Monthly Report - April-May 2018

United Nations for Israel (UNIFY) – Monthly Report

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Torah Portion SHELACH – Bamidbar (Numbers) 13:1-15:41

April/May 2018

According to Matthew 25:32 — Yeshua (Jesus), the Messiah, said that He will judge between the nations and will separate them as the Sheep from the Goats. This is the Third Millennium since He walked the earth and the SEPARATION HAS BEGUN!

Shabbat Shalom beloved friends, partners and members of the United Nations For Israel!

We are living in exciting, historic times. May 14th, 2018 marked the 70th anniversary of the State of Israel – on this same date, at the direction of President Donald Trump, the United States opened their Embassy in Jerusalem. Other nations (including Guatemala and Paraguay) have also opened theirs in May – with others anticipated to follow as well.

The effort is currently under way for us to establish our own Embassy for the United Nations for Israel in the Holy City of Yerushalayim. Plans are unfolding as this is being written, so that a headquarters will be available for visitors to come to pray and be refreshed in His Presence while in Israel. There will be facilities also that will allow us to televise directly from our UNIFY Embassy to the Nations – sharing what Yah is doing on all of our broadcast avenues and on social media.

Monthly Report - April-May 2018

Our first property will be a rental, but we will be continuing our search for a permanent site in which to purchase in the near future. This will be achieved with the commitment of each Delegate and member in all the nations joining with one heart to accomplish the vision given to Archbishop Dominiquae. This base of operations will give us all the opportunity to gather, remaining steadfast and vigilant as watchmen on the walls.

Isaiah 62:6, 7 NASB – “On your walls, O Jerusalem, I have set watchmen; All day and all night, they will never keep silent. You who remind Adonai, take no rest for yourselves and give Him no rest until He establishes and makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth.”

These past few weeks were full of travel, divine appointments and anointed meetings for Archbishop Dominiquae and Rabbi Baruch. Even on board the cruise liner which was taking them to Portugal (then to Ireland) a door opened for ministry. An anointed PowerPoint presentation was given in the Cinema Room of the ship entitled “Israel, 70 Years of Miracles”. The hungry and thirsty souls Yah gathered on board included quite a variety, from all walks of life: Jews, Israelis, Christians, Messianic, Atheists, and gays. All were refreshed with the message – there was even an invitation for Archbishop to come speak in Florida to a very well-known Hadassah Jewish Women’s Organization. Praise Yah for this Key of Abraham that opens more and more doors!!

Monthly Report - April-May 2018

On to Ireland: here they proclaimed the start of the MAP Revolution, as an Act of Repentance was held at the Northern Ireland Parliament. This was done with two men, a Protestant and a Catholic, in front of a statue called RECONCILIATION, where the main stone says “Jerusalem” – amazing!! We believe the seeds, the Word and the shofar blasts will not return empty!

Monthly Report - April-May 2018

Next stop: Israel! What a delight for Archbishop and Rabbi to be able to be in The Holy Land for the dedication of the USA Embassy in Jerusalem. As security was very tight, they were not present in the official ceremony. But they were able to broadcast some powerful insights from the area outside the new US Embassy – see this program here:

Monthly Report - April-May 2018

Awake North – conference was held in Tampere, Finland on May 18-20, with attendees from other Scandinavian countries as well. Archbishop preached an anointed message on “Let Mother Israel Bless You”, teaching about the true meaning of Shavuot (Pentecost), celebrating together both Shavuot and the 70th of Israel. Many got healed and received new revelation – Mother Israel blessed us abundantly and we are so grateful! Our Finnish Vessels of Fire Team did a great job as organizers, serving in one accord throughout the mission.

Monthly Report - April-May 2018

The Conference in Tampere was followed by a ”Third Day Revival Conference” in southeast Finland, in a village of Miehikkälä, near the Russian border in one of the oldest Pentecostal churches in Finland. Archbishop preached, full of anointing, on returning to the Gospel made in Zion. Both Pastors, leaders and all participants were very touched and repented form replacement theology, receiving Yeshua as their Jewish Messiah. Many got delivered and healed. We also heard powerful testimonies from our Vessels of Fire team about the power of the Gospel made in Zion – you can watch the broadcast here: j

Pray for the Pentecostal church of Miehikkälä: that GRM Bible School will quickly be planted there and people will get deeply rooted into the Jewish apostolic foundations of faith — entering into the Third Day Revival!

-Hadassah Danielsbacka, Finland

Monthly Report - April-May 2018

Bitola-Monastir Macedonia Report

Archbishop Dominiquae visited the city of her Sephardic ancestors for the first time. She and Rabbi Baruch went to review the important restitution Project and Memorial Park “Beit HaChayim” (House of the Living). This Jewish cemetery contains graves dated from 1497 of Jews that were expelled from Aragon, Spain at the start of the Spanish Inquisition. The cemetery was desecrated in a big way during both the First and Second World Wars — there are about 10,000 graves, of which over 4,000 have been uncovered and over 1000 documented. These graves have very moving Hebrew inscriptions and they tell the story of this KEY Jewish Community in Macedonia.

