The Demonic Soul Tentacles

The Demonic Soul Tentacles

The Demonic Soul Tentacles
Torah Portion TOLDOT – B’reisheet (Genesis) 25:19-28:9

ATG – Addicts Turning To God, Part 5

Shabbat Shalom, dearly beloved!

It is time for the Fifth Part of a special series of Shabbat Letters based on my book ATG – Addicts Turning to God. These insights that the Lord gave me on treating addicts can save you from much frustration and can change the lives of many addicts as they turn to God.

The Demonic Soul Tentacles

This revelation came to me while in a prayer and fasting retreat in the mountains. I realized that I was constantly angry and had angry reactions and did not know why. Then, on the first day of the retreat, The Lord showed me two of the people who had been addicts or had addictive personalities and mental illness for whom I was caring. He showed me their soul and ugly, octopus-like tentacles that were latching onto me, extracting the life out of me, and suffocating me. And that is why I was so angry. The Lord told me, “These are the Demonic Soul Tentacles that the addicts and addictive personalities have.”

“His own iniquities entrap the wicked man, and he is caught of his own sin.” Proverbs 5:22
We can see here that sin has cords or tentacles. The sinful patterns in an addicts’ soul form these Demonic Soul Tentacles (DST).

Addicts and addictive personalities of any kind have demonic soul tentacles that latch onto people to suck the life out of them, to use and abuse people. Even after they are saved and delivered by the expelling of demons, there is a process of Reformation of the Soul that can take quite a long time. Heavy and concentrated intercession can shorten this time considerably.

Intercessory healing is a major tool in the reformation of addicts. Intercessory healing is praying for someone for a long time and interceding, soaking that someone in prayer, for as many sessions as needed. It is different than “Deliverance” in that it works deeply into the soul and by the intercession of the Holy Spirit. It softens the soul so that the person can get delivered and healed quicker and can have a personal encounter with God.

ATGs need to have a special ministry for rehabilitation, but it should not come from one person, as that person will end up becoming their ‘drug.’ That person will feel abused and used and probably will end up angry. His/her relationship with God could even be destroyed unless he/she is extremely strong and stable in the Spirit. Even so, the feeling of abuse will be there, and a lot of anger will develop. Also, the ATG will never learn to depend on God.

The Demonic Soul Tentacles

Treatment against the Demonic Soul Tentacles

The DST (demonic soul tentacles) latch onto the addicts’ soul and suffocate it by squeezing every bit of faith and life out of it. These are dangerous tentacles, which cannot be cast out because they are so interlinked with the soul of the addict that they have to be treated from within. It is utterly futile to minister deliverance to an addict constantly. It is right to be led by the Spirit to cast out demons and to do Intercessory Healing, especially at the beginning, but it has to be accompanied by the Process of Retraining of the soul.

During this process, the addict needs to be in an atmosphere of Faith and Worship. The Word, worship music, prayer, and praises will start doing INNER work. The anointing residing in the new spirit of the addict can work from within to reject the evil soul patterns of addiction that caused the development of the DST. This starves the DST from their main source of nourishment in the soul. A faith-filled, worship-filled atmosphere is a must.

Emotional Soul Ties have to be avoided with these addicts at all costs. Addicts are unable to develop healthy relationships. Therefore, soul ties with anyone before the starvation of the DST will cause much grief and will prove detrimental to the point that it can cause the DST to grow. The demonic soul tentacles will latch on to the soul of counselors, friends, and mates – squeezing all the life out of them. Separation of the addict from their spouse, family, and close friends is very needed for the treatment to succeed as the DST has been very active in perverting these relationships. Initial time of grief is to be expected, as the DST ‘fed’ on the souls of other people.

The separation, in some cases, is forever. In other cases, it is for a time only – until the ATG can form a healthy relationship, and there is healing on BOTH sides of the relationship. (As in the case of parents, siblings, and spouse.) It is good for the ATG to be away from the place where he/she was using/abusing his/her drug.

The Demonic Soul Tentacles

Spirit Ties are needed and important as the addict learns to relate to people through his/her newborn spirit, and his/her spirit is fed by the Word and the Spirit of God.

Any relationship that draws the addict INWARD to look at himself rather than God will end in the feeding of the DST through SELF-CENTEREDNESS.


Addicts feed on self-centeredness, self-pity, etc. They need attention. No one can give them enough, so they suck people dry and abuse drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, money, or sex. They feed on emotional manipulation, lies, denial of the truth and fantasies. Giving them more of the same, i.e., more attention to heal their feelings of rejection, will not work – rather, it will help develop a codependent relationship between the counselor and the addict. The right kind of attention must be given but not more attention. Addicts will find a way of manipulating someone to get more attention; they may go back to drinking, smoking, and swallowing pills to try to kill themselves, etc. especially when they feel that they are losing your attention. Tough Love needs to be exercised here and definitely not more attention. It is better to give them no attention and to turn to prayer and intercession for Holy Conviction to come upon them and for repentance to happen.

These are situations when it’s important to have more than one person ministering to the addicts. Tough Love demonstrates love and forgiveness. It does not pamper the flesh, and it calls SIN, SIN. Do not allow an addict to cause you to water down the gospel or the consequences of sin. The root of all addiction is not rejection but rebellion.

How many Counselors?

To my understanding, and that of others with much experience, it is better to have five people ministering to each addict, even if there are ten or more in the house. These five should consist of:

1) A Father figure; 2) A Mother figure, and 3) Three Siblings

Regardless of gender, the “Father figure” is the teacher and the corrector, the “Mother figure” is the counselor, and Siblings are like close friends. Do not allow a relationship to be formed with only one of them and not with the other. ROTATE the siblings CONTINUALLY to avoid soul ties and burnout.

If you are caring for one addict in your own home and family, please make sure that the roles are in place. The father is the father, the mother, the mother, and the siblings, the children or other brothers and sisters in the Lord. The addict will fight with this order and generally will try to confuse your roles. Do not let it happen! Also, please make sure that you give PROPER attention to your own natural children by setting clear boundaries on your time together. It would be better that the addict would not call you mom or dad, but rather by your name or title such as Mr., Mrs., pastor, etc.

The Demonic Soul Tentacles

Living Arrangements

Do not allow for pairs. An addict should be alone in a room or in a room for five addicts. DO not allow for a paired number: 2, 4, 6, etc. Also, three is too small a number, as one will feel rejected; and they will quarrel. One alone or five together works best. The DST are fed on intimate, abusive relationships – especially with unclear meaning. Avoid ‘pairing off’ at all costs. Schedule their free time together for playing wholesome games, sports, or watching godly films. When you see two of them spending too much time together, change their rooms or find creative ways to separate them. Explain at the beginning of treatment that ‘pairing off’ is not acceptable.

Important: If you are caring for the addict within your home and family, do not pair the addict with your own child. Give him/her a separate room. Otherwise, the DST will work on your child and suck the life out of him/her.

To be continued…

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