Sorrounded by addicts

Surrounded by Addicts

Sorrounded by addicts
Torah Portion NOACH – B’reisheet (Genesis) 6:9-11:32

ATG – Addicts Turning to God #1

Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers. 3 John 1:2

Shabbat Shalom, dearly beloved!

I am presenting now the first part of a special series based on my book titled ATG – Addicts Turning to God. Insights the Lord gave me on treating addicts can save you from much frustration and change the lives of many addicts as they turn to God.

My Story (written in 2001)

The Lord called me a few days after the turn of the millennium, almost in haste, to leave my family and my congregation in Israel for a 10-day retreat. I was called to go up to the mountains of Cyprus to pray, rest, and to seek more of Him. Two days after He spoke to me, I was on a plane to Cyprus, leaving my congregation in Tel-Aviv under the care of my very faithful deacons and my husband (who is my co-pastor). I left my family and congregation in the good hands that God so timely provided and went to fast, pray, and seek the Lord.

On the first day of my stay, as I was praying and crying out to Him, revelation started to flow about the “whys” of some of the patterns of addiction. Because of the blessed insistence of my husband, I had brought my notebook computer with me. Before I knew it, this manuscript was being written. It seems to me that the Lord is in a hurry to equip His Body. There is no time to waste. Everyone will have to become a minister and a servant, reaching out to addicts of all kinds. Everyone should at least learn to disciple one more person.

I feel propelled to give you my background. This is rather hard for me to do, as I would have preferred to write this manual much later in life when I could only give you testimonies of complete victories. But the Lord has urged me to be transparent with you. Many of you are suffering and do not know to whom they can speak or what to do. By understanding my background, you will see that I understand your suffering.

As I mentioned before, I am a pastor. My congregation in Tel-Aviv is new, young, vibrant, and hungry-for-God. I have also been an international preacher and have traveled to many nations and continents alone, as well as with my husband, Baruch. I am a writer, a singer, and a praise leader. By trade, I am also a certified nutritionist, health consultant, and a licensed tour guide by Israel’s Ministry of Tourism. Of course, one of my most important callings is that of a wife, mother, and housewife. I love to cook healthy and tasty meals. Now that I have managed to describe to you my background, I will also tell you of my struggles and my heartbreaks.

Sorrounded by addicts

All my life, mentally ill or disabled people have surrounded me. My mom used to suffer from almost chronic depression. As a child, I learned to cope with the fact that my Mom was emotionally handicapped, so I took care of myself. She tried her best to function and to overcome, but it still made me very emotionally independent. My brother became mentally ill as a teenager and was hospitalized with a breakdown during his service in the Israeli army. That was 20 years ago. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia, and now, by the grace of God, he is doing better in a special halfway house.

I was married twice before accepting the Lord. My first marriage was a total mistake. It ended quickly, leaving no children. My second marriage looked like it was made in heaven. It seemed to make everybody, including us, very happy. We married at the offset of the war with Lebanon and proceeded through six years of what seemed to be a happy marriage. We had two children. I opened two health food stores and my health clinic. While things seemed to be going right, after the birth of our second child, our son Yuval, my husband fell (for the second time in his adult life) into a bout of Manic Depression.

Our marriage ended in a disastrous divorce. Because of some other tragic circumstances, I ended up losing custody of my children. Many years later, this disease (and his refusal to turn his life over to God) caused him to take his own life. He left two beautiful children hurt terribly by committing suicide. At that time, I had already given my life to Yeshua (after a dramatic conversion – See my book titled “YES”) and married for the first time in the Lord. My husband, Baruch, and I were known as itinerant ministers. Wherever we went, the power of God would set people free. In the Philippines, the leader of the largest evangelical denomination labeled us as “Revivalists to the Church.” Wherever we went, the Holy Spirit fell.

Sorrounded by addicts

However, our marriage, though given over to God, had gone through many rough spots. After many years of struggles and without understanding the “whys” of some things, my husband was diagnosed as suffering from ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder). ADHD is labeled as a mental disorder. But I believe it is a type of addictive disorder in which the person is addicted to “negative attention” and to “strife.” That explained a lot of the problems we were having in communicating and in having a harmonious marriage.

We received some marriage therapy, and my husband received some treatment, including the use of tools of communication that have enriched our marriage greatly. We have sought God, and God has been faithfully changing both of us. At the writing of this manuscript, we are preparing to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. Only God knows what a miracle this is. Our relationship is better than that of a lot of married couples. We are very honest with each other and with God. I believe that we have a “diploma from heaven” to coach couples who are suffering – especially those in the Lord’s ministry – into an overcoming victory. We are far more equipped now to tell you, “Hang in there – don’t give up: God is faithful!”

My husband has a son from a previous marriage named Marc, whom I have “inherited” and adopted into my heart. Most of his life, he was not raised by his Dad and used to be a “crack addict.” In his own words, “That stuff is deadly.” The third time he gave his life to the Lord, he was in the living room of a small cabin loaned to us by a congregation in Smithton, Missouri (this area is known for “The Smithton Outpouring”). We had purposely taken Marc there, as he was about to go to jail because he could not pay a drunk driving fine. I said that he would have to choose “God’s jail or man’s jail.” If we paid the fine, it would be God’s jail. He accepted our terms, and we took him to the Smithton Revival.

Marc broke there, cried, gave his life to the Lord on the carpet of this cabin, and confessed that he was hooked on “crack.” I coached Marc during his first month after he went off the crack “cold turkey.” He did not have one drink or any drugs. However, he would not leave “his cigarettes.” During that month, the Lord “dropped” on me an anointing to care for the addicts. By the Spirit, I just “knew” what to do. Later, when I met other ministries that dealt with addicts (such as Teen Challenge in New York – and someone who worked with Jackie Pullinger, the founder of the St. Stephen’s Society in Hong Kong), I realized that what the Lord had shown me by His Spirit was very similar to the ways of these ministries.

To be continued…

Your Israeli Mentors and Friends

Archbishop Dominiquae and Rabbi Baruch Bierman

Archbishop Dominiquae and Rabbi Baruch Bierman

In the following weeks, we will learn how the Holy Spirit used the adverse circumstances of Archbishop Dominiquae’s life for His glory and to help others. We encourage you to get her very enlightening book ATG – Addicts Turning to God as well as the rest of her mental health series on Defeating Depression and From Sickology to a Healthy Logic from our online shop:

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