Overcoming COVID

They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives even in the face of death. Revelation 12:11



I want to thank Yeshua and thank you, Archbishop Dominiquae Bierman and your Team, for your instructions. I got Covid one month ago and was sick at home away from work for about two weeks. The symptoms were like flu with pain and fever.

The fever and pain were gone after about five days. I followed your manual, and it helped me so much. I took communion morning and evening, proclaiming it as the antidote – the anointing came every time! I did not let any fear come, just as you instructed.

It was an amazing miracle that I was so carried by Yeshua’s love, comfort, and shalom all the time, with no fear or worry coming near me. I didn’t listen to any negative news or family members’ negative words – I asked them to be quiet. Instead, I proclaimed the Word and praised Yeshua!

I felt small, weak, humble, cried a lot, often kneeling on the kitchen floor, crying out and thanking Yeshua for my life. During this very humbling process, I still felt so thankful in the middle of everything. I read the manual and meditated upon it. It was a miracle that I felt shalom all the time. My Mother-in-law died this summer from Covid, and my family was so worried when I got sick.

One day I was lying on the sofa resting. Then all of a sudden, I hear a voice speaking to me: “You have overcome by the blood of the Lamb.” Then I knew I was healed through the communion that I took every day. The fever left during this process. I also saw pictures before my eyes (a vision): I saw myself having my arms and hands up like I was praising Yeshua. I then saw Yeshua pull off an old sweater from me over my head and pull down a new, clean white one. Then I heard the voice clearly again, saying, “I have dressed you in the garments of grace/mercy.”

I understood that Yeshua took away garments of death and diseases from me and replaced them with new clothes of mercy and life. It also meant Yeshua was healing me! I started to proclaim this every time I took communion. I gave thanks for the new garments of grace and mercy and for the truth that I have overcome by the blood of the Lamb, the antidote for covid. It was amazing!

I was carried by shalom as Yeshua took me through the sickness and helped me, even when I felt so weak sometimes as if I could faint. I am so thankful for my life and followed the instructions to give the manual to others. My testimony was also given on a live broadcast. Your instructions in the Anti-Covid Manual were shared in a Facebook group that has about 1,300 members so that they can be helped too.

Many thanks and blessings to you,

Marie Jonsson – UNIFY Vice Delegate of Sweden

I want to give my testimony of the great things that my ABBA does for my salvation through the blood of Yeshua HaMashiach. Yeshua removed my spiritual blindness, and I learned the Hebrew roots of faith through Apostle Dominique Bierman. We have learned to know the true gospel of Him that comes from Zion.

As a nurse, I was treating severe covid patients in their homes. Adonai was always with me. Later I became ill with covid, but Yeshua was always with me. From April to September, three of my brothers and a sister-in-law left to be in the presence of Adonai. It was very hard, and it reminded me of Job, what happened with his family.

One night I had a coughing attack, felt very bad, and I began to cry out to Yeshua. Then I remembered my brothers and I started crying and crying, as I had not cried or relieved my pain of grief. Instead, I wanted to be strong, but I felt a lot of pain in my heart. That night my granddaughter was with me because she tested positive also – she left the room, and I started talking to the Father. I told him that I had a lot of pain in my heart, and I began to feel peace, His shalom, His presence in the room. He strengthened me and healed me! I thank Him for His mercy and love towards me – He healed my body and heart.

My life belongs to Him: because of Him, I am here, and I will serve Him until He calls me or comes for his Bride. HALLELUYAH!

I will lift my eyes to the mountains where will my help come from?
my help comes from Yahveh who made the heavens and the earth.
Psalm 121:1-2

Rosario Macias

My oldest son wanted to get the jab. I felt worried and couldn’t cope with this reality. I prayed to Yah for intervention.

In that week, my husband and I got symptoms of covid. Later that week (on a Sabbath), we felt worse. My husband had a fever, felt weak, and had difficulty breathing. I felt weak and, at times, nauseous. We live-streamed a Shabbat Service that day, and I took two flags and started worshipping Yah. During the worship time, I suddenly felt a gush of wind in me, and I began feeling better. After we took the bread and the wine during this service, I felt instant relief. My husband was feeling much better also.

