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Exposing Antisemitism in America
Sign our petition to Ban Neo Nazism Ideology in America and share it with all your contacts via Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, WhatsApp, Email, and text messages. Every signature counts!

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To invite the Jewish apostles to preach and minister in your city and country,

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Become a member of the United Nations for Israel & join our monthly members’ online conference.

You will receive fresh updates, instructions, and prophetic teaching live monthly, and be part of the Esther Church standing for Israel!

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Join The 70 Righteous of The Nations!

Become a special partner of the United Nations for Israel by committing to a monthly love gift of $100 or more. Press the button below or email us for more donation options:

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Resurrection Tour of Israel 2024

From Yom HaShoa to Yom Haatsmaut

From Devastation to Resurrection

May 3-15, 2024

12 Days of Transformation
culminating in the celebrations of the 76th Anniversary of Israel on May 14th

With Archbishop Dominiquae & Rabbi Baruch Bierman

“For if their rejection leads to the reconciliation of the world, what will their acceptance be but life from the dead?” Romans 11:15 TLV

Come to the Land and celebrate the Resurrection of Israel!

We will visit Mt. Herzl, Beth El, Shilo, Mt. Zion, the Garden Tomb, Nazareth, Magdala, and the Negev, sail on the Sea of Galilee, enjoy the healing waters of the Dead Sea, and much more!

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Study at GRM Israeli Bible Institute!

You will never need to take another Bible School ever again. GRM Bible School is a washing machine that leads the 1st century truth. You will discover into the original Gospel made in Zion that has set many free.

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*Full or partial Scholarships can be requested in case of extreme need. Please submit your requests to explaining the reason for your request.”

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MAP Prison Ministry

Support our Prison Ministry

The MAP prison ministry, pioneered by Rabbi Baruch Bierman, has expanded fast: We have over 600 inmates studying GRM Bible School behind bars, and the number keeps growing weekly. Many students have sent us testimonies of their changed lives.

Testimonies from our inmate students:

I have been wrong all my life, but now I understand what God wants from me for the first time in my life!
– Ronald

GRM Bible School has saved my life! I was not well physically, and my spiritual life was hanging by a thread because it was all built on false doctrines and lies. Now I have a deep, healthy, and thriving relationship with Yeshua.
– Deborah

I need God desperately to come into my life and save me from this havoc way of living. Thank you for this book. Pray for me, please, and I hope you will continue to teach me; I need this!
– Jerred

The truths I have learned through GRM Bible School have changed me to be a better citizen in His Kingdom.
– Scott

Support this life-changing ministry through prayers and donations.
As you send in your donation, please write to the comment section: “Prison Ministry”

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