The Hanukkah Turning Point

The Hanukkah Turning Point

The Hanukkah Turning Point
Torah Portion VAYESHEV – B’Reisheet (Genesis) 37:1-40:23

A Prophetic Message for The Season

But he answered and said unto them, why do ye also transgress the commandment of God by your tradition? Matthew 15:3 KJV

Shabbat shalom dearly beloved and Happy Hanukkah!

This Hanukkah is a turning point in time for the Church! YHVH is calling us to rededicate our lives and style of worship to Him! The battle was very fierce for the Jewish Priests, the Maccabees that defied the fearsome Greco-Syrian Empire. They knew that they needed to fight this battle to the death and take the Holy Temple back from paganism. In the same way, the battle to rededicate the Body of Messiah to Holy Worship from Roman-Babylonian influences is fierce. The enemy thinks he has the upper hand since the Church has been divorced from its Jewish Roots since the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD.

How can things suddenly change if, for 1700 years or so, the Church has been celebrating pagan feasts instead of Holy worship?

But you will be amazed at how YHVH can bring about a great victory once He finds a group of COMMITTED Royal Priests to be willing to lay down their lives! He will back them up all the way and He will make a way where there seems to be no way!

Then he said to me, “This is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel saying, ‘Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,” says the Lord of hosts. “What are you, O great mountain? Before Zerubbabel you will become a plain; and he will bring forth the top stone with shouts of “Grace, grace to it!”’” Zechariah 4:6 NASB

From Rome To Jerusalem!

Yeshua wants His Bride to return to Jerusalem from Rome. He wants His Bride purified from sun worship and pagan traditions prevalent in Christmas and Easter. It is HE who is reclaiming His Temple! But He needs us, a Royal Priesthood like Zadok, to teach the people to distinguish between the holy and the profane. He needs some Holy Priests that are not afraid of men! You see, many preachers know that it is time to forsake Rome and go back to the Hebrew Foundations of the Gospel! Many pastors know that Yeshua is the true and eternal name of the Messiah. Many leaders know that Christmas trees and Easter bunny eggs are from pagan worship. Many already know that Yeshua was not born on Christmas or resurrected on Easter (the celebration of the goddess of fertility Ishtar!). So why on earth are they continuing to feed their flock with that which is abominable to YHVH??? This is a very grievous sin beloved ones and YHVH is about to judge His Body on this!

For it is time for judgment to begin with the household of God; and if it begins with us first, what will be the outcome for those who do not obey the gospel of God? And if it is with difficulty that the righteous is savedwhat will become of the godless man and the sinner? 1 Peter 4:17-18 NASB

If we know something is wrong, why do we continue to do it? This is the definition of INSANITY, “to keep on doing the same thing and expect a different result”. Continuing to walk in sin and expect a true REVIVAL is insanity! Do leaders continue walking in the ways of Rome out of the Fear of men, the fear of losing members, the fear of losing tithes or all of the above? And if so, can The Almighty excuse us? Can He excuse those pastors and leaders that keep feeding their flock with pagan garbage? Is it not HIGH TIME to wake up and REPENT beloved? Or do we need to continue being “diplomatic” about it when the whole world is steeped in sin and immorality and the Church is no better?

The Hanukkah Turning Point

Turning Point This Hanukkah!

At that time the Feast of the Dedication (Hanukkah) took place at Jerusalem; it was winter, and Yeshua was walking in the temple in the portico of Solomon. John 10:22-23 NASB

This Hanukkah, The Feast of Dedication, when Yeshua revealed Himself as the Messiah in Jerusalem is a Feast of Turning Point. This is the Biblical Year of 5779 and it is a special Year of Grace for the REPENTANT!

Mark my words: A Great Shaking is coming! A Falling Away! It has been going on for quite a while in many churches, but it will increase. There is an onslaught of the enemy and the Church cannot stand as it is weakened by pagan traditions and immorality. It cannot stand when the preachers are broadcasting a cheap grace gospel that carries no consequences and true prophets are banned or silenced.

At the time of Joshua, the People of Israel could not stand in battle against their enemies because they had a Babylonian garment that was banned, hidden under the tent of Achan from the Tribe of Judah. When we have pagan stuff in our lives, hidden things in the closet, pagan traditions we refuse to let go of, idolatry, immorality, hatred, un-forgiveness, pride and stubbornness of heart can we stand before our enemies??

We have grieved the Precious Holy Spirit tremendously by rejecting all the revelation that we have received about Replacement Theology and the need to FORSAKE it FULLY. Fully forsaking Replacement Theology includes forsaking pagan festivals including Christmas, Easter and Sun (worship) Day! We definitely can-do evangelistic outreach on those days, but we must not celebrate them with pagan traditions or propagate the lie that Yeshua was born on Christmas. We must refuse to propagate the lie that it is OK to dress pagan feast in “Christian garb”. Is it ok to dress a pig as a lamb or a scorpion as a butterfly? The wolf in the Little Red Riding Hood was disguised as grandma but he was still a wolf and attacked the girl anyway! There is a profound reason that until 1870 the puritans in Boston forbade the celebration of Christmas and people were fined heavily if found violating that ban. They knew it was pagan!

Rise up! Consecrate the people and say, ‘Consecrate yourselves for tomorrow, for thus the Lord, the God of Israel, has said, “There are things under the ban in your midst, O Israel. You cannot stand before your enemies until you have removed the things under the ban from your midst. Joshua 7:13 NASB

Why Not Simply Obey God?

But now, in our “modern times”, we have become like those living in the ancient times of Constantine and the Roman Empire: Everything goes, and if it “feels good” do it. People defend themselves by saying, “I do not worship the Christmas Tree”. Although they know it is a pagan tradition, they continue celebrating it because of nostalgic sentiments or to blend in. If you do not worship the tree why do you still decorate it and fasten it on the altar of your home, TV studio, business and Church if YHVH said not to do it? If you do not worship it, then just let it go because God said so! Or is it being too religious for us to obey the God of the Bible?

Do not learn the way of the nations, and do not be terrified by the signs of the heavens although the nations are terrified by them; For the customs of the peoples are delusion; because it is wood cut from the forest, the work of the hands of a craftsman with a cutting tool. “They decorate it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers so that it will not totter. Jeremiah 10:1-4

The Hanukkah Turning Point

Circumcision of The Heart

These 8 Days of Hanukkah are days of CIRCUMCISION OF THE HEART! As you light up your Hanukkah Menorah check and see that there are no hidden or overt things that are grieving the Holy Spirit. Repent, renounce them, command all unclean spirits out of your life, and go ahead, REDEDICATE your life to the Jewish Messiah in Holiness and Righteousness.

I hope that next year there will not be a Christmas tree in your home or church, as we all celebrate Hanukkah together with Yeshua who celebrated the feast of Dedication in Jerusalem and said the following words:

My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me. John 10:27

Your Israeli Mentors and Friends

Archbishop Dominiquae and Rabbi Baruch Bierman
Do not quench the Spirit’s Fire. 1 Thessalonians 5:19

The Hanukkah Turning Point

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