Restoring the Glory – Volume 1: The Original Way

Do you want to learn what is hindering the Anointing of the Holy Spirit from breaking out? How certain are you that our faith is not under sabotage by darkness? Is there a reason why there are 33,000 denominations, or is this how God wants it to be in the Millennial Kingdom? Find how this book will:

  • Shatter the myth that the Torah is worthless
  • Impart the magnitude of sound doctrine
  • Contest Babylonian Christianity and paganism
  • Remind you that the root to our faith is Hebrew
  • Illuminate how to deal with the lies of Satan
  • Serve you in many more ways

With over 31 years of experience expelling the cancer of Replacement Theology, Archbishop Dominiquae Bierman has compiled some of her most relevant teachings into the first volume of her new series: Restorative Theology – to combat Replacement Theology!

Read this book, and you will never see the faith in the Messiah the same. See the Gospel through the eyes of the Jewish Apostles 2,000 years ago. WHAT’S STOPPING YOU?

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