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A Shabbat Miracle

I’ve grown stronger in the Lord from studying the word of God through the books from Archbishop Dominiquae Bierman. I had read The Healing Power of the Roots, The Key of Abraham and Grafted In, which were given by a friend when I started learning about the truth. I’ve benefited more with the guidance of God through these books. I’m a new convert – I was initially a Roman Catholic, but now I have started worshiping on Sabbath and have got to know the truth since last year November 18, 2018. Incredible miracles have been happening, and instant miracle-prayers answered! I’m joyful in the Lord and have recovered from osteomyelitis of the skull last November instantly when I said “Yes” to the Sabbath. I began going through the process of repentance, forgiveness and total surrender to the Lord. I’m an anesthetist nurse or an anesthetic scientific officer in Arawa district hospital in Bougainville, Papua New Guinea. I am interested in pursuing God and ministering His Word. I have witnessed and have created a powerful growing atmosphere in spreading the word of God. People want more of your books! Together we can spread the word of God with spiritual fire. Thank you so much!

– Alex Kehono, PNG