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Powerful Prayer

After your wonderful, powerful, and anointed prayer you and Rabbi prayed for me, I felt immediate shalom! I stopped having chest pain, I had to have a nuclear stress test after this because of my job and to be released back to work since I failed my walking stress test before prayer. This is when I knew I needed your prayers. I knew I was going to fail my second stress before you prayed for me. I am a cardiac nurse and I know all the symptoms and the feeling of impending doom was very strong. I knew everything was leading to open-heart surgery and I knew in my spirit I would not survive it. The covid had taken every last ounce of strength I had along with blurred vision, tremors, and terrible forgetfulness.

And unable to put sentences together. But after your prayers, I passed my nuclear stress test. Praise YHVH!!! I started feeling much better. I was finally released to return to work after 3.5 months. It was a struggle at first, but everything is fine now. I was even able to get a religious exemption from the poison shots! I wrote a very brief letter stating the Holy laws of clean and unclean and about keeping our temple clean. I have to get a COVID swab every week but I am still praying against this!

Your prayers saved my life!!! YHVH heard and had mercy on me! Thank you so much for what you do! Great will be your reward!!! It’s an honor and a privilege to help support your ministry! You truly are an inspiration!!!

May YHVH bless you always!!!
With much love in Yeshua,
~ R. E. – USA