Coltin’s Report

The Orthodox and Messianic Jews might as well have sat down together because there was so much acceptance toward one another. We held the Passover seder in one room. However, Orthodox and Messianic communities occupied opposite sides of the room, about 50 feet apart. Curiosity glistened in the Orthodox Jewish community’s eyes as they watched Rabbi and me enter. We exchanged with them warm looks of love and brotherhood. After handshakes and greetings, we made our way to the Messianic Jewish side. The Messianic Passover seder was very anointed, as 24 men sang in unison the seder’s Sephardic melody. Rabbi, led by the Ruach, began to share much of our food with the Orthodox.

During the service, Orthodox and Messianics, who were at one time very tense with each other, were now greeting each other, laughing, and sharing brotherly love. I don’t believe they were only hungry for our food, but also hungry for the gospel of Yeshua, as some even mentioned they would like to come to our healing service within the prison chapel! A wall of division and strife broke during this Seder meal together because of love. And though we were 50 feet apart in the natural, there was no denying the closeness of spirit that we had with one another. We might as well have reclined right next to each other.