Learning to Know Abba-Father

As a child, I experienced God as harsh and scary. Later on, amid hard life situation, I heard his gentle voice calling me, but my fear prevented me from receiving Him as Father. In my despair I was seeking help even from a fortuneteller, but it only took me deeper into darkness.

One day I was reading the Bible and listening the song called Hold me. At that moment something inside of me melted, and crying I gave my life to Jesus. Peace came into my heart. However, I felt like something was missing – I did not feel free.

Later on, tired of many sicknesses, I asked from my Heavenly Father, “Is this all?” He led me to the Goodwill Store of the local Pentecostal congregation, and from there I found the book Eradicating the Cancer of Religion by Archbishop Dominiquae Bierman. First time I got to know my Lord as Jewish Messiah Yeshua. I took GRM Bible School and received all the Jewish Roots of the faith. That brought deep healing into my life, both physically and mentally. I had been in a strong medication, but now I am totally out of all meds! I love Abba-Father, I have rest and Shalom, and all fear is gone!

– Mirja, Finland