AB interviewing israeli soldier

Boots on the Ground

AB interviewing israeli soldier
Torah Portion VAYERA – B’resheet (Genesis) 18:1-22:24 Haftarah: 2 Kings 4:1-37

Israel War Report

This report is a first-hand account of what is happening two and a half weeks into the war. The details given will be sharper than what you may be hearing in the news. Archbishop Dominiquae and Rabbi Baruch Bierman have been “boots on the ground” in Israel since the Sukkot Tour ended, helping to convey the following insights in order to be more effective intercessors at this critical time in history:

Whoever rewards evil for good will never leave his house. Prov. 17:13

Acquitting the wicked and condemning the righteous—both are an abomination to Adonai. Prov. 17:15

This is what we are seeing even now, including in the media, as we fight this war on multiple fronts. Liberal Israelis were deeply deceived about the nature of the enemy until now. It is truly a wake-up call for Israel and the world.

Many interviews have been conducted and stories have been told in the aftermath of the initial attack. The two hostages released recently were 80 and 85 years old, and it is interesting that one of them extended such a hand of mercy that she even helped take sick Gazans to the hospital. Some kibbutz communities close to the border were on the left side of politics, so compassionate and yet naive enough to state that terrorists’ actions in the past were Israel’s fault. They were not shown mercy by the terrorists on Oct. 7.

Terrorists breaching a fence

We now know that those at the music festival being held at the border with Gaza were there to show their love, releasing an atmosphere of peace for our Arab neighbors. This gathering had roots in the New Age and involved much drug use. As you now know, it was the biggest slaughter, with many taken hostage.

An Israeli interviewed from the community that previously “welcomed the Arab Gazans home” during the Jewish disengagement in 2005 at Gush Katif said, “We were shocked,” and did not know the wickedness of this enemy. There were deceived Israelis who would even pass money through the fence for those poor Gazans.

Liberal Judaism in America has been awakened as well. We heard about the female president of a synagogue in Detroit, Michigan, who was brutally stabbed and murdered outside her home, despite the fact that she had founded a society based on coexistence and worked tirelessly for peace.

Article screenshot

What is all this showing us, beloveds? The depth of deception in Israel ran deep, and had this not happened now, something worse would have occurred. We see this because the northern border violence escalated immediately, and Arabs in the Samaria region became even bolder in their attacks. Our personal experience with them happened during our visit to the synagogue at Jericho in the Jordan Valley. And now we know even Eilat was in danger from an attack out of Yemen.

This wicked demon spirit, espousing a fallen angel named Allah, is the root. When I asked Yah why this happened, He answered directly: “It’s because Israel was SO divided.”

Unity is a key element to success, for good or for evil to prevail. Genesis 11: Unity at the Tower of Babel tells us that nothing is impossible when people are united. The unity of a husband and wife, a congregation, or an entire country causes them to achieve their goals, whether righteous or evil.

What happened, beginning with the Gush Katif disengagement, ended with this massacre on October 7. We see now that our image in the media is wickedly twisted by the U.N. (Babel unity against Israel), and they are united to bring Israel to the brink of extinction.

Article screenshot

We must pray for the division of this wicked agenda; then the U.N. will come down. And we must pray for more unity in Israel, which had its worst division in history this year as religious Jews and woke Jews clashed. They are truly awake now, not asleep. But we must remain so to the end, as our memories tend to be short whenever conflicts become extended. It is then that we are tempted to compromise.

Remember, Israel has bent over backward to be nice to the enemy that hates us. We are told by Yeshua to “turn the other cheek” when someone slaps our face. We have done this multiple times and have no more cheek to give now. The mentality of “treat them well, and they will love us” does not work, even though it has been repeatedly tried throughout the land, even in our prison system.

We are seeing the final solution executed from within Israel, just as the Mufti and Hitler came to an agreement to accomplish it. It is imperative that we pray for the world/UN global Palestinian cause agreement to be broken! The U.S. must also not prevail to pressure for a ceasefire, standing firmly as an ally and not being a voice for the wicked Freemasonic-driven globalist agenda.

Mufti and Hitler

UNIFY is being called to remain alert to what is planned at the northern border as well as around Gaza, acknowledging that the Judea & Samaria region is also a hotbed for wicked terrorists. We learned that there was a plot to even attack the children playing in our orchard in Oriad, yet thankfully, Yah kept them safe.

This existential threat from all sides is real, even as we recently learned of terrorists attempting to attack by sea. Unless Yah shows up, it will be a bloodbath in Israel. Our cry must be, “With the help of Yah, together we will win!”

This is like in Jeremiah 30 describing the time of Jacob’s trouble, but out of it we shall be saved. We believed for years that Jews would again return to Gaza and rebuild. Let it be known, as we heard prophetic words on Channel 14 calling this the “Region of the Resurrected.”

Our greatest threat is for our leaders and decision-makers to compromise because the hostage situation puts us between a rock and a hard place. It will be worse if we compromise now, regardless. Pray for NO compromise!

Wrticle screenshot

In the midst of all this, Rabbi reported that a light had come to the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish community. As you know, they do not serve in the IDF, which has often caused extreme friction among secular Jews. And some even side with Arabs to give land to them. Approximately 3,000 Ultra-Orthodox are now volunteering to serve (though not in combat) – Praise Yah for this show of unity! And we believe this will open up Aliyah to their counterparts from America as well!

Prime Minister Netanyahu said in his recent speech:

“Quoting the wife of a fallen officer of Golani who died on October 7th, while burying her husband:

From the pains of this war, we will be born again as a nation.

We will establish yearly dates of national mourning.

We will all give answers after the war about what happened on this black Shabbat of the 7th of October, but for now, we need to be united to win this war until full victory for the very existence of our nation.

We will restore all the settlements.

Our war with Hamas is the war of the whole world with evil.

My job is to lead us to a smashing victory.

I quote from the Prophet Isaiah:

“No more will violence be heard in your land, devastation nor destruction within your borders. But you will call your walls salvation and your gates Praise.” Isaiah 60:18 TLV

Together, we will fight.

Together, we will win.”

For that, our prayers are more important now than ever! Every one of us is required to engage in prayer according to the Word & by revelation of Ruach. This is no time for anyone to be sleeping; wake up and become seriously anointed, full of the sharp sword of the Word. Pray with understanding and with authority. The righteous are to be bold as a lion!

  • Pray that Yah comes down and disrupts unity in the camps of the enemy of Israel (including the U.N., Iran, PLO, Hamas, Hezbollah, Taliban, and Fatah). Confuse their language! Pray for the war being fought in the media.
  • Pray to deepen the unity within Israel so that Yah puts His strategies within the minds of our government, and military leaders, and our citizens.

This is the platform from which we will be united and see victory! May Yah bless each and every one joined together by His Ruach in this time of Jacob’s trouble.

For Archbishop Dominiquae Bierman,

Rev. Debra Barnes

For Zion’s sake, we will not be silent.

Archbishop Dominiquae and Rabbi Baruch Bierman

Boots on the Ground

AB blowing shofar

IDF Soldiers


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