One of the highlights of their visit was discovering “the Albala House”, which is her family name (from her father’s side). It’s an imposing historic building as well. The last Albala family member was transported to Treblinka alongside over 3,000 other Jews from Monastir — where they were exterminated by the Nazis.

Monthly Report - April-May 2018

The Project Manager of “Beit HaChayim” Memorial Park is working closely with our Israeli Ambassador to Macedonia, Mr. Dan Oryan. She proposed that Archbishop bring a group of volunteers to work for a week or two on this important cemetery restoration project. Then in the evenings conference meetings will be held for the volunteers — plus plans to invite all the members of the city to attend and hear the Gospel made in Zion with Jewish Roots and love of Israel. We see it as an important door into the region where Paul, the Jewish Apostle to the Gentiles, preached 2,000 years ago.

Archbishop tells:

One local taxi driver said to us, “When the Jews were transported to Treblinka, we lost our soul and we have never recovered.”

I believe that our presence and cooperation in this project will bring honor to our Jewish People (many of them my own ancestors) and bring “life from the dead” to the people of this area.

After 3 nights in Bitola, we travelled to Thessaloniki to visit the ancient synagogue built by people that left Monastir (Bitola) in 1927 before the rise of Hitler. 96% of that thriving Jewish Community was exterminated in the Nazi Death Camps of Poland. I was greatly moved to see that two of the founders of the synagogue were my relatives from my mother’s side. But as we proceeded to visit the Jewish Museum I was really struck. I began to read the War Memorial with all the names of the members of the Community that were exterminated by the Nazis — and I found many, many, many of MY relatives from the Albala, Kamhi, Israel and Kasorla families! I had no idea, as my parents never told us that most of our family was exterminated in the Shoa (Holocaust). I broke out in involuntary, hard-to-contain tears as I mourned for them for the first time in my life. I felt numb.

Monthly Report - April-May 2018

Now the urgent Mission of the United Nations for Israel has become even more personal to me than ever before. And the mandate to provoke repentance, in order to release mercy for the nations that have exterminated my family, is even more serious. I have always said that forgiveness is free but not cheap. Acts of Repentance and Active Restitution are KEY elements for His Divine Mercy to be released. Though there were a few cherished Christians like Corrie Ten Boom, not ONE Christian organization rose up against Hitler.

We are praising Yah for all He is doing in this hour throughout the nations! Enjoy reading more short testimonies below from our representatives around the world. Be inspired by the Ruach HaKodesh who may be stirring YOU to take similar actions to impact YOUR nation as well. Pray and ask how He may use you, right where YOU live.

Sometimes it can be as simple as just wearing your UNIFY T-Shirt or hat as a powerful witness and conversation starter (this works well, as our members have proven — like Joseph Mendez shown here in Israel)

Consider writing a letter to your leaders, notifying them of the mission of UNIFY and how they can activate the Key of Abraham in their personal lives and the lives of those they govern. Share our website on your social media outlets – there is no limit to the amount of people you can reach!

Monthly Report - April-May 2018

Testimony from Awake Asia in Hong Kong:

What a wonderful opportunity to have a Pesach Seder in Hong Kong, the gateway to mainland China! “His Kavod-glory has been poured out in HK and the way to mainland China is being paved as our next step,” shared Archbishop Dominiquae.

The HK Team also hosted a Concert to Honor Israel 70, which we believe has opened the windows of heaven over this region for the Ruach to transform their nation. May Hong Kong be used as a launch pad for UNIFY to impact ALL of China!

Many anointed messages came forth in the gatherings, prompting repentance and bringing much healing to those attending. Don’t miss this link which shares the move of Yah “Birthing China to the Gospel Made in Zion” (see also “Stop eating Roman Frogsoup” and “Restoring the DNA”):

We also rejoice that there is a large group studying GRM this year in Hong Kong – and their testimonies abound with words like these from Adina Lee of Succat Daveed: “I repented to the Lord and renounced any wrong teachings from “Replacement Theology”. Also I repented from my ignorance of His teachings which caused me to be unable to smell the fragrance of His Words. Now I return back to the roots, obey His teachings, laws and commandments in response to His love!”

Praising Yah for all He is doing in the hearts of those hungering and thirsting for Him in this land destined to be a Sheep Nation!

Monthly Report - April-May 2018

Testimonies from Delegate of Papua New Guinea (PNG), Pastor Mollie George:

In the MOROBE PROVINCE we launched UNIFY in the city of LAE. It was here where the Governor cast HIS LOVE for ISRAEL (we had invited him for the PESACH event and he launched the UNIFY). Our Governor also desires to fly to Israel for bilateral meetings – hoping for projects to begin in Lae, beginning with a dairy cattle farm.

Please pray with us that UNIFY goes to ALL 22 provinces in Papua New Guinea. I KNOW IT WILL — IT MUST!  IT MUST!!!

