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Out of Addiction

I left home as 16 years old. I was disappointed with God and my parents, and I decided to leave them and everything related to faith or religion behind me. I moved to Helsinki and tried everything I could to find meaning for my life. During summers I was hitchhiking around Europe, and I filled my head with all kinds of drugs and alcohol. In the midst of all that I felt very lonely and many times I preached to my friends about God while drunk.

I could never forget how His presence felt. When I was a child, I had used to pray for hours in the Holy Spirit. Now my life was a mess of broken relationships and addictions.

At the age of 26, I found myself from the closed ward in a mental hospital. I had been struggling with panic disorder, anxiety and depression for months until I completely collapsed. That was followed by seven years of hell. I was searching help from everywhere: therapy, meds, hospital, counselors, and churches. Finally, one friend gave me a book: The Healing Power of the Roots from Archbishop Dominiquae Bierman, and through that I learned to know God in a totally new way.

I got to know that the real name of Jesus is Yeshua, which means salvation, deliverance, and healing. I was yearning for those more than anything else! I knew I would soon die if I would not find real help. I gave my life to Yeshua as a Jewish Messiah, and He healed me! I started to keep the Commandments of God and was filled with Holy Spirit. My mind and whole being was cleansed from addictions, negative thoughts and desire to die. I took GRM Bible School, and it gave a completely new foundation for my life.

– Hadassah, Finland