Freedom from pain worksheet

Separate 2-3 days for your personal Inner Healing Retreat with Yah. Work out this sheet carefully.

  1. What hurts me the most is….
    • Write a minimum of two full pages about it and do not try to be nice – be very honest. Write why it hurts you, what it is, what you feel about it, what you believe about it. (Two pages minimum but no maximum – you can write as much as you need.) Remember to be very honest, even if bad words come out. Only you and God will see this, and He already knows what is inside of you!
    • After you finish writing, highlight with a pen or a marker, what are the lies that you believe about yourself, about others, and about God/YHVH. (A lie is that which is contradictory to what the Word says.)
    • Then find a matching corrective Scripture for every lie. Example: “I feel that I am good for nothing.” A matching corrective Scripture would be: “I can do all things through Messiah who strengthens me.”
    • Write down each lie separately and then the Scripture that corrects it.
  • Ask for forgiveness for the lies that you have believed and receive it by faith. Then forgive yourself, God, and others from your heart.
  • Go ahead and speak each lie out loud and say: This is a lie, and I reject it! Then speak the corrective Scripture over the lie and say: This is the Truth, and I believe it! Do it at least once over every lie.
  • In the end, have a special paper with all the Scriptures that you have used. Keep this paper with you at all times. During the first 30 days, you will declare those Scriptures aloud at the beginning of every waking hour. After 30 days, you will declare them at the beginning and the end of every day. This is your medication!
  • Worship Yah and thank Him for His goodness. Ask Him to fill you with His Holy Spirit and Fire.
  1. What hurts me most about God is…

Write a minimum of two pages, be very truthful. He already knows! Do the same that you did with the previous homework. In the end, you should have a paper ready with Scriptures that you will use in the same way as in the first homework. Please do not be religious, but truthful. Only you and God will know.

  1. Worship & Thanksgiving

As you end, worship the Father and thank Him for His Truth and His mercy. Ask Him to fill you with His glorious Presence.