Becoming a Disciple

During summer 2018, I found out that Christianity had officially separated from its Jewish Roots during the Council of Nicea 325 A.D. That started a development which resulted in a distorted image of our Saviour Yeshua and led the Christians to lead unholy, impure lives and ignore and even hate the Jewish people and Israel. After I became aware of what had happened, I was astounded. How come it was possible: that I could not remember ever hearing that before?
Since I’m a very diligent and disciplined character, I had felt significant insufficiency and legalism in my Lutheran faith. And because I had never experienced certain moment of rebirth, I used to wonder whether I am truly believer and saved at all.

When I returned to the Hebrew roots, I experienced a sense of duty disappearing. I want to study the Word and grow in my relationship with Yeshua and Abba Father more and more. Now I feel I am really believer and saved. I recognize the process of the Holy Spirit writing Torah (The Commandments of God) into my heart of flesh (Jer. 31:33). By becoming grafted in (Rom. 11:17) I have become a partaker of the promises given to Judah and Israel.

We gladly obey the first part of the Great Commission (Matt. 28:19-20), evangelizing, but making disciples-part needs often an improvement. GRM Bible School has been doing that work in my life, and I recommend it to everybody!

– Pasi, Finland