sheep Nation, for His glory.

If the firstfruit is holy, so is the whole batch of dough; and if the root is holy, so are the branches. Romans 11:16 TLV

That is the good case scenario.

But, if the Gospel Made in Zion does not take over this nation, we will see America, Europe, Africa, PNG and all Christian-based nations self destruct. Multitudes will become Muslim, based upon a hunger for ROOTS, structure, tradition and stability. Islam has spiritual roots through Allah and natural roots back into Arabia through Ishmael, Edom and Lot.

For Adonai has a day of vengeance, a year of recompense for the hostility against Zion. Isaiah 34:8 TLV

Is America, Europe and all Christian-based nations going to choose the Root of Jesse through Abraham, Isaac and Israel — or is it going to become as Ishmael, Edom and his grandson Amalek?

Remember what Amalek did to you along the way as you came out from Egypt— how he happened upon you along the way and attacked those among you in the rear, all the stragglers behind you, when you were tired and weary—he did not fear God. Now when Adonai your God grants you rest from all the enemies surrounding you in the land Adonai your God is giving you as an inheritance to possess, you are to blot out the memory of Amalek from under the heavens. Do not forget! Deuteronomy 25:17-‬19 TLV‬‬‬‬‬

The end time battle is between Amalek-like people and Ruth-like people. In many Christians we see Amalek and Ruth cohabitating. Ruthlessness and Caring live together. This is why America and many Christian Nations have this conflicting Character. It is that same Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, that feeds Western Christianity – bringing forth an undiscerning Church, divorced from its Jewish Roots/origins and from the Jewishness of Messiah.

Amalek or Ruth? Which one will you be? A separation of the two is now happening within the Church in the Nations worldwide.

I will bless those who bless you, curse those who curse you and in you all the families of the earth will be blessed. Genesis 12:3

Your Israeli Mentors and Friends,

Archbishop Dominiquae and Rabbi Baruch Bierman

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