The Simplicity of The Gospel

The Simplicity of the Gospel

The Simplicity of The Gospel

Moreover I will give you a new heart. I will put a new spirit within you. I will remove the stony heart from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh. Ezekiel 36:26


The Gospel is Good News. Here is the Good News, the Best News you have ever heard: You are loved! Someone loved you SO much that they were willing to die for you, to rescue you from all evil and even from yourself. You are trapped; we all have been trapped. Yes, all humans are trapped like mice in a maze: trapped in the systems of this world, spinning our wheels trying to make a life for ourselves that will be halfway decent, halfway happy, halfway healthy, halfway wealthy. Some succeed in achieving a sort of acceptable life, but most do not. People suffer; they are unhappy, often heartbroken, depressed, working hard yet cannot even pay their bills. And, even if they are in good financial shape, most of them are sick, often with chronic diseases and devastating addictions to meds, to drugs, to alcohol, to sex, to violence. Oi Vei! Who can rescue us from this vicious cycle of constant trial and error, of constant disappointment from dashed dreams? Are you one of those humans I just described?

If so, I have Good News, Great News: the trap has been broken! Yes, the snare that has ensnared your life to your own hopeless desires, addictions, failures, and suffering is broken. But you see, most of us are like the proverbial circus elephant that grew up in captivity, tied with a rope so it couldn’t escape. Later on, the rope was removed by the owners, and he was free to move around, but he did not––because in his mind, he was still tied up with that rope. He believed a lie, and so do most humans: we believe the lie that this is the way it has been, and this is the way it will be. “That’s life,” many say, but is it? Is it real life, or are we all like walking dead, missing true Life altogether?

And religion has not made it any easier, but rather worse, as it has sold us aspirin for cancer, a placebo for a terminal spiritual illness. Millions are ingesting this sugar pill or a bitter pill of religion and dying by the millions! And when things really get tough, which they are getting tougher and tougher by the moment, your religion and your survival devices are not enough. They fail you. It is like sleeping in a bed that is too short or covering yourself with a blanket that is too small to warm you up.

But it does not need to be that way. The snare is broken! We just need to escape from this life’s system and into True Life. Some have tried in the wrong way, and they have committed suicide–far too many in fact. The story is always the same: the person that killed him or herself leaves a letter and says they could not take it anymore. They were trapped in a never-ending cycle of suffering (whether emotional or physical), but they were trapped. They wanted out, so they killed themselves without knowing that the snare, the trap was broken, and they could have had true life, true freedom. But, no! They end their life, hoping that the continual suffering will also finally end, only to enter into an eternity full of never-ending suffering, worse than what they had before.

So what is the Good News? You can be Born Again into a New Life: you can have a New Heart and a New Spirit. You can start afresh as if you were born today. I did this when I was 28 years old in Israel. I was broken, having lost everything, trying to make a decent life for myself and be happy. Finally, everything got messed up; everything got entangled. But I had good intentions. Yes, I was a good one––I wanted to help the world to make it better, but I made myself worse. Then one day, I could not take it anymore. My life was hopeless; there was nothing in it that I could fix. I then cried out from the depth of my being: “Light, where are you lost? Come to me!”

Well, the Light was not lost. I was lost and in darkness. Have you been there, where you know that you are lost and in darkness and that you need a helping hand to get you out into the Light? I was crying out, and Someone heard my cry! That Someone that heard my cry had already done everything to free me and you from the trap of evil in us, in this world and this life, the trap of sickness and heartbreak. He revealed Himself to me, not as a religious figure but as a Real Person––the One that died for me to be free. I said, “YES” to Him, and I was born again! He gave me a New Heart and a New Spirit and a New Life.

I am not trapped anymore, trying to make life happen. I am ALIVE, truly Alive, both now and for eternity. Who set me free? His name is Yeshua: it means salvation, healing, and deliverance. He is a Jew; in fact, He is the King of the Jews. Many have called Him Jesus Christ, but His name is Yeshua. He was born in Israel as promised to God’s Chosen People. And He is not a Christ––He is a Messiah, which means a King Anointed with the Power of the Creator to rule and to make people FREE. He died for me and you, and yet He is alive. And if you say “YES” to Him all the way, He will come and give you a New Heart, a New Spirit and a New Life. But there is a catch: you must hate your present condition enough to want something New, something Pure, something Clean. Do you?

The Simplicity of The Gospel

If you do, pray with me, and you will receive a Miracle that you cannot buy or concoct:

“YES, Yeshua! I hate my present condition, the vicious cycle of a self-centered life that leads me nowhere. I feel like that mouse trapped in a rat race. I have tried my best to escape, to be free, only to fall into the trap again. Please free me from the snare of life without You. Heal my heart, my mind, and my body. I need you! Come into me; wash me clean and give me a New Heart, a New Spirit, and a New Life. Thank you––when you died for me, Your Blood purchased my Freedom. Now I am free to worship You and to live a life free from evil. Write Your instructions and Commandments in the New Heart You are giving me. Take me by the hand and teach me how to live anew in the way that it was intended since Creation. Empower me with Your Spirit to serve You and reach out to others like me, so that they too can be free. In Your name Yeshua, Amen.

Congratulations! Now the Journey of your New Life begins. For help and more information, see our contact details at Meet with us on our YouTube channel United Nations For Israel for “LIVE AT 5” every Shabbat (Saturday) at 5 PM Eastern Standard USA time.

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By the way, Kad-Esh in Hebrew means “Vessel of Fire” or “Vessel of Revival.” Lechayim! To Life, to Your new life in Yeshua’s name.

Archbishop Dominiquae Bierman

The Simplicity of The Gospel