Anneli Finland

The Truth that Sets Free

Anneli FinlandI have been a ”regular believer” since ten years old. In an older age I found myself often asking the Father: ”When will my life really begin?”

Praise to the Holy One of Israel, who prepared me already long time ago to receive the Gospel made in Zion by asking me to declare aloud daily: ”I walk in the truth, and no deception has power over me.” When I received Archbishop Dominiquae Bierman’s book The Healing Power of the Roots, the Holy Spirit reminded me of that declaration, and while reading the book if felt like all it contains was just poured out into my heart. I was reading and crying and repenting. How truth blesses and sets free!

Now I knew that my Saviour was Jewish Messiah Yeshua. Along with Him to my life came Shabbat, the Biblical Feasts, the Commandments of the Father and the Dietary Laws, as the Holy Spirit began to write them into my heart and mind. GRM Bible School strengthened my walk and gave me a stable foundation.

– Anneli, Finland