We celebrate that Yah has also provided a new vehicle for the ministry team to use in their travels throughout PNG. May all who gave to this fundraising effort receive 1000 fold return!

Update from May 23: A celebration for Israel’s 70th was held, including a joyous march in PNG’s national capital of Port Moresby. It was attended by representatives from all 22 provinces: just as we believed that this influence of UNIFY would spread – it is happening! According to Pastor Mollie George – “PNG’s capital came alive today with us celebrating Israel’s 70th year & honoring 40 years of bilateral relationship between PNG and Israel.”

Today was the first time in our history to march and celebrate such a great event for Israel. We celebrated with government officials, police, military, churches, and school students, which received media coverage from our national TV station. Mr. Yaron Dadon was in attendance as well and spoke to those gathered – he is the Israeli roving Ambassador in the Asia Pacific region. This anointed gathering amazed him and he was extremely moved. After his speech he personally shook hands with everyone in the auditorium!

We celebrate with PNG and all those who have initiated this celebration – may fruit continue in abundance from all their efforts. Believing the Third Day Revival is burning brightly in this hungry nation – and it will spread throughout their region known as the “Ring of Fire”!

Monthly Report - April-May 2018

From Delegates in Peru, Pastor Sonia and Maritza Gotelli:

Leadership in Lima, Peru asked us to help them with a celebration they were planning to honor Israel’s 70th anniversary. They contacted us because they know of our love for Israel — Such a wonderful reputation to have in our community! We were able to use our networking skills to bring many together to truly enjoy the celebration. Plans are already made for next May 28 when we will again have a celebration with the Israeli ambassador and several congressmen planning to attend. Our goal is to turn the Christian believers to Israel, their spiritual mother – and restoring the original name of Yeshua HaMaschiach.

Monthly Report - April-May 2018

USA Report:

Pray with us as we seek the will of Yah for future upcoming conferences He desires throughout the 50 United States of America. May our members across this vast nation have “ears to hear and eyes to see” what may be needful for each region where we personally reside, where we have been given spiritual authority to influence multitudes by His Ruach. Our desire is for America to be a Sheep Nation!

Letters are being prepared to send to leaders of highly-influential ministries throughout America – awakening them to the urgency of the hour in which we live. May many catch the vision and join the mission of UNIFY. We are believing that there will be an outpouring of favor — that these ministries will share their broadcast time, joining with us as we now follow-up the planting of our natural US embassy in Jerusalem with the opening of Yah’s spiritual Embassy of the Nations. It is time for all to unite FOR Israel, not just with words but also with action!

We encourage ALL members of UNIFY to spread the good news about this unique organization, birthed out of the heart of Yah through Archbishop Dominiquae Bierman whose Jewish family has suffered so much at the hands of Christianity. She is a Vessel chosen by Yah to release Mercy on the Church and the nations that deserve only judgment for their terrible actions against the Jews and also Modern Israel.

“The acceptance of the Jews is life from the dead” Romans 11:15

As every member puts their faith into action, our mission to bring forth Sheep Nations will be accomplished – especially the Chief Sheep Nation of Israel!

For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent, for Jerusalem’s sake I will not rest, until her righteousness shines out brightly, and her salvation as a blazing torch. Isaiah 62:1

Become a voice that will not be silenced, right where you are. Sheep Nations come forth, one person at a time, as we “RE-EDUCATE THE NATIONS ABOUT THE GOSPEL MADE IN ZION AND THE IMPORTANCE OF STANDING WITH ISRAEL AGAINST ALL ODDS”. How we treat Israel will determine whether we are privileged to be on His right hand (as a sheep) or assigned to the left (as a goat).

According to Matthew 25:32 — Yeshua (Jesus), the Messiah, will judge between the nations and will separate them as the Sheep from the Goats.

All the nations will be gathered before Him; and He will separate them from one another as the shepherd separates the sheep from the goats;”

This is the Third Millennium since He walked the earth and the SEPARATION HAS BEGUN!

Please include these concerns in your prayers for UNIFY:

  • Awake North in Finland – for abundant fruit throughout Scandinavian nations
  • Apostolic travels to Macedonia & Greece, to open new ground spiritually (there are no meetings scheduled)
  • Our headquarters in Jerusalem to be established & ready to be dedicated at Sukkot, to be generously supported financially. Future property to also be obtained in St. Augustine, FL for UNIFY and Lion of Judah Bible Center headquarters.
  • For Awake Mexico, Awake Hong Kong and Awake Sepharad broadcasts to continue impacting the nations, including participants’ desire for enrollment in GRM Bible School.
  • I encourage all of you to be part of making our Embassy in Jerusalem a reality by your monthly financial support and your prayers. This is an Act of Mercy for all the nations that you represent and our Biblical Duty towards Israel, the Mother of the Nations. press on donations

May we each do our part in bringing about this Third Day Revival!

Shalom to all,

Rev. Debra Barnes


Archbishop Dr. Dominiquae Bierman
Founder and President United Nations for Israel

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