During the covid days, we only wanted to be surrounded by worship songs. There was a song that we used to repeat over and over again (from Shilo Ben Hod entitled Porets Derech). These songs gave me a warm feeling of safety. Sometimes, when I woke up in the night, my heart was pounding heavily. Then I proclaimed Bible verses, and the panic attack went away. I said to Yah: “You are all I have; the doctors are telling me to get vaccinated. I cannot trust them anymore. Lord, I will put all my trust in You from now on.”

One morning the Lord told me that He had shut the gate behind everybody in our household, just like He did on the Ark of Noah. My younger son even had a dream that confirmed this. In his dream, it was night. He was going to shut the gate from our front yard. There was a car parked outside the gate. Then, before he could close the gate, Yah’s mighty hand slammed the gate shut. Great fear came upon him. The car that was parked outside crumbled and vanished.

When I was almost recovered, I had a cough that did not want to go away. That is when I went to the doctor. The x-ray showed that my lungs were irritated due to covid. The doctor told me that I would have to have a scan within two weeks if the situation was the same. In those two weeks, I proclaimed Bible verses about healing several times a day, and I prayed to Yah. On one of these days, I felt panic coming up because I felt so bad that I asked my husband to call the doctor. He prayed for me, and he asked Yah to restore my faith in Him. Then I asked Yah to give me a Word – it was Job 5:8-9:

“But as for me, I would seek God, and to God I would commit my cause- who does great things, and unsearchable, marvelous things without number.”

I thanked and praised Yah for His Word, and all the symptoms left me. When the day came to make another x-ray photo, the result was good. I give Yah all the Glory!

So, Yah got the 4 of us (me, my husband, one son, and daughter) through the covid period. My oldest son did not get ill, although he helped us during these days. He also did not go to take the vaccine anymore. All praises to the King of Kings!

Shalom and Yeshua’s Awesome Love

from Heliante Caprino, Suriname, South America

Thank you for the timely Manual. Early this morning, my mother (a widow) called sounding depressed and sick, asking for help to go to the hospital to get some medication. I immediately sensed fear and depression, as she has also been taking care of my younger sister and her husband, who are in quarantine.

After asking some questions, I instructed her to repent first (as I had just read your manual). She confessed great fear. As soon as she did, I went into praying and declaration of all the scriptures (“Healing Promises”). After praying for her and saying ‘amen,’ she responded, and I immediately heard a change in her voice.

Lynda Stucky, PNG

My testimony is unbelievable but true. My family (husband and sons, my mother) got sick with covid. They were very sick, but I kept asking God to help us all. They had fever symptoms, aches and pains, and a lack of smell and taste.

They retired to my house in their rooms for quarantine. My husband had a fever and would not get out of bed. One day I laid my hands on him and asked the Lord to heal him – and He did heal him! After the Lord healed him, he immediately got up and went to work as if nothing had happened. He asked for a covid test, and it came back negative! Negative! Glory to God!

My son and daughter also got sick, but it just looked like a cold – they rested and got well. I offered God a seven-day fast for all those who were suffering.

I had to see and take care of my mother, who was also miraculously healed and protected by the power of God. I never had a symptom of sickness, but I felt very worried about my family. God gave me His protection to take care of everyone, including my 83-year-old mother. Glory and honor be to the Lord Almighty! Psalms 91, Psalms 6 were my favorites during that time of sickness.

Glory to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!

Aura Patricia Escalante, Realtor, California

Oct. 2021


I believe that natural immunity is more than enough to protect me from all strains of the coronavirus because Psalm 139:14 tells me that “..I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well. KJV”). It has protected me from birth to this day.

My testimony involves when I had covid in Feb/March 2020. Though my test results came out negative, after 7-9 days into the quarantine period, I came down with the worst flu-like symptoms I had ever felt, along with very bad shortness of breath. I was scared and had no one around, as I live on my own. My mum would call me, and we would pray daily. I would quote Bible scriptures about healing, like Isaiah 53:6 – “But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon Him; and with His stripes I am healed.” I steamed myself three times a day and kept up my water intake. I suffered through this for about 3-4 weeks. And then, for the rest of the year, up to November 2020, I had chest heaviness. What I learned from this was that fear was the virus’ foremost weapon.

Then, in March 2021, we were again in a lockdown situation and asked to work from home. On the 18th March 2021, whilst working, I felt the same symptoms from last year. So I made an appointment with the company clinic and went in for a test. 19th March 2021, I went for the covid test, and the results came out positive. I returned home and quarantined myself.

The first step I took was to rebuke and cast out all fear. Then, I made sure to steam myself for 15 minutes every morning, midday, and evening. I felt tired a lot, but despite that, I spent as much time as I could manage in prayer and reading my Bible. I also lost my sense of smell and taste. I had a bit of chest heaviness, but it was not as bad as the previous year. I would only feel the chest heaviness when fear would try to come back. So, when I felt the heaviness, I would start praying and rebuking it out of my home. I ensured I had plenty of warm water with lemon and ginger, and ate fruits, whenever family was able to bring some over for me. I recovered well and have no lingering chest heaviness like the previous year.

Then on Tuesday 5th October we were advised to work from home starting the next day, due to a sharp increase in covid cases. I woke up on Wednesday morning with a heavy head and sniffles. I recognized the symptoms, so I thought about going in to get a test done the next day. Then, the next day, Thursday morning, I woke up fine with no symptoms and still feeling well to date. Friday morning, I received an email from a workmate who advised that maybe I should go in for a check because I was her primary contact. I read that email, closed it, and praised my Elohim. He told me, “You do not have to go for any test: what I have placed in you is working perfectly fine.”

I have faith in Yahweh, after much prayer and meditating on His Word. He has told me that what He has placed in me (my immune system) is the best protection I have against any covid strain, both past, and future – Psalm 139:13-16. I also believe that Yahweh has provided natural food for the health and maintenance of our bodies and especially to keep us healthy. He tells us so in Genesis 1:29.

I am in awe of the God I serve and who has never let me down. I praise Him that I am a citizen of a country who believes in God and has the freedom to worship Him freely. Psalm 8 is my praise to Him: throughout last year until this year, without medication, I healed – by using natural remedies taught to me by my mother, aunties, and grandmothers, but ultimately and primarily trusting Yahweh with the wisdom on how to take care of myself during those times. I am well to date.

Molien Nano, Papua New Guinea

My Covid Story

© Marcie Joy Brown 2021

‘Twas a night in December
Exact date I can’t remember
When the chills and the fever began

Next day I wasn’t better
So we put our heads together
And off to the Dr. we ran.

Covid was not yet global
Fauci wasn’t yet “noble”
Simple flu and meds were prescribed

Yet, within days I was dying
Couldn’t breathe though I was trying
And it seemed that someone had lied.

A few rounds of steroids later
And much prayer to my Creator
I finally began to improve

Though weakened in body
My efforts were not shoddy
In Spirit I was finding my groove.

Now several years later
I’m a false media hater
And no, I haven’t gotten the jab

‘Cuz I know this thing’s a lie
Though thousands have died
It was simply created in a lab!

It’s a call to repent
For the years not well spent
As our King has been tossed to the side

Many now are repenting
Their sins now relenting
In His Name only to abide.

There is hope for our tomorrow
Joy soon to replace sorrow
On His tails we will soar yet again

For the story has been written
The victory won’t be hidden
Our King will yet win in the end!

During the second wave of coronavirus in my country, the virus reached me in a surprising way, because I had taken the required care; therefore, I understood that this situation had a purpose, and it was to test my faith.

After all the television news about how the virus was advancing in the human body and the death of so many people, I remember that before going to bed the first night, I felt for a moment the uncertainty of what would happen when I woke up the next day.

So I surrendered all my burden to the Giver of Life, to my Lord Yeshua, the savior and redeemer of my life, and rested in stillness.

At this time, I declared my healing by covering myself with the blood of Yeshua, believing and declaring his victory over all sickness, by his merits on the cross. Prophesying and declaring the word that YHVH gave to the Prophet Ezekiel, for the Holy Spirit to come from the four winds, to breathe life into my bones, a key place, because the bone marrow, is where our immune system resides (Ministration and Shabbat Letter “The Cure for the Bones” by Apostle Dominiquae Bierman, date 6-8-2020).

And so using other healing verses, which were my resistance and which I threw like stones at my enemy, so that he would flee and so it was… For we do not struggle against flesh and blood, but against spirits of wickedness (demons) – like this virus.

My faith was increased, and my heart was touched because I was able to experience the power of the Word of YHVH that is alive, effective, and sharper than any two-edged sword; and of his great love and mercy, which encourages me today to share it… Glory be to YHVH!

Irene Ramirez, Peru

Beloved servants of the Eternal, have a happy day in the God of Israel.

My experience with covid-19 began in the middle of June 2021. When I heard on the news about the constant increase of infected and dead people, both in my country and around the world, this led me to pray to our Lord Yeshua, to continue to keep my house, my family, and my Kehila from this terrible demon.

When unexpectedly, and despite the fact that I always took all the precautions and recommendations required by our medical authorities, a small group of servants (our pastor and five other people, gathered on Shabbat to transmit the teachings to the whole community via SKYPE), the virus came to me unexpectedly. On the third day of having the symptoms, my eldest daughter, who is a doctor, sent me to the hospital where she works to have all the tests and examinations done. Indeed I was positive for covid.

I was hospitalized immediately, where I received the best care from the doctors and nurses, with a private room for me alone and privileged attention, seeing the hand of our Lord taking care of me and healing me in a miraculous way. I was only hospitalized for four days, since all the symptoms disappeared, and all the results and tests that were done showed that I no longer had any trace of the virus.

All glory and honor be to my beloved Lord YESHUA, who took care of me, healed me and restored me in a wonderful and powerful way, and allowed me to return to his service quickly and completely.

May the Lord continue to bless you and keep you from all evil in these difficult times, and thank you so much for your beautiful teachings each week.


JOSE MAURICIO VARGAS, LA KEHILA DE HASHEM, Bogotá (Colombia) Cel 3183864191

I thank you for sharing God’s wisdom: it’s like fresh water for thirst!

Nine years ago, the Lord began to teach me. I took a piece of paper, a pen, and came up with words, sentences, and in a few minutes, I wrote a full A4 on both sides.

I was very happy and went to share it with my pastor. I went with much joy, but I came back crying because the Lutheran pastor does not believe that God is communicating with a simple Christian.

God also taught about health and about coughing.

Every morning, he told me to make a small terry towel wet, wring it out, and rub it all over my body, from feet to heart and from hand to heart. After that, the body can still be dried. Pre-iron the laundry that is attached to your body directly to remove moisture from it, which is not good for us.

The principle is that during the night, the body develops toxic sweat that would otherwise return to the body, and we would get sick easily. God the Creator and Father said: “I want My children to be healthy and active to do My will!”

I was also attacked by a corona a year ago. I physically felt an evil force invade me and begin to demolish me. For two days, I felt so bad that I forgot to rub over the water every morning. Then God reminded me of that. On the morning of the third day, I did it and immediately felt how the spread of the disease stopped. I coughed for a few more weeks, but all the weakness and the bad feeling was gone! Thank God!

We must lead people to know that God Yahweh exists and wants to help us through His Son Yeshua, who is the key, the door of the sheep, the Way, the Truth, and the Life! He who heals all our sicknesses and injuries, if we only call on His name, confess our sins to Him and let them go with His help!

May the Heavenly Father bless us in this proclamation!

Aita Must, Estonia


I want to give testimony about my friend’s sister Kaie in Estonia, who was hit by covid last month. She had first the symptoms of a regular flu-cough and a slight temperature. Then she made a PCR test that was positive. My friend is a Christian believer, and we took her sister into our prayers. We suggested she intake double portions of vitamin C-1000 and liquid zinc and N-acetylcysteine. Kaie became well and totally cured within five days and her school-age son in less than three days. Praise Yah!


Eicha, Estonia

Shalom! I have not taken any corona vaccines, and I have not had to go for any tests either.

I have relied solely on the protection of the Blood of Yeshua and His living Word, Ps 91.

He is my refuge and my rock, in whom I will take refuge and remain under His wings, safe from all evil.

Blessings greetings, Anneli Kallinkoski, Oulu, Suomi